• Published 9th Jul 2014
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Ten Against One - DJSkywalker

Ben had a bad life on Earth, with ten others sharing his mind. Then, one day he was sent to a far away land and the voices stopped. He thought he was free, but they only became stronger. This is their story.

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A Paradoxical Event

*****Back to First Person POV*****

(Again, blame Pinkie. Now you’re just being mean!)

I leaned back in my chair as Twilight and Rainbow Dash explained my story to the young Scootaloo. I would have been telling her myself, but oh man my head was aching! I mean, seriously, could who would have thought Balance would have hit my head so dang hard?! I digress though, this one just makes my secret even harder to keep.

See, after Cannonbolt timed out, it had also cancelled Streak’s form lock. What did that mean? It meant I reverted to a human in front of a filly. Yep, straight up just turned into my normal self. What did she do? The obvious: screamed. Well, she would have if I hadn’t covered her mouth. I briefly explained the Omnitrix to her and how I was Streak and promised to tell her more once back at the castle. Oh, and made her “Pinkie Promise” not to her friends or anyone else about what she had seen.

After turning back into Emerald Streak, we made our way back to Spike and the other girls… after a few twists, turns, and misdirections. Even after all these years, one would think I would keep a compass in my pocket.

What? Think I’m kidding about pockets as a pony? Yeah, you’d think, but… no. Seriously, these ponies have pockets… in their flanks! I know, ridiculous, yet surprisingly handy. It’s almost like an ether on either side. Limited to one item though, and it has to be able to fit. And trust me, these things are big; Scootaloo keeps a collapsible scooter in hers. You wish I was joking, don’t you? And ya know why? ‘Cause y’all are jealous, that’s why.

...I got off on a tangent there. Anyways, we went back to the clearing and… I’m gonna quote Spike and say it was the ‘Curse of the Crusaders’. Why? Because they were all in one of the traps those two fillies had set up. Spike was in a cage, easily undone with a bit of work, Apple Bloom was in the pit, even easier with wings, and Sweetie Belle was stuck in the rope tree. The last one was the hardest and not getting her out, no that was the easy part. No, what made it worse was the sudden head rush caused her to throw up on me. That took a bit to get out.

Eventually we got out of that accursed forest (why did they never burn that dang place down?!) and Apple Bloom took the still sick Sweetie home to Rarity. I took Spike and Scootaloo back to the castle, running into Rainbow on the way. Once there, I explained what happened and proceeded to the fridge where I acquired an ice pack and then some pain pills.

Hmm? Oh, looks like they just got her caught up. “So, anything to say, Scootaloo?”

She looked at me, but I couldn’t get a read on what she was feeling. Scootaloo muttered something.

“What was that?”

“T-thank you,” she said, her eyes moistening slightly. “Thank you for saving me.”

Honestly? I was shocked by that. I mean, the way she acted, I never would have seen this… weakness? That sounds really bad, but for the lack of a better term, I’m gonna stick with it. But, then I reminded myself of one important fact: she was still a little kid. I didn’t really know her, but I still risked my neck to keep her safe. Heh, looks like that hero spark ain’t dead yet, after all.

I smiled, reaching over and ruffling her mane with my hand. (Yeah, I turned back to human when I got to the castle. I may not like humans, but having my DNA overwritten still sounds incredibly painful.) Her giggle just made me smile even more.

“Anytime, kiddo. Ain’t gonna let ya get hurt by nothin’.”

“Why are you talking like the Apples?” she asked, getting a chuckle out of me from the instant change of topic.

“Remember them telling you I escaped the hospitals… a lot? Well, I used those chances to travel all over. I bet I was in almost every country in the world at least once while I was back home. However, I spent a lot of time in areas where the Apples’ accent was prominent, being as those areas were my heritage. So forgive the funny talkin’, sugar, but that’s jus the way this ol’ boy speaks at times.”

Twilight and Rainbow joined Scootaloo in a good laugh at my accent. Even I joined in after a moment, breaking my act.

But all good things must end, and this was ended in the worst ways.

And by that I mean I was tackled to the ground.

“Benny!” Lyra squeed as she hugged me on the floor.

“Lyra! This is getting old!”

“But old is gold~!” she sing-songed, making me deadpan.

“Get off!” I said as I pushed her off. It wasn’t all that hard since Lyra doesn’t bother to put on a death grip unless she really needs a hug… that is not something I should know. Dangit! I’m spending too much time with this stalker mare! “I really need to get away from you more often.”

“Aww, but I love my Benny,” she said giving me the ol’ puppy dog look. Sorry hun, but that only works for fillies… dang it why is her’s that cute?! Nope! I will not cave towards this mare! I will not be as weak willed as Jason!

“Not gonna work, sweet heart,” I said with a 20’s stereotypical gangster accent. (If you haven’t picked up that I like different accents then shame on you!) “I'm immune to your accursed eyes!” I heard some whimpering and noticed Scootaloo giving me the same look… only it was heartbreakingly cute. “That is so not fair! I’m being double teamed!”

Twilight and Rainbow cracked up, laughing uproariously at me. Spike, even though he was in the kitchen making dinner, was heard crashing to the floor as he laughed his little, scaled tail off.

“Ugh, you ponies drive me mad. Well… madder. What I wouldn’t give for a just a tiny little break.”

“Well then, perhaps I may be of some service in that area?” We all jumped at the sound of a moderately British voice. One I had heard many times over the years.

The ponies and Spike all stared at the newcomer who had appeared in the doorway. I, myself, however, was merely just surprised. Standing tall, wearing simple clothing and a white lab coat, was another human, albeit much older and with black hair.

“Professor Paradox,” I said with a smile, getting up out of my chair to shake his hand. “Long time, no see, Prof. How’s time been treating ya?”

“Very well, surprisingly. How have you been, young Ben?”

I chuckled a little, Paradox the only one I ever let call me young. “I’ve been stoned for a few thousand years. Really trippy, man.”

“Hmm, yes, humourous.” He didn’t laugh, but a smile was on his face.

“Uh, Ben?” Twilight voiced and I turned towards her. “Who’s your friend?”

I slapped my forehead. “Right right, sorry.” I cleared my throat. “Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Spike, stalker-mare--”


“This is Professor Paradox. A walker of all time and space. He’s been a good friend of mine for a long time.”

Twilight’s eyes widened in surprise. “He travels through time and space?! How? Does he have a special vehicle? Like maybe some futuristic carriage or maybe it’s something nopony would ever guess, like a police box?”

Paradox simply smiled. “Not anything so fantastical. I merely walk. Observe.” Paradox did an about face and walked down the hall, coming back behind Twilight only a second later. “Simple, really.” His voice spooked them, making their eyes widen even more so.

“Fascinating,” she whispered, instantly taking notes.

“Egghead,” Rainbow snided. Too bad Twilight was too busy sketching Paradox into her Displaced book to care.

“So what brings ya around, Professor?” I asked, sitting back down and pressing the melted ice pack back to my head. Ah, soothing cold. “Not like you to just stop by for a spot of tea. Just to warn you, I’m not really a hero anymore, trying to keep a low profile if ya catch the drift.”

“Oh I know, Ben. You should know that by now.” He winked at me and I couldn’t help, but chuckle.

“Ya got me there. No sense trying to shock the time walker.”

“There you go! Although, I do need your assistance with a small matter.”

“How small?” I asked with a quirked eyebrow.

“It shouldn’t take too long. Enough for a quick break away from ponies,” he said with a tempting voice.

What was that about ‘stranger-danger’ they put in your head in elementary school? Ah, who cares, any time away from Lyra would be welcomed. “Alright, I’m in. As long as this isn’t like what happened on Antares Seven. That was so not cool.”

“I thought the Frost Yetis were quite welcoming,” he defended.

“I was nearly hitched to their princess!”

“But you weren’t.”

“It’s the principle of it!”

“Semantics, Ben! Who needs ‘em?” He flipped open his pocket watch and opened a swirling blue portal. “Off we go!”

“Geronimo!” I shouted, as we plunged through. There was the classic blinding light and I found myself in a strange room with aquariums on both sides. “What the heck?”

“Whis,” a purple catman wearing Egyptian style clothes said, sitting in a weird floating chair, “I don’t remember summoning this creature, did you?”

“Not that I recall, my lord” Whis, a blue skinned man said, looking at me curiously. “We didn’t plan for any visitors either.”

“Oh sorry, didn’t mean to intrude,” I said, slightly freaked out of my mind. Thank you negotiator mode. And where the heck did Paradox go?! “I think I ended up in the wrong place and… my ride seems to have disappeared.”

“Well... we didn’t have any plans did we?” the catman asked, rubbing his chin.

Whis took out a book, looking through it, “Says here you were going to blow up the planet... give me a moment here... ah here it is Helghan!”

“Oh yes... the Helghast. I remember now, I rather dislike them. Reschedule that for next week, though with the things they toy with they may just blow themselves up.” the catman turned to me, “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lord Beerus, God of Destruction.”

God of what?! “Um… did you say… ‘God of Destruction’?”

“Yes that’s right,” Whis spoke up, “Lord Beerus is the God of Destruction for this universe. It is his duty to keep balance by destroying planets, much like it is the kai’s duty to keep balance by creating.”

As if this wasn’t already frightening enough! “Right… just checking. Ya know what? I’m just gonna goooooo, so… see ya!” I was getting the Tartarus out there!!

“I thought you said your ride left?” Beerus asked, raising an eyebrow.

Ack! The one flaw in an otherwise perfect plan. “Riiiight. Aw Hades, I’m stuck here! So not cool!”

“Hades? Isn’t he that sniveling coward with the blue fire hair?” Beerus asked, stroking his chin, “Last time I saw him, he was boasting about something or other until Yemma shut up him. He went home crying after that.”

“Wrong Hades,” I told him. Never once had Hades backed down from something he wanted. And I knew for a fact that they didn’t interact with other Universes’ gods. Wasn’t worth it.

Beerus just shrugged, eyeing me closely, “Well now that you're here and I’m rather bored, how about a sparring match? Just a friendly one, no world destroying involved.”

“Oh no no no no no!” I waved my hands frantically. While that may be something Rath does on a constant basis, that is so not my scene.

“Oh come now,” he said hopping out of his chair, stretching out his limbs, “I’m bored and I haven’t had a good match in ages. Besides neither of us know what the other is capable of, it’ll keep things interesting.”

“Apologies, uh.. Mr. Beerus, but I’m really not a fighter. A borderline pacifist, actually.”

“How about this? You indulge me and I’ll send you home personally.”

Oh come on! That was so not fair! Darn these gods and their temptatious offers. I was conflicted, highly conflicted, but in the end… “Oh! Alright! Fine, if it’ll get me home, I’ll fight you.” I turned around, trying to steel myself and rubbing my neck. “Oh, I am so gonna regret this.”

“Relax, it won’t get too serious, this is my home after all.” he stood there, hands behind his back, watching me. “Start us off.”

I opened the Omnitrix and searched for something to help. I may not have liked having to rely on the watch so much, but it was really handy when needed. Ya know, when it didn’t mistransform that is. I found an old classic for me to get into it. “Alright, I guess I’m kicking things off!”

I slammed on the watch and I transformed into a tall, bipedal chicken with razor sharp blades on my arms. “Kickin’ Hawk! Alright, let’s go!” I charged at Beerus, prepared to strike him firmly with my foot..err... talon in his face.

Beerus just stood there, watching me rather impassively. I stuck fiercely with all my strength, hoping to end this quickly. He merely blinked, having caught my foot inches from his face.

“Finished?” he asked, flicking his tail.

I blinked a little caught off guard. Kickin’ Hawk was my best fighter and he caught my attack so easily. I glared at him, though, unwilling to yield. “Not even close, cat breath!” I spun, aiming my blade for his neck.

He caught my arm again, twisting it and throwing me to the floor hard enough to crack the stone. “And here I was hoping to fight someone at least on par with Goku. Wishful thinking I suppose.” He shook his head, letting out a disappointed sigh.

I grunted at him, not willing to give up so easily. “Hey! I haven’t given up just yet!” I did a quick spin and performed a sharp uppercut against the almighty god. It caught him in the chin, though didn’t seem to hurt him at all.

“Curious,” he said looking me up and down, “Your strength is rather pathetic but you move almost as fast as I do.”

I tried as hard as I could in an attempt to push my uppercut more, but it was useless. I just didn’t have the kind of power this guy did. The one time I’m not ticked enough to use Rath and it ends up against the god of freakin’ destruction. Just my luck.

“I believe its my turn,’ he said before backhanding me with his tail, sending my tumbling away.

Okay… that hurt. That hurt a lot. It was painful just to stand back up and wipe the blood from my beak. “...lucky… shot…” I groaned.

He was already there in front of me, looking rather disinterested. He slammed his fist into my gut, sending me back into a wall. At that... I blacked out.

*****(Third Person POV)*****

There was a moment of silence as Ben slid down the wall, reverting back to his human form. His body just slouched there on the ground.

“You didn’t hurt him too much I hope?” Whis asked, walking over.

“Of course not, I capped myself at two percent power, though that may have been a little much for him. He is quick though, rather impressive. I had no idea a mortal could move that fast. Whis prepare us a lunch,” Beerus kneeled down, throwing Ben over his shoulder, “I’ll see to his wounds.”

“As you say,” Whis said with a bow, walking off.

Without warning, Ben’s knee struck Beerus in the chest, surprising him with not just the speed but the brand new power that appeared. It was even enough to send the god flying into the wall Ben was just smashed into.

“And here I didn’t think you had it in you... but it’s not you is it?” Beerus asked, getting out of the wall. “I already said I wasn’t going to hurt him. I gave my word, it would look poorly if I did not keep it.”

Ben’s eyes shone white, his hands gripping hard. There was no sound as he was suddenly in front of Beerus. He grabbed the god’s face and slammed the back of his head against the wall before flinging him back at his own chair.

“You’re really taking this out of hand,” Beerus said, rubbing his head, “I was going to heal him up and offer him a meal before taking him home. I mean really, do you think so poorly of me?”

His body stood still, lifting up his right arm and pointed a single finger directly at Beerus, almost too similar to Ghost Rider. The hand opened fully and an orb of energy began to build, it’s power beginning to shake the building.

“Knock it off, this is my temple and I’d rather not have it blown up!” Beerus shouted, starting to lose his cool. There was still no sound as his white eyes stared at the god, making it clear he wasn’t going to stop. Beerus growled, darting forward, far too fast for mortal eyes, slamming his fist into Ben’s face, but Ben’s hand shot out and grabbed it just before impact, sending out a good-sized shockwave. With Beerus so close, his hand with the building energy moved to be right in Beeruss’ face and prepared to fire. A sudden hand slammed into Ben’s neck, causing him to crumple to the ground.

“Now that was just rude of you. You know you can’t do things like that outside of your universe,” a very irate Whis berated, looking down at Ben, “Beerus challenged him to a friendly sparring match so please tell me why you thought it necessary to attack my student so?”

There was a clapping as Paradox walked into the light. “That went much better than expected.”

“And you are?” Whis asked, unable to hide his annoyance.

“Ah yes, I never walked through your universe before its destruction. Lord Beerus, I trust time has been kind to you?”

“If you wanted me to test someone, you could have said so,” Beerus said, glaring at Paradox.

“Not a test for Ben, per se. More of the test of a theory.” Paradox walked over to them, appearing behind Whis. “I wanted to confirm his future is on track.”

“A heads up would have been nice,” Whis said with a frown.

“Where’s the surprise and emotion?” he asked seriously. “Had to be spur of a moment event. But it has confirmed something for me.” Paradox took Ben from Whis, lifting his arm over his shoulder to hold the man up.

“Time travellers,” Whis said with a roll of his eyes, “I take it you won’t be staying for lunch?”

“As lovely as that sounds, and it really does sound lovely, I need to get Ben back to his world. His future is going to be grand, that much has been confirmed.” A swirling blue portal opened up behind him. “He may even be stronger than you someday, Lord Beerus. Good luck with Buu, It’s going to be an interesting fight, I can assure you.” They disappeared through the portal.

*****(Ben’s POV)*****

I don’t know how long I was out, but what I did know was that I hurt all over. “Aw man,” I groaned sitting up from what looked to be the den’s couch. “Anypony get the summoning circle of the demon that attacked me?” You’d be surprised how often that actually happens.

“Benny!” Lyra cried as she clung desperately to me. “Yay! My Benny is all better and back where he belongs! Now kiss me you fool!”

I pushed her off and onto the floor. “I’m in pain, not delusional,” I glared at the mare.

She just shrugged. “Was worth a shot.”

I rolled my eyes, moving my legs to hang off the couch. Stretching out, and cracking some bones in the process. Was actually kind of funny seeing it make Lyra shudder as the noise assaulted her ears. But I’m not that mean of a person. As much of a stalker as she is, I do at least consider her friend. That’s as far as I will ever go and I will never tell her that either.

“So, what happened? How did I get back here? And where did Paradox disappear to?”

“Ah, I see you finally awoken.” Speak of the devil. “Good to see you back on your feet. Sorry about all of that, must have gotten separated when jumping through the time-space continuum. I trust you’re feeling alright?”

“Little sore, but no more so than when a Voice takes over.” Yep, I was gonna be feeling that for the next few mornings. “It was interesting, I’ll admit that.”

“Well, as long as you learned something. Unfortunately, I must be off. Though I will be seeing you in the future, Ben. Enjoy your stay.” Paradox walked past the doorway and I knew he was already gone to who know’s where or when.

“He certainly was an interesting character,” Twilight commented, walking in where Paradox disappeared. “But very informative on the matters of time and space. I hope I get him to stay longer next time. I could write books upon books upon books of the knowledge he holds!”

I couldn’t help, but chuckle at Twilight’s enthusiasm. I knew it would never happen since that guy never seemed to be able to stay in one place. “Well, if ya don’t mind, Twi, I think I’m gonna have to skip dinner. I am way too bushed to keep awake.”

“Oh alright. Mind if I walk with you to your room?”

“Sure,” I shrugged. Then I pointed at Lyra. “You, no follow. I need actual rest, not to be your giant teddy bear.” Lyra pouted a bit, but thankfully relented. So with that settled, Twilight and I began a nice walk through the castle to my room. “So, what’s the real reason you wanted to be alone with me Twilight? Please don’t say you’re getting feelings for me too.” I shuddered at the very idea.

She rolled her eyes, thankfully. “Don’t be dumb. You are soo not my type. You’re just my little prankee. Somepony to just troll with. But as to why, well… Lyra’s going to be staying longer than you hoped.”

I did not like the sound of that.

“I don’t like the sound of that.”

Twilight sighed. “After you and Spike went to the market, Lyra told me a few things. Unfortunately, she’s been quote-unquote ‘between jobs’ for a while now and is having trouble paying her rent. She asked if she could move in here for a while until she’s back on her hooves. And, well, who am I to turn down a friend in need. Of course, she’ll be helping out around the castle and keeping you in line--”


“No offense.”

“Eh, none taken… this time.”

“So she’ll be staying here indefinitely… in your room. And no back-talks mister! I’m letting you stay here rent-free and you’re eating us dry. And one other thing…”

“What now?”

Twilight sighed. “Scootaloo will also be staying here indefinitely.”

Now that caught me by surprise. “I don’t mean any offence, but why is she staying here? Doesn’t she have a family to get back to?”

Twilight shook her head. “No. You see, Scootaloo is an orphan. Her parents have been gone a long time, even before I moved to Ponyville four years ago. She’s child of two of Equestria’s greatest criminals, Glamour Spark and Brown Shot. They are hailed as Equestria’s greatest crime duo, robbing several of the nation’s largest banks, stores, and businesses and killing at least nine members of the Royal Guard and even civilians. About eight years ago, though, they were chased into the Everfree by the guards. The guards lost sight of them, but found their carriage the next day in Froggy Bottom Bog… home of the hydras. They were announced deceased there and then. Scootaloo was only two at the time and she’s been on her own ever since.”

I… I had no words for what I had just heard. It was… awful is putting it lightly. And being on my own for most of my life as well, I could definitely relate. “Alright, I get that she’s been dealt a crappy hand, but why is she just now going to live at the castle? Doesn’t she have a home? The orphanage, maybe?” I am still kicking myself for ever even mentioning that. I know orphanages aren’t all bad, but the way they are portrayed in media… eh, just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

“She does, yes, but… you’re here.”



“After you saved her earlier, Ben, she feels safe around you. You are a safe place for her now. And since you live here, she does too. I know that sounds weird but--”

I raised my hand to stop her. “I get it, Twilight. I really do. I’m not gonna push the kid away because she feels like I’m her hero. It wouldn’t be right of me. If me being here means she’ll have a home with people...err....ponies who care about her, then that’s fine and dandy with me.”

Twilight smiled thankfully at me. “That’s very… mature of you, Ben. Didn’t know you had it in you.”

I chuckled softly. “Hey, when the need arises, I can be wise and mature. It’s just more fun to be a little wacky. Almost like Pinkie, but without the strange nonsense that belongs to her.” We shared a little laugh at that, both us knowing of the Pinkie.

“Scootaloo’s sleeping over?!” a little voice asked. I looked and saw Nyx standing in her bedroom doorway with a big ol’ smile on her face.

Twilight giggled, giving her daughter a hug. “Yep, Scootaloo’s going to be staying with us for a while.”

“Yay! It’ll be like a never ending sleep over!”

I couldn’t help, but smile at her giddiness and excitement. What a lovely note to end the day on, am I right?

Oh, I should know better by now.

Just as I decided to head off to bed on my own, I felt a great pulling at my mind. No, no it was too soon! But I could feel the power coursing into me, and I instantly knew who was on his way. I had to get out of there, or everyone would pay the price. And unfortunately, that meant relying on a special friend of mine.

“Discord!” I shouted, falling to my knees in pain. Sure enough, the draconequus appeared before us.

“Well look who called?” he said mockingly. “What’s up, Ben? Care to chat? Or maybe have a little tea party?”

I groaned in pain on the floor, grasping my head. “N-no you fool! I need you to get me out of here! A Voice is coming out! You have to get me away from everypony!”

“Oh!” Discord was instantly at attention, fearing the Voices himself. “Uh, which one is it?”

I looked at him, deadly serious. “Power.”

He flipped his lid. No, seriously, his scalp actually backflipped off his head and then back on to it. Discord suddenly pulled out a walkie-talkie...why I have no idea and gave up trying a long time ago. “All units, we have a code red!”

Out of nowhere, dozens of Discords wearing S.W.A.T. armor and covers appeared, all chanting “Code Red” over and over again. Then there was a Scottish one for some reason who shouted, “Come on, boys! Follow me!” Then began to play bagpipes along with an army of duplicates. Then for some reason he was the Lone Ranger. “Calvary, FORWARD!” Another army of clones following him. Then there came the paratroopers. “Geronimo!” one yelled as he jumped. “Arapaho!” shouted another. And then one dressed like an Indian girl (the ones that chanted, not the ones with the dots on their forehead) said, “Pocahontas,” as he jumped. Though they all became S.W.A.T. troopers as they surrounded me, rifles aimed directly at me. “Do not attempt to move or we will be shooting ourselves!”

“Discord!” Twilight shouted.

“Stay back, kid. Power’s got a red sheet as long as my arm!” As one they snapped their fingers, a portal opening beneath me. As I fell, I could also feel the loss of my consciousness, knowing that wherever I ended up, it wasn’t going to be good for them.

Author's Note:

Minor crossover with Buu, The Majin of Harmony for those interested. Got a few crossovers coming up in these next few chapters. You may be asking yourself, "DJ, why are there so many crossovers in Ben's story? Are you trying to make it seem more fun? Even though that's a tried and true way to lose fans?" And the answer to that is because it serves a greater purpose for Ben's story. We haven't gotten to see him act more as he should. Also, hoped you liked the reference at the end.

Kickin Hawk: