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"Writers are vain, selfish and lazy." ~George Orwell


Another day, another new spell to try out for Twilight. When something unknowingly goes horribly wrong, though, she finds herself doing the exact same thing the next day. And the next day.

Twilight finds herself in an infinite loop.
An experimental story from my vault, written a good while back.
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Huh, I think this is the first time I've ever seen the tags Slice of Life and Tragedy smushed together. Time to read! :pinkiehappy:

4585815 Slice of tragedy :yay:

dang, i want another chapter where she find a way out

...Oh man... I... wow.

¡She needs to consult Doctor Whooves!


From 25/0 to 29/3 in a half hour. Blech.

Woah...and to just leave it like that. I know it's either been played super serious or played for laughs, but time loop ideas tend to be quite interesting. That said...not gunna lie, what eventually happens to Twilight is something everyone will want to know. Well played, and best of luck in future works.

4586756 ... That is incredibly profound when you think about it


It's said that a tragedy is merely a comedy where the audience understands the consequences. Wish I could remember who said that.


4587510 That would probably be dramatic irony you're thinking of.


It's weird that all the dialogue in single quotes ( ' ) instead of double quotes ( " ).

It's also weird that the story just sort of... ends. No resolution. Celestia and some random archmage recommend that Twilight should kill herself. Then Twilight has a mental breakdown. Then... it's over.

Given stories like Hard Reset and the MLP Time Loops series which more fully explore the consequences of time looping, even permanent time looping, after I read this story I just felt disappointed. It's not a bad story. It's just a let down.

You say this was written a while ago. Have you thought about going back and writing an epilogue?


4587688 First off, the single quotes are a thing I normally do and is widely accepted, as such stories as 1984, Lord of the Rings and Brave New World employ them.

On a more pertinent note, this story was actually written and finished right after Hard Reset was released, and I had left a comment on that story stating that it was quite good and would likely get popular. However, this story had an exploration into this in a less tragic and a much more interesting fashion, so it left me wondering whether I wanted to release this. At the time, I didn't consider the writing bad (as of now it's sub-par), but the lack of a resolution was only something I wanted and I knew that others wouldn't like it. It wasn't interesting, it would leave people feeling bad, etc etc. That's why I didn't release it at the time.

Then recently I discovered it again and released it, wondering how people would react to it. It's been mixed as you can tell, but the purpose of the story was mainly because I wanted to write a tragic story and I wanted it to specifically end as it did.

Have I considered an epilogue? Yes. Many times.

Do I want an epilogue? No.


I do not like unhappy ending normally (or in this case, eternal torment), but Infinite Loops is about my LEAST FAVORITE story of that sort of all time. After reading that story, I felt positive SORRY for every bad guy and boss beaten by a play character on a New Game Plus.

This story is pretty much eternal torment for Twilight.

But if everything resets, who can even suicide spare her?

Like I said, I don't like stories that end on such a depressing note normally, but I admire this story for reminding us of how horrific this sort of thing would ACTUALLY be.


It's not my quote, silly~ As a mere mortal with the writing prowess of a number 1 1/2 pencil I can but quote others. Went to my main man google; Samuel Drest said it. Hm, no clue who that is.

This wasn't bad, but it took Twilight an awful long time to realize what was happening. Such is .. understandable, but such was also a bit dull to read.


4590619 You're not wrong. The main reason why I didn't release this when I wrote it a while back was because it wasn't really that great of a piece. I just figured I wanted my stuff to get documented better.

Oh well, at least some people got enjoyment out of it.

Noooo~ Yipyapper, why'd you have to break my heart like that?:raritycry:

It was pretty enjoyable. :twilightsmile: But that shock ending hits hard... :applecry:

This remindes me of Miranda from d gray man

a large leather backing.
-Leather comes from cows usually. Cows can talk in Equestria. Be careful with this. It is actually possible to do it well I think, but a lot of people just casually drop leather into the setting without realizing the implications.

-Story overall:
-Creepy... I guess a leather binding is justified after all.

Although the story feels a little dated, I found that the premise was set up quite well. I think it's a bit unfortunate that you ended it as abruptly as you did, but I understand your intentions with it.

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