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"Writers are vain, selfish and lazy." ~George Orwell

  • A+ 1 stories

    The highest quality fanfiction the site has to offer.
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    Very high quality fanfiction.
  • A- 1 stories

    High quality fanfiction.
  • B+ 1 stories

    A cut above the crop of fanfiction.
  • B 0 stories

    The standard for which all fanfiction should attempt to reach.
  • B- 0 stories

    Strong fanfiction with a glaring error that would turn some readers away.
  • C+ 0 stories

    Satisfactory fanfiction with one or two elements done right.
  • C 0 stories

    Mediocre fanfiction generally pertaining to a specific taste or an author's loyal reader.
  • C- 0 stories

    Suitable for dedicated fans of the genre or author, not recommended.
  • D+ 0 stories

    Fanfiction that's difficult to sit through for most people.
  • D 0 stories

    Poor fanfiction that does not appeal to any audiences.
  • D- 0 stories

    Unreadable garbage with an alright idea or two.
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    Cesspool at the bottom of fimfiction.