Don't You Remember

by Yip

First published

Twilight tries out a new spell and puts herself into an infinite loop as a result.

Another day, another new spell to try out for Twilight. When something unknowingly goes horribly wrong, though, she finds herself doing the exact same thing the next day. And the next day.

Twilight finds herself in an infinite loop.
An experimental story from my vault, written a good while back.
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Don't You Remember

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Various clocks and numbers took up the space on pieces of worn parchment, all held together by a large leather backing. The entirety of the text made up a well-sized tome that lay in the center of the Ponyville Library’s floor, where Twilight Sparkle was busy combing over its contents. The unicorn's face brimmed with determination as she read over the various words and details, looking at every piece with intense fascination. Spike stood waiting on the staircase off to the side, twiddling his thumbs and shaking ever so slightly.

'Are you almost ready, Twilight?' Spike began, clutching his claw and wincing every couple of moments. 'I just want to get this over with... I'm a little nervous about it.'

Twilight rose from her reading with a smile, raising an eyebrow to her purple dragon friend. ‘You’re nervous about something I’m doing? If anypony should be worried, it’s me!’ Twilight glanced at his claw and frowned. ‘Hmm, what’s the matter with your claw?’

‘I was looking for that book all day,’ Spike snarled, feeling a pulse every time his claw throbbed. ‘These tomes are pretty heavy, and now I can’t even lift the covers over me when I go to bed tonight.’

‘Oh, don’t be like that. I said you can have a day of being lazy tomorrow; won't you be able to rest your claw then?’ Twilight put her hoof to her chin and paused for a moment. ‘Now that I think about it, I may still need your help. Just because the sky is dark doesn’t mean it’s time for bed yet.’

Spike’s eyes rolled in their sockets. ‘Alright, fine. I just feel like you’re going to do something even the slightest bit wrong and cause an... an explosion or something!’

Twilight chuckled and resumed her reading of the hefty tome. A few moments of silence later and she took in a deep breath, her chest expanding farther and farther the longer she heaved in. At the same pace, she let it all out, closing her eyes as she did so.

‘I assume you’re ready, Twilight? You breathing like that is just building tension, and it’s making things way too dramatic.’

Twilight looked at the tome a final time and cast it away carefully with her magic. ‘Yes, Spike. I’m ready. Could you put this book away in the meantime?’

The book dropped at Spike’s feet, inscribed with a large “Just In Time: 10 Spells To Control Time” on the front in curvy, intricate lettering. Despite it being only ten chapters long, it was almost up to Spike’s chest when the cover sat facing upwards. The young dragon looked to Twilight, narrowing his eyes. ‘You really think I can carry this? I couldn't lift this thing even if I wasn’t in pain!’

The tome glowed a raspberry tinge as Twilight took it into her magical grip once more. ‘Where does it go?’

‘Just put it down, I’ll find a way to pick it up later.’ Spike frowned and Twilight put the book back down on the floor. ‘Time spells are tricky, Twilight. I hope you know what you’re doing—wait, what does the spell even do, anyway?’

‘I picked the “Time and Again” spell.’

Silence filled the room. ‘...and?’

‘Oh, you probably haven’t read the entry yet.’ Twilight cleared her throat. ‘"The Time and Again spell allows you to repeat something you just did". That's why I put the book down, so I can do it over again. Hopefully, the spell will undo the action and the book will be back in front of me!’

‘What’s the usefulness of the spell? Doesn’t seem too important to bring a book back from its spot.’

‘Well, I’ve never tried this spell before.’ Twilight blushed a light shade of scarlet as blood filled her cheeks. ‘I wanted to get familiar with it in case something really bad happens and I can just undo the action. It would be so useful! And all I have to do is focus on the books and think about the action I want it to undo!’

Spike gave a slight nervous twitch, but resumed his watching on the staircase nonetheless. ‘Alright, let’s hope you get it right!’ he said, stretching his mouth into a toothy, nervous grin along with his slanting eyebrows.

Twilight nodded her head and proceeded to focus her energy on the tome and her horn simultaneously. Both glowed with a strong raspberry glow, getting more and more concentrated with the colour as the seconds went by. Without a moment’s warning, however, her horn began adding a green, sinister colour to the magic.

‘Wait a second... Twilight! You never mentioned it was dark magic!’

The words were lost on Twilight, who was too engrossed in the spell to break away. Spike didn’t stop pleading, but none of it made even the slightest impact on her concentration.

In the blink of an eye, though, the magic had dissipated from Twilight’s horn and the room’s ambiance stabilized. Spike rubbed his eyes with his sore claw and, after a slight ‘Ouch!’ from the ensuing throb, ran over to the mystified Twilight.

‘What was that? Did something happen? Did... did it work?’

Twilight shook her head, releasing her from the trance. Glancing at the time tome, she noticed that it was still where Spike used to be. ‘It doesn’t seem to have moved.’ She took in another deep breath and sighed. ‘I had no idea it was dark magic, but everything seems to have worked out okay. I might’ve used the wrong spell, but I highly doubt it.'

‘Well, as long as nothing went wrong, everything’s okay! Right?’

‘Yeah, I guess it is. I’ll look into what spell I used tomorrow, but let’s go to sleep for now. My friends and I had a pretty busy day today, and the spell just took the last of my energy out of me!’

Spike smiled. ‘Sleep’s my specialty!’

Twilight smiled in turn and made her way up the staircase with Spike. Before laying down to sleep, though, she took a quick glance at the calendar mounted on the wall beside her bed. ‘April 4th, huh? Busiest one I’ve ever had. Oh well, I think I’ll just relax tomorrow!’

If Twilight had gone to sleep five minutes later, she would have noticed the odd movement of the clock mounted on her wall.

It was rewinding itself so that the hour hand passed twelve twice in a matter of seconds.


The bright light of the sun shone through Twilight's window, waking her up from her sleep with a start. Rubbing her eyes, she shielded them from the piercing rays with her elevated hooves. 'Spike, are you awake?’ she began groggily. ‘I want to get started on that spell as soon as I can.'

A tearing sound broke the short silence, loud enough to be right beside Twilight while she remained in bed. Craning her neck to the side, she watched as Spike was tearing away a large number “3” to reveal another number, accompanied by a word still partially covered by the tearing paper. Once removed, the calendar read “April 4th”, with Spike letting the previous date’s sheet flutter down to the ground.

‘Spike, what are you doing?’ Twilight asked, staring at the big number “4” on the wall. ‘It was April fourth yesterday! Shouldn’t you rip another off?’

Spike stared back at Twilight, raising an eyebrow. ‘Um, I tear off one piece of paper each day from the calendar. It’s April fourth today, and I know I didn’t forget to take off the paper yesterday, so it must be right!’

‘But I just saw it on the fourth last night! I know what I saw!’ Twilight flailed her hooves in various motions, as if it helped further her argument. ‘Here, I’ll do it myself.’

‘Okay, if you really want...’ Spike said as the calendar glowed a warm raspberry colour, tearing off the frontmost sheet quickly and revealing the number “5” underneath. ‘I’ll just remember not to tear it off tomorrow morning.’

‘Spike,’ Twilight began, sighing, ‘don’t worry about that. Just remember to keep tearing it off every morning, please.’

‘Morning?’ Spike pointed a claw at the window. ‘You do know that it’s the afternoon, right Twilight? You wanted to get a good rest last night when you studied that spell so you could do it today all refreshed and stuff!’

Twilight followed his claw’s direction towards the window, observing the bright sun hovering over Ponyville, a shining beacon of light for all of the residents walking around town. Unaccustomed to the brilliance of the sun’s rays, Twilight shielded her eyes with her hoof.

‘But I studied the spell two nights ago!’ Twilight flailed her other hoof, as if helping to make her statement true. ‘And we did the spell—or, what I thought was the spell—just last night! Don’t you remember, Spike—wait, why is your claw healed all of a sudden?’

‘You’re acting really weird, Twi. My claw was never injured last night. Maybe you should go talk to your friends...’ Spike’s eyes lit up. ‘Oh, right! Rainbow Dash came over earlier and told me that she wanted you! You were sleeping, so I didn’t want to wake—’

‘But she came over yesterday and wanted to give me the catalyst for the spell!’ Twilight interrupted, now waving both hooves in a panicked frenzy.

‘Sheesh,’ Spike said, ignoring the interruption. ‘You probably had some sort of a dream that made you think you did. Or maybe it was déja vu! I’ll go get some daisy tea, then you can relax and go see whoever you want.’

Taking a deep breath in and a deep breath out, Twilight closed her eyes and collapsed on her bed, spread out amongst the sheets. Her mane was mangled into an incredible mess of pink and purple, and her sheets were almost off the bed from the continuous movements by their owner. ‘Yeah, maybe I should have a little break... I mean, dark magic? Come on, that would be so weird!’

‘D-Dark magic, Twilight?’ The young dragon shuddered in his skin as he closed his eyes. ‘I remember the dark magic you showed me in your books! When did you do dark magic?’

‘In my dream, I think. As long as what you're suggesting is right. Could you go and get me that tea, Spike? I think I really do need to calm down.’

Without another word, Spike nodded his head and wasted no time running down the stairs, hastily tripping over his own leg on the last step. Brushing himself off, he got up and opened the front door, grabbing a few golden bits from the cloth bag hanging by the side of the door.

Spike didn’t seem so happy with me last night, I guess he had a change of heart since he was so determined before—wait, why is his claw fine already?! He didn't explain that... oh. Dream. Right.

Twilight looked out her window again, scrambling for something to calm her down. A moment later, a slight chuckle escaped her mouth as she turned her gaze to the wooden ceiling.

Silly Twilight, it really was just a dream! You’re getting so worked up over nothing, but it’ll be alright with a nice cup of Ponyville daisy tea! Just forget about it already, no need to dwell on it the morning after...

Several minutes later, neither claw nor scale of Spike was seen entering the library, leaving Twilight alone on her bed to her thoughts.

Hmm, where could he have gone? The Ponyville Tea Shoppe is only right next door, it should’ve taken him a minute or two at the most! ...Maybe he got lost? Twilight shook her head and chuckled again. Stop being silly, Twilight! Spike is perfectly capable of getting tea on his own—

A small gust of air whistled through the door as it opened, revealing a panting purple dragon clutching his knees as he recovered. Now lying on the ground was a moderately-sized white mug with a few pillars of steam escaping through the enclosing lid’s sides. As it lay untouched on the floor, the steam billowed throughout the library, quickly reaching Twilight’s excited nostrils before Spike even had a chance to speak.

‘The...’ Spike huffed at every word, ‘the café... it was closed... owner... on a family trip—’

‘You didn’t get it from next door?’ Twilight interrupted, shaking her focus from the delicate aroma. ‘Then where did you get it?’

Spike took a moment to get a full breath and lifted his head for the first time. ‘I went across town to the Applespice Café. Why, is something the matter?’

Twilight paused for a moment and brought her hoof to her chin. ‘This is really weird, really weird indeed...’

‘What is it? Did I get you the wrong tea?’

Twilight shook her head. ‘No, but please bring up the tea, it smells delicious!’ Spike grabbed the mug and, in a flash, ran upstairs and gladly handed the mug to his unicorn friend, who smiled back at him as she held the warm drink in her hooves. ‘Thanks, Spike! Anyway, the whole thing about the café next door is getting me a little shaken, but I’m sure you know why.’


‘, I don’t know.’

‘Wait, you don’t? Yesterday, the same pony’s mother passed away, so it must’ve happened again to a new family member this time—’

‘No, the pony’s mother just passed away an hour ago... how in the world did you know, Twi?’ Spike took a step back. ‘W-Was this also from your dark magic dream?’

‘Forget about the dark magic, Spike. Although the dream really does seem to be pretty accurate today, and it seemed so vivid...’ Twilight took a sip of her tea. Shortly after, she rose from her bed and stretched, laying the half-drunken cup of tea on a her nightstand. ‘Ah, I think I just need some fresh air. I’ll be heading over to... where is Rainbow Dash with my catalyst, exactly?’

‘She never mentioned a catalyst, but I think she mentioned something about going to Sugarcube Corner to see Pinkie before you woke up. Maybe she's still there?'

'Great, thanks Spike.' Twilight made her way down the stairs with a sense of urgency etched on her face, but stopped as she approached her ornate front door. Turning her head, she looked back to her dragon friend with a smile. 'Spike... thanks for your help. I don't think I appreciate you enough as you should, and you did me a great favour with the tea. Relax for the rest of today, okay?'

Better to be friends with him than have him hate me like in my dream. Where would I be with him, realistically?

Had Twilight looked back instead of walking out the door just then, she would have seen a bright shade of scarlet appear on Spike's face as blood filled his cheeks. Instead, she was out her door and walking towards the flamboyantly-coloured bakery a few houses down the path. A gust of wind passed over Twilight several times on the journey, prompting a slight shiver.

Oh, Spike had to walk all over town with this windwait a second, it was pretty windy in my dream too! Weird...

Twilight didn't have time to think about the weather, though, as she found herself already inside Sugarcube Corner with familiar pink and blue figures sitting and laughing together at a table. The blue one, complete with a rainbow-coloured mane streaking down her back, turned from her laughter and looked at Twilight with pleased eyes.

'Ah, you're finally here! What took you so long?' Rainbow Dash chuckled. 'Seems weird that you of all ponies would be so tardy!'

'I had a weird dream last night, and I felt really tired before I went—'

'Don't worry about it, Twi. I've got the thing you wanted right here.' Rainbow Dash pointed her hoof to a blue-stemmed, green-flowered plant lying on a nearby counter. 'It wasn't really hard to get it from Everfree—what are you doing to that flower, Twilight...

Twilight stopped where she stood, the blue stem of the flower sticking out from her mouth. Letting the stem fall out, she proceeded to chew on the remaining flowerhead, looking at Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash’s raised eyebrows with a puzzled look on her face.

Twilight swallowed the flowerhead. ‘What, did I do something wrong?’

‘W-well... you did just eat the flower I got for your magic thing.’ Pinkie nodded her head in agreement with Rainbow Dash.

‘Oh, I guess I should’ve told you about that! You see, I need to eat this flower so I can use the spells I have in my time tome, it says so in the start—’

Wait a second... I had this exact conversation in my dreams! This is getting really weird... can I see into the future?

‘Twilight? You were saying?’

‘Sorry you two, I really have to go do some things at home! Wouldn’t want the weather to go all bad before I leave, eh?’ Twilight said, grinning a transparent smile. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie merely looked at each other briefly and turned back to Twilight, confusion beginning to show through raised eyebrows.

‘Um, okay, I guess?’

‘Great! Thanks for the flower, Rainbow Dash!’

Without another word, Twilight was out the door and on her way back home, the wind still making her shiver in the cool evening air.

Evening already? I should go get started on that spell as soon as possible! Wait... but what if I really can predict the future in my dreams? Then I’ll cast dark magic! Oh, but nothing happened afterwards, so I should be fine... no, I’ll just play it safe and head to sleep early. It’s been such a busy day today!

Approaching the large tree house she called home, Twilight gently pushed the slightly ajar door and walked inside, making sure to close the door to prevent more wind from coming in. ‘Spike, are you still here?’

Nothing stirred in the air, save a distinct snoring coming from upstairs.

Ah, I won’t wake him. Better to rest and try that spell tomorrow...

Twilight groggily walked up her stairs, taking care with every step not to wake Spike from his well-earned sleep. When she got to the top, she was greeted with a sprawled out, drooling young dragon letting his legs hang over his cozy basket bed. Smiling, Twilight got into her bed, ignoring the orange sunlight glow seeping through her window by closing her curtains.

Some time after she had closed her eyes and slept, the clock was turning back around twice, just as it had the night before.


Twilight awoke to a familiar ripping sound, reaching her ears with the same volume and flow as it had the last two days. Turning herself over, she watched as Spike was busy taking off a new sheet from the wall calendar.

Except it wasn't new, as Twilight looked at the number "4" appearing on the latest sheet with horror. 'Huh... wait, what?!'

Spike jumped in surprise, dropping the old sheet with the number "3" inscribed on the front. 'Uh... good afternoon, Twilight?'

'Afternoon? Oh, you've got to be kidding me...' Twilight opened the curtains and let the sight of the sun keep her mouth gaping wide. 'Oh no, it really is the afternoon!'

'Twi, is that a problem? We can always go do a time spell if you're missing something super important.'

'No, Spike! Time's just the problem! Or déja vu maybe, but I'm pretty sure I already had that yesterday!'


'Or in my dream, maybe two days ago... I have absolutely no idea! Quick, get me the copy Just In Time!' Twilight exclaimed, hurrying Spike down the stairs as she got out of bed.

'Weren't we going to do that later today?'

'No! Yes! Just get it please, Spike.'

Spike shrugged nonchalantly and walked over to the left bookshelf, scrolling his claw through the "J" section on the lower shelves. With a quick 'Aha!', the tome was in his claws as he struggled to move it upstairs. 'Gee, this is pretty heavy!'

'You can leave it there, I'll come down and peruse through it myself. By the way, Rainbow Dash came over to see me earlier today, right?'

'How... how did you know that? Can you see in your sleep? That's really weird, Twi—'

'No, I'll tell you in a second.' Twilight descended the staircase with a sense of urgency, already covering the text with a raspberry glow and opening it within seconds. Scrolling through each page, she eventually came across a familiar looking sheet from two days prior.

'Here it is! Ah, reverts back... allows you to undo...' Twilight frowned and looked up from her reading. 'Well, that's odd. I guess maybe I really have been having weird dreams. It has no mention of dark magic or restarting the day... what a weird coincidence!'

'I'm still a little confused. Restarting the day? Dark magic?'

'Don't worry about it, Spike. It seems to be resolved. Can you watch the place while I’m gone? I shouldn’t keep Rainbow Dash waiting for very long.’

Spike nodded his head, keeping an eyebrow raised during the scene. ‘Alright, but don’t be too long. We still need to do that spell later tonight—wait, is that spell what this is all about?’

Twilight was already out the door before he could ask her the question.

That flower... it’s been a constant in my last two dreams. Maybe it’s causing something? Eh, I’ll decide what to do when I get there.


‘Uh, Twilight? Why are you staring at the flower I got you?’

Rainbow Dash’s comment went on deaf ears as Twilight stared at the green flowerhead given to her. ‘Hmm, I just had a thought... what if eating this is giving me major déja vu? Yes, that might explain it!’

Rainbow Dash’s eyes blinked several times rapidly. ‘What are you talking about?’

‘Don’t worry about it, Dash. I’ll see you later!’

A hurrying Twilight quickly left Sugarcube Corner with the blue-green flower in hoof, leaving a confused pegasus behind.

Eating this may have given me the effects! It makes perfect sense! It’s not the spell nor is it me, so this is the only possible culprit. Twilight quickly proceeded to throw the flower on the ground, giving it a good stomp with her hoof for good measure. Hah! There, now you won’t plague my life!

Upon entry back into her home, Spike was waiting by the bookshelves. ‘Twilight, something is going on, and I’m curious to know what this spell really does. It seems to have gotten you pretty worked up over nothing.’

‘Don’t worry, Spike. It’s not a big deal, just my imagination running a little wild.’ Twilight’s eye gave a slight twitch, not going unnoticed to the young dragon in front of her. ‘I’m sure after a good night’s sleep, all will be better!’

‘You just got up a little over a half an hour ago. You’re tired already?’

‘Yeah, something’s making me really sleepy for some reason. I’ve felt the same way for the past three days—I mean, the way I thought I felt. Is anything I’m saying making sense, Spike?’

Spike shook his head. ‘Nope.’

‘Alright, I’m heading off to bed. Good night, Spike.’

‘Afternoon, Twilight...’


A ripping sound, a ray of sunlight, a feeling of exhaustion. Feelings Twilight has felt several times before, feelings that made its way to her senses the following morning. After a few moments to collect her thoughts and open her eyes, she began to put two and two together about her situation.

‘Spike, don’t tell me you’re ripping away the calendar to the fourth of April...’

Spike turned to the awakening unicorn with his eyebrows raised, in the process of removing a piece of paper from the wall calendar. ‘Uh, I’m not ripping away the calendar?’

‘Wait, seriously? That’s fantastic!’ Twilight raised her hoof to block out the sun’s rays. ‘But it’s the afternoon, isn’t it? I feel awful...’

Spike shrugged and finished his job, letting the sheet he held fall to the floor. ‘You know I was just saying that because you told me to, right? It’s the fourth of April today.’

Twilight’s eyes widened and her hooves motioned over to the curtains, pulling them to the side in a hurried frenzy. The sun was right above the town just as it had been for the past several days.

‘No... Spike, are you absolutely certain it’s the fourth today?’

‘I’d realize it if it wasn’t... I think.’

Realization dawned on Twilight for the first time, her entire body slinking down to the floor as she spoke. ‘...I’ve been living the same day over and over again. That spell must have done something...’

‘I think you need to go to sleep, Twilight. Maybe you aren’t rested enough?’

‘I’m exactly as tired as I have been for the past four days, Spike. The time I woke up is the same, the date is the same, the events are the same.’ Twilight flew out of bed and made her way downstairs, scanning her bookshelf for the time tome. ‘Here’s the book!’

Twilight’s eye twitched a few times, complementing her untouched, rustled mane. As her horn glowed a familiar raspberry glow, bringing the aura around a thick text on the bookshelf, she began muttering quiet thoughts to herself.

‘Hey... maybe burning this is a good idea! Ha, yeah! That’ll work!’

As the book hovered in the air above Twilight, she began focusing hard on the leather structure with all of her concentration. Her horn’s glow became thicker and thicker, until a thick orange glow began surrounding it, slowly charring away the pages inside.

‘Twilight, what are you doing?!’ Spike exclaimed, running down the stairs at full speed. ‘We were going to do some spells from there! Why would you burn it over a silly guess you made when you’re half-asleep?’

‘It’s the only way this day doesn’t repeat itself! Now everything is better!’ Twilight stretched out a peculiar grin, showing most of her teeth to go with her crazed expression. ‘Now, take a letter for Princess Celestia! I want her to tell me if this will work!’

‘...You’re going to burn the book before asking her. Right.’ Spike hesitated for a few moments, but after Twilight’s stuck-out hoof insisted he move to the desk in the corner, he grudgingly obliged and took a quill dripping with ink in claw. ‘Alright, what do you want to ask her?’

‘Tell her that I’ve been having the same day repeat itself over and over again, and ask her whether burning the spellbook will work!’

The scratching of the inked quill quickly made its way to a piece of fresh parchment accrued from the desk drawer, Spike taking a couple of moments to think in between bouts of writing. As he finished with a reluctant sign-off, he rolled up the letter, raised it up and sent it in a quick puff of fire.

‘There, it’s done. Can we calm down and not burn the book anymore?’

‘No, Spike! By the time she replies, I might be back into my bed tired and waking up to a sunny afternoon! This has to happen now!’

‘Alright... but I’m going to go clean up a few things upstairs. I’ll tell you if anything comes up from Celestia, alright?’


A quick belching noise came from upstairs, interrupting the scratching sound of Spike’s sweeping motions, prompting Twilight’s stationary self to look upstairs. Spike was holding a letter in his claw, freshly materialized from his smoking mouth.

The night outside the window began to trouble Twilight, who had her own suspicions about the consequences that nighttime brings. The tome’s ashes from the afternoon lay in a trash bin to the side, forgotten and disposed of.

‘Spike, that’s the letter? Come on, bring it to me! Quick!’

Spike, still reluctant to believe Twilight’s idea, made his way downstairs at a normal pace despite her friend’s careful insistence. As soon as he was within reach of the unicorn, she grabbed the letter in hoof and unravelled it quickly.

‘Come on, let’s see the news!’

The parchment was written in simple black ink, but that wasn’t what prompted her jaw to drop.

Dear Twilight,

I regret to inform you that your letter, although it has been read by Princess Celestia, is being replied to by her current archmage. She felt she did not have the strength to tell you this, so it is I who must bring the news to you.

Twilight gulped and began to sweat beads of nervous thought at an alarming rate.

The Princess and I have looked everywhere for records of a time spell that did such a thing, and we finally came upon the “Time And Again” spell in the restricted section. We believe that the spell was researched poorly by the writers of the spellbook, who might have found it on accident through their travels or wherever. Contrary to what the tome says, it does not reverse an action that was just performed.

It reverses the action of the entire day over and over again in your own world, with a separate existence of yourself living in other ponies’ “worlds”. In short, you are stuck living in the same day over and over again.

It seems that the change happens at midnight, but it also seems that this cannot be reversed. Princess Celestia is devastated by this sorrowful news, and I extend any services of the kingdom to you on her behalf. If you need to do some things for closure before doing something that may... prematurely end your sorrows, I’d suggest doing so.

We are terribly sorry this had to happen to you.

Magic Magus,
Archmage of Equestria,
Canterlot, Equestria

Twilight began bellowing out a bout of laughter, throwing the letter to the side without a second thought.

‘It’s okay, this’ll wear off soon! I’m not stuck in this moment forever, right—’

Her vision took to black as the clock struck twelve.

The next day, the book was back on the shelf, it was the fourth of April and anything Twilight did in the last incarnation of the day was forgotten. No matter what her mental state had become, it got worse and worse as time went on repeating itself.

And the following day, everything was the same.

Same goes for the following night.

And the every night after that.