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Princess Celestia wants to establish diplomatic relations with the mushroom kingdom and Rarity is sent to make a good impression. Unfortunately the island where the meeting between rulers will be held is covered in a sticky paint-like goop, and Rarity is apparently to blame. Meanwhile the true culprit, a shadowy version of Rarity, is on the loose and has foalnapped Sweetie Belle.
It is up to Rarity to clean the island, rescue Sweetie Belle, and win the favor of the islanders before time runs out.
Will she succeed?
Will she thwart Shadow Rarity goopy plan?
Will she ever get to enjoy this island resort?

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 23 )

I assume this takes place between Seasons 3 and 4 since Season 4 no longer has the Elements of Harmony. :eeyup:

And of course I suppose an obvious question is obvious, but if Rarity's the one cleaning up the town then what the heck is Mario doing? Or for that matter will he even be around? :applejackunsure:

Why do I have the feeling that its sequel will be Sweetie's mansion (which the fic already exist)?

Okay, three things. I haven't read the story yet, but bear with me:
1) Now I want to play Super Mario Sunshine like all get-out!
2) This is DEFINENTLY going in my "read later!"
3) You get a like just for the concept. Once I read it, I leave/take away the like as accordingly!

Lemme guess, is FLOOD supposed to be Spike or something?

Have you considered using this as your cover image?

Favepon AND Favegame?! Hell yeah I'm reading this! :raritystarry:

3646988 Fludd will still be Fludd but I do have plans for Spike :pinkiecrazy:

3646955 Rarity is taking the place of Mario.
Mario is with his brother having a "stay"cation at their house.

3646965 I don't feel that I could do a "Luigi's Mansion" based sequel since Sweetie's Mansion did it so well.
I may however make a sequel based off one of the "Paper Mario" games. :pinkiegasp:

3647443 I'll consider it, but i'm pretty happy with the cover image at the moment. :coolphoto:

You could use a couple more paragraph breaks at the beginning there.

I heard the Pinatas speak in my head after Sweetie Belle watched the video word for word (even the Pinata Tootaloo after saying "Our Beautiful Home"). Shows how ingrained Super Mario Sunshine is within my memories. Sir, this fiction has alot of potential, and I would be devastated if it were to flop. Faved.

Also, I'm pretty sure that the holding place for the magazines is called a "Seat Pocket."

i just want to say, before reading

This.....is fucking genius!


3650878 Thanks, I'm planning on adding the next chapters soon.
Also, I changed that magazine line to make the story flow more smoothly.

3650841 Thanks for the advice, I reread that part and added a few more breaks.

...What am I doing with my life? :pinkiecrazy:

Good news everypony!
I'm going to submit the first three chapters(not counting the prologue) all at once in a few days.
These chapters will cover the all the events in the game from Delfino Airstrip to Bianco Hills.

Also, in case you're wondering, Rarity will be tackling only the major missions in bianco hills
(that means no red coin missions or the 100 coin shine).
Petey Piranha related missions, the two cave missions, and the Shadow chasing mission will all be included in the story.

Change of plans everypony. Due to my new job schedule, I haven't had much time to work on the story. I have however, combined chapters one and two into a single chapter because they were too short individually and I am just making sure everything flows nicely.

As an apology, I shall reveal some juicy information :rainbowderp:
FLUDD will still be FLUDD but with added dialogue.
Sweetie Belle will be playing the role of Princess peach.
Lightning Dust will be playing the role of Il Piantissimo
A pianta from another Mario game will be mixed into the story, see if you can spot him!
Pinkie Pie will be playing the role of a pink character that appears in the game
Shadow Rarity's identity will still remain a mystery...until Pinna Park.

Thank you all for your great comments, I will try to answer as many as I can while I continue writing.

I kind of like it! I hope there's more soon!

3844020 Don't worry, there will be.

So... is this still alive?

There's something about the cheap cover art that tickles me. It's just so funny to look at. I can't ignore this story. I'll give it a watch just because that cover art is humorous to me.

3646955 Ah, we meet again, my very pink friend!

3646988 Hey, you remind me of this guy who has the same profile picture and name as you...

3652565 ...making chocolate pudding?

Glad to see you like the cover art too,
and hey! You remind me of a guy who has your same name and profile picture as well!

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