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*(It is ALL set in the Pre-Banishment era if you are confused at first, and also I am NOT trying to go for the overused, cliche root. You will be surprised for what I have in store.)*

Went to Gam3rcon with my brother.
"Your going as the Chief?"
"Yeah, cooler than your costume anyway"
Bought the Holy chainsaw staff of Skorge.
"Real metal. It's made of real metal. That's cool I suppose."
It came with a Horse amulet.
"What the hell?"
Mobbed by bronies.
"This guy has an Alicorn Amulet!"
'Aw Hell No!"
Whisked into a land against my will.
"I must be in Japan, I know how random they can be..."
Become the unofficial detriment of a blue pony princess.
"Thou massacering Mongrel!"
Some holiday to Colorado this turned out to be...

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 134 )

Using skorge for a story instead of Raam. Sweetness, and you don't see any fics where Skorge is the m.c.

10/10 on the awesomeness scale.

Thank you kindly good sir!

As I said dont take it seriously.

:rainbowlaugh:Very good start.

Don't be discouraged by the dislikes. People sometimes don't like this kind of stuff. I on the other hand like that you are branching out in the story department. All I have to say now is :moustache:keep up the good work sir.

Jesus people, stop disliking it 1. without commenting and 2. based solely off of it's LOHAV roots. Fuckin' grow up.

jeez, i know how you feel. 12 dislikes and no negative/constructive comments? wow. at least when people didn't like my story they had the guts to comment.

a like and a fav, if only to read later and even out your bar. :pinkiehappy:

good luck! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Very nice start to this...
lets see where this goes!
also 12 dislikes? and no comments justifying it?
c-mon people are you seriously doing this without looking inside?
just like "nope dont like it (dislike) an off i go"?
well then lets even out this!

Gave it a favorite and I still don't understand why people dislike stories before reading them. Meh

This is actually good, I saw only a few typos, gonna add it to the group.

It's because they're either idiots or trolls. Or both.

I honestly don't really understand the purpose of dislikes I you don't like it move along! And if you do dislike it have the common sense to explain yourself. Anyway I leave a like for you good sir. I'll keep this on read later and see how this goes.

you will continue this, or you will die.

These comments have actually swayed me into reading this, if not for them, i'd ignore it completely because of those horrendous downvotes. CARRY ON MEN!

You can count on the Sergeant, sensei!

In all honesty I don't know what made people down vote it, and without an explanation as to why they did pissed me off.

4525484 Probably because they were sick of LoHAV stories where the character goes to a con, picks up an item from a mysterious vendor, and then gets sucked into a portal and into Equestria.

Ohhh nooooo, the Ponies come to put down yet another person because they think he's evil because he looks really evil!

This is probably going to be all set in the Pre-Nightmare era.

There's also... what like 50 cosplay stories on the site, I can see it now!:raritystarry:

4525472 Address me in american terms or else You will die!

Let them all burn in hell! Actualy just fucking rape and torcher them. (:

You have a like and fav from me. Funny and cool in all the right places.

Wait, if there are raam in equestrian story's, someone pleas tell me. He's my favorite antagonist.

Wow, princess celestia and Luna are REALLY stupid in the majority of LOHAV fics.

I don't really watch the show, if your wondering if they seem out of character.

4531760 Stupid how? Stupid in lashing at Skorge or stupid as characters?

4532462 as in the kind where they just act dumb and assume that stuff that might not actually be true IS true.

4534831 Hm, how so? I would think that them seeing the memories of Skorge [dude is kinda an asshole] would be a pretty good reason to hunt somebody.

4534867 Did you even see "might not be true"? It's kind of a large possibility there would be a spell to make the memory reading spell view memories that are either not real or just not that person's memories.

Wow having those memories determine your fate sucks Major Fenix balls, but for some reason the LoHAV characters never seem to get angry enough. If it were me, i'd be raging out of my mind for such accusations!



I wanted to try something different than the average going into village and guards come in straight away and attack. They didn't want a massacering monster roaming the land and harming their subjects, they will have to get him out of the picture before he does and that is why the memories determined his fate. And your also right about him not being angry enough, I might change that. An unexpected twist in it am I right?

4535146 I see "might not be true" but a relatively peaceful species of ponies just saw the memories of Skorge -- that's a lot of violence. Secondly, what reason do they have to suspect the memories aren't real? He didn't make the greatest case for himself by taking the guards out on account of he doesn't like being called to authority. As far as I can see, they have no reason to believe the memories aren't real aside from the word of what appears to be a particularly capable/violent monster to them.

4536646 you're just ignoring a LOT of stuff in my comments, aren't you?

*BOOP!* Ladies! Stop arguing in the comments! *STATIC!*

4537879 NO YOU ARE! *drives away to a puella magi madoka magica crossover fic in a car that looks strangely like a peach*

4536090 Yes, that would please me, as does how you've decided to take a slightly different path in this story, he's in the pre-banishment era, got memories that aren't his, and he's appeared in the middle of nowhere under attack. WHAT ELSE COULD GO RIGHT?!

The new guy is Cian's brother as Master Chief

The new guy is Mark as Master Chief

He just pops up in the middle of the forest lol, wat, he must've been around when all that damn noise was goin' orf!
Now everything'll be cleared up and all they're going to have to deal with is Nightmare Moon! Good fight scenes, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I'M PROUD TO YOUR CHAIRMAN!

The next chapter is retelling how Mark stumbled across her, he hasn't seen the ponies yet. He was whisked into the Everfree, a few miles from the castle.

She turned around to face the assailant, only to be greeted with light in her eyes and a bipedal being, in olive green armor.

I'm guessin here, but now I really want to know how the heck his friend got there.

I'll explain it all in the author's notes at the end of the next chapter.

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