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When the gym class teacher breaks her leg during a martial arts session, Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna have to turn to someone they didn't want to turn to from the beginning.

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman.

Rated 'TEEN!(?)'
Expect swearing. Lots and LOTS of swearing, and also sexual humour.
Set within the Equestria Girls universe. Set before events of Sunset Shimmer's downfall.

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The All-Spark was within his reach, he could practically feel the energon pouring off of it. His mission was almost complete.
He sent the co-ordinates of the Cube to Megatron...

And he would have...

Only if the Royal Sisters hadn't of blasted it back into the endless void of space and froze him in the ice with those so called Elements of Harmony.

Two thousand years have passed since then, and after a group of archaeologists uncovered him beneath the ice of the Frozen North, he awakens. To bring death upon those who disrupted his mission.

This will be the last story from me for a while.

Movie design with Transformer's Prime voice and color. (Not a toy!)

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A 'Transformers Nut', is what his friends called him, and that name spoke words of truth on many levels. Little ol' Denis O'Harra had almost everything relating to Transformers, mainly the movies. His face would spark into one of pure chaotic glee at the mention of them. As you could all probably tell, Denis was a very big fan of the robots in disguise. A very big fan indeed.

Recieving a Megatron costume for his ninth birthday had him hopping on the spot for twenty seconds straight. Denis loved the texture of the costume, it made him feel all snug on the inside as well as the outside.
The mask though, was a different story. It felt... heavy, as it were. Almost like it was made of some for of metal. Denis put it on anyway, admiring the way it fit perfectly on his little, round head.

Oh, what a grave mistake that was... but, hey! Who could blame him?

Mysteriously disappearing from his kitchen and waking up as the actual Lord Megatron himself made Denis' heart flutter... but being in the land of talking, pastel colored ponies only tended to seriously mess with the young chap's head.

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*(It is ALL set in the Pre-Banishment era if you are confused at first, and also I am NOT trying to go for the overused, cliche root. You will be surprised for what I have in store.)*

Went to Gam3rcon with my brother.
"Your going as the Chief?"
"Yeah, cooler than your costume anyway"
Bought the Holy chainsaw staff of Skorge.
"Real metal. It's made of real metal. That's cool I suppose."
It came with a Horse amulet.
"What the hell?"
Mobbed by bronies.
"This guy has an Alicorn Amulet!"
'Aw Hell No!"
Whisked into a land against my will.
"I must be in Japan, I know how random they can be..."
Become the unofficial detriment of a blue pony princess.
"Thou massacering Mongrel!"
Some holiday to Colorado this turned out to be...

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Gabriel is torn between right and wrong as he attempts to find a way a home for three mares mysteriously casted into his life. The journey will be long and unforgiving, it will test their strengths and wits. Luna, AppleJack and Rainbow will have no choice but to trust this Brotherhood Knight. But at what cost?
Original Cover Art

After thinking for about a month on writing this, I've decided I will, seeing as there are very few Castlevania fictions out there. (I have school, exams and all that crap, so don't expect chapters until breaks or holidays.)
There will be some grammer errors, so keep that in mind.
Leave a comment as to why you like the story, or dislike it. Getting feedback is good to have.

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