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A 'Transformers Nut', is what his friends called him, and that name spoke words of truth on many levels. Little ol' Denis O'Harra had almost everything relating to Transformers, mainly the movies. His face would spark into one of pure chaotic glee at the mention of them. As you could all probably tell, Denis was a very big fan of the robots in disguise. A very big fan indeed.

Recieving a Megatron costume for his ninth birthday had him hopping on the spot for twenty seconds straight. Denis loved the texture of the costume, it made him feel all snug on the inside as well as the outside.
The mask though, was a different story. It felt... heavy, as it were. Almost like it was made of some for of metal. Denis put it on anyway, admiring the way it fit perfectly on his little, round head.

Oh, what a grave mistake that was... but, hey! Who could blame him?

Mysteriously disappearing from his kitchen and waking up as the actual Lord Megatron himself made Denis' heart flutter... but being in the land of talking, pastel colored ponies only tended to seriously mess with the young chap's head.

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Comments ( 100 )

4931203 The power of Megatron compels you! *(flails arms around frantically)*

4931208 Heresy
Starscream is our only lord and savior :moustache:

4931212 I see we both compel ourselves.:moustache:

4931217 :eeyup:
nice chapter by the way , liked and fav

4931224 Thanks man! I appreciate it:twilightsmile:

....This is just cracked out enough to be original again

Why did you use THAT Megatron, why couldn't you use the actual Megatron?!

I have no words for this.

I'll like, fave and follow

4931434 I actually don't know...

4931467 Elaborate, please...?:scootangel:

4931563 Thank you!:twilightsmile:

4931212 Silence Diamond dust!

I did not follow this beacon half way across the galaxy for

Starscream praises.

All hail Megatron, The glorious leader of the Deceptions!

4931671 i don't think you had enough time to gaze at your True lord and Emperor
but don't worry , Lord Starscream is always willing to give a chance to a misguided Heretic

Now if you still choose to praise Megatron , it's your choice , as long as you're fighting the Autobots
we're on the same side :moustache:

4931706 Well if not Megatron than Megatron reborn: ALL , HAIL , GALVATRON!!!!

FEATURED!? I got fucking featured! Hell yes!

4931734 dude, they're basically same person different name. Oh and Megatron choses to face his opponents directly instead of shooting them in the back, unlike your precious Starscream.

4931738 yup nice job , may i offer you a drink to celebrate this ?

4931744 that's what we call Strategy , or bastard strategy , choose the name you like the most . But in the end , if you reach your goal , do you really need to care about how you did it ? :trollestia:
( plus you've got to admit Starscream's voice sounds funny , now i suggest we don't end up making a fight about who's the best character and why , this is not why this comment section is here for)

4931765 In awesomeness it's Megatron in comedy it's Starscream n specifically in Transformers Animated when Tom Kenny did it.

4931738 congratulation. Here's a mustache.

4931920 I have in the movie form because I don't want him too powerful, it'd make the story boring.

4931954 Dont have to use galvatron, just the first image I used, and have him transform to fight the final Boss.

4932078 :trixieshiftleft: He didn't do anything... yet!

4931997 how about the most recent galvatron?

Hmm... Looks interesting... Read later...

4932142 The guy who can turn into a cluster of nanobots? No, because he cant get hit if the author plays his cards right.

Why can't it be the actual Megatron in Equestria? :fluttercry:

Why must it be an OC Megatron poser?

4932237 Not a poser. He's only nine, and is a big fan of Transformers. Also, we'd all know what'd happen if the actual Megatron was there.:unsuresweetie:

Just be grateful that it's not a teen going to a convention.

I meant the megatron from the Michael bay verse. This one won't do anything wrong either...

4931434 Do you mean the kid as Megatron?:unsuresweetie:
We all know what'd the ACTUAL Megatron would do. So I chose the most interesting path to take. It's not gonna be all sunshine and rainbows for Denis, he'll have to learn to survive without his parents to help him. He's going to be all alone in a world where everything is against him. I took the more interesting route and more viable one.

4932258 But it's not a real crossover if it's only a kid dressed as a character! :fluttershbad:

4932585 Still, tis interesting seeing as he has to strengthen his will and control his emotions. He's going to keep losing more of more his innocent nature as the story continues.

4931467 I don't know if that's a compliment or not...

4932595 :fluttershysad:

Sorry mate, but why couldn't it just be the kid then? What's the relevance of having him dressed as a character if not to get that crossover tag? :applejackunsure:

4932630 It was just an idea that's been bugging me for a while:applejackunsure: He was unfortunate enough to gain a place on the chess board. (Now I won't be spoiling). I also wanted to bring back originality to the League of Humanity.

4932630 I'll be adding certain things from the TF universe. That's why I have the crossover tag. Remember the shard that was left on the floor?

4932796 PRAISE THE ALL-SPARK!!!!!!!!!!!!(If it really is the small piece from Revenge of the Fallen)

4932436 No, I mean using the shitty Bay Megatron, as opposed the the real Megatron from the 80s cartoon.

4932952 You Cheeky Dick Waffle!!!

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