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Everypony knows the name DJ PON-3. She's the most famous—or infamous, depending on your social circle—DJ in Equestria. She's loud, she's crude, she likes to party. Everywhere she goes, fun follows. She has ponies worshiping the ground she walks on, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Or would she?

Everyone has a facade hiding who they really are underneath, and every facade has a weak point. The time has come for the true Vinyl Scratch to be revealed to the world, whether she likes it or not.

A collaboration with my good friend Auramane.

EDIT (10:47 PM 6/3/14) : Popular box! You have all made my entire week! Much love! <3


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Not a fan of sad fics, but I am a fan of Vinyl Scratch. Lovin' it.

Fuckin digging it, can't wait to see the next chapter.

Also what is this!? A Vinyl fic that doesn't have Octavia shipped with her! don't get me wrong I like the ship but...I like it when someone does something new.

Enjoying the fic so far and eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

Danke schön.

It's my first attempt at a sadfic, and it's Auramane's too. Hope we don't disappoint.

Err. . . you see. . . LOOK OVER THERE!


Hopefully we can get the next chapter out in not too long. AM's got a lot of tests coming up, so a lot of the writing burden will be on me (so no change there :P). We're trying to make the next chapter a bit longer.


Sorry, I couldn't resist. :twilightsheepish:

That is a brilliant song, I have to say. Thanks for the link. Lemme drop you one (that totally didn't influence the name at all :rainbowderp:) in return.


4496371 Eh, like I said I actually love the ship so, if you go Taviscratch I won't complain.:pinkiesmile:

I'm thinking it was kinda a "tavi, one of these days you gonna get mare slapped and I ain't gonna do a thing about it" moment

Not a bad start... BUT... Vinyls eyes are red not purple :facehoof:

A drunk Scratch? Sounds intriguing, give us more. :trixieshiftright:

What is Vinyl's facade?

I did something new. Any tastes for VinylxHuman romance?

4500006 Yeah sure lay it on me.

Linked the same song up above.


Comment posted by Bread Shot deleted Jun 6th, 2014
Comment posted by Bread Shot deleted Jun 6th, 2014

4502521 FUCK!
4496608 Y U NO MUSIC VIDEO!?

4499250 have a look at the pinkie rap i think they are red..

You know, I was just going to leave this alone. I'm convinced, you're convinced, and neither of us are going to do anything but blow hot air at each other since the human brain isn't programmed to want to be right, it's programmed to think it's right already.

However, all that being said, I decided to look up what is as close to the official Word of God on this, and found something interesting. We're both wrong.

That being said, I know that you'll stick to your guns, and I mine, since a pale yellow Vinyl Scratch with pink eyes would be unrecognizable to 99% of the fandom.


Haha! Genius. I love the portrayal of Octavia being so inconsiderate and fake... Most have her being the mature one. It's always nice to see it the other way round for once. Keep up the good work and do update again!

Is it wrong to say that I was waiting for someone to have Vinyl beat the crap out of Octavia for insulting her music? :twilightsheepish:

Disappointingly short for the amount of time I had to wait. Still good though.


I plan on it. Also remember that nothing, nothing is what it seems at first glance. Don't trust anything, let alone your expectations. Nothing is sacred to us, especially fanon.


I wouldn't say, but some might.


Two weeks is a long time? Son, try following Blue Angel. We waited a year for our update. You could also try following A Starlit Path, where we waited months between updates just for the guy to cancel it because it was "too much effort to put into a fan work." Two weeks ain't no thing.

That being said, hopefully we'll get the next one out as fast or faster, but with life as unpredictable as it is, I make no promises.


Nice chapter. I'm eager to see Tavi learn that she's being a donkey's ass, and stop being a tard. After all insulting a persons entire life and livelihood just because you're ignorant (which Tavi is. Although whether it's because she's never seen the hard work that goes behind it, or she's willfully ignorant (thus making her as prejudice as a tribalist) has yet to be seen) is something that deserves physical retribution so she got what she deserved.

That being said, awesome. I really want to give Vinyl a hug in this fic though. She needs some love.

Good fic I love it keep up the great work. Can't wait to read more.

Wouldn't go that far but I won't lie I greatly find it amusing how she acted all tough and got her flank throw down a flight of stairs, priceless. Hope she didn't break anything.

Though I really like the Octavia that keeps face hoofing or smacking Vinyl in the head when ever she says or does something stupid.

Interesting chapter! Octavia shouldn't do that, but I wonder if she will. Can't wait for more!

You have piqued my intetest

Yup looks good... hope this updates soon while my interest is still good lol
No really take your time I prefer good chapters over quick crapy chapters

I bet Octavia will dance. :yay: But I thinking I see one problem coming her way if she does. I hope anyways. lol :pinkiecrazy:

I like this story, it's more or less how I think they are.
I also hope you keep up the good work, can't wait for the next chapters!

Nice this is a great story.

So, I could moderately assume so based on the evidence of the character tags and the romance tag, but is this gonna be OctaScratch? Usually I'm able to tell by looking at the groups a story is in, but I'm unsure here.

This is going to make me sound like a complete asshole...
It has been around three and a half months since this story was started and only 7,813 words have been put out, don't get me wrong it's a fantastic story so far but I want more...

I'm sorry...:fluttercry:


With my busy summer, starting my freshman year of college, and getting a part-time job, I have been pretty busy. Add to that the progress I'm trying to make on my other stories, and it's slowed down a lot. Auramane's been pretty busy as well from what I understand. We are progressing on the story, just not as fast as we (or any of you) would like.

Also, don't feel bad for giving me a poke. I have a bad habit of getting distracted for days when something grabs my attention enough. It's also nice to know that someone likes this story enough to inquire about the next chapter.


Yeah, I've been a bit busy. Mostly just other obligations getting in the way or just plain being lazy whenever I set aside some time to write. :ajsleepy:

When my midterm break rolls around, I'll be trying to set aside some time to write every day, but until then, my schedule and laziness will fight until their last breath

Looking forward for the next update on this amazing story.
If I'm right about this story's plot, then Vinyl will go out for a dance to help clear her head, and she chooses an attractive certain grey mare (who is simply there as a favor for a friend) to be her partner, neither realizing who the other is until after the dance.

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