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An ancient evil awakens, bringing a close to a thousand-year cycle. Hundreds of millions of years have passed since the first time this ancient Malevolence walked the earth, bringing with It the first feelings of true Fear. The very laws of reality bend and break in Its presence. Terror charges before It, and drives away all but the foolhardy. Those that run do so until they collapse of exhaustion. Those that remain fare worse, for where It walks, insanity follows. What It wants is a mystery. Where It’s going, unknown.

Unfortunately, the reality-warping nature of the Malevolence causes one of Rarity’s spells to go awry, trapping her in an unconventional prison of space and time rather than stone and metal. With the return of the Malevolence on the horizon, she has one week to fix what has been broken and stop It, once and for all. If she fails, she has to do it over, and over, and over again.

Oh, and she has no magic. No pressure.

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Everypony knows the name DJ PON-3. She's the most famous—or infamous, depending on your social circle—DJ in Equestria. She's loud, she's crude, she likes to party. Everywhere she goes, fun follows. She has ponies worshiping the ground she walks on, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Or would she?

Everyone has a facade hiding who they really are underneath, and every facade has a weak point. The time has come for the true Vinyl Scratch to be revealed to the world, whether she likes it or not.

A collaboration with my good friend Auramane.

EDIT (10:47 PM 6/3/14) : Popular box! You have all made my entire week! Much love! <3


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A winged self-exile from the northern mountains
A lighthearted paladin-to-be hiding a dark past behind her smile
A healer that heals all, caring not for good or evil
A spy in training who is at the beginning of a conflict with her own nature
A traumatized summoner with great gifts, but not the courage to use them fully
A force mage who's never left the safety of her master's tower

These six will gather under the banner of the virtuous Light One to confront the growing strength of the corrupted army of the evil Dark One. Along the way they will learn about themselves and each other, and gather a motley crew of the virtuous, borderline-villains, and everything in between to finally defeat the Dark One.

But will it be that easy? Can the Dark One truly be killed? And why is the Light One so hesitant to mount an offensive against the Dark One?

Only time will tell.

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Welcome to Manticores, Crushes, and Alcohol! Features include (but are not limited to):
—Be entranced as a new side of the story of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic as a previously unknown character deals with , well, manticores, crushes, and alcohol.
—Watch as our protagonist bumbles is way through courtship, making progress—just not where he wanted it.
—Join his friends as they reveal both new characters and previously unseen sides of fan favorite ponies.
—Live life the way you always wanted to: skipping all the boring parts and getting right into the fun ones.
—See a new viewpoint of Ponyville, including never-before-seen areas.

Introducing new content, such as:
—Change, a drunkard who has unexpected talents.
—Streak, our main protagonist
—Change's Pad, where our protagonists live.
—Berry's Bar, the bar where Berry Punch plies her craft. and the location of many events.

See sides of characters previously shielded by Hasbro! Some of these characters are:
—Rainbow Dash
—Ditsy "Derpy" Doo
—Berry Punch
—The Bullies from Rainbow's Past

All this and more, all in one neat package. I can't offer this for free forever, so act fast, before the price goes up! You won't regret it!

AN: This story will be updated only as fast as I can write and my prereader can preread, but never more than once a day. I also have another story I'm putting out weekly updates for, so I might update twice in as many days, or it might take me a month. I want to have this caught up by the end of season four, though.

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Twilight saw a strange stallion that came into Ponyville. One that came every week and nopony seemed to talk with. She made it her job to greet this strange stallion, but things didn't work how she thought they would. When he comes to the village with a nearly-dead stallion from the Everfree, he just raises more questions. Questions that seem to have a link to Celestia. Worse, this stallion has a whole host of issues caused by a past nopony that knows about wants to talk about. What happened to him, and what issues does he carry?

Then Shining Armor stumbles ass over teakettle into this stallion's largest problem. Now he has to try and fix what he caused while avoiding anypony knowing that it's there, for his sake and the sake of the stallion.

Oh, yeah, then Cadance shows up. Things get pretty interesting.

AN: This is story is not guaranteed to update. I might cancel at any moment, fair warning.

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Formerly Lost Time Series
Book descriptions past book one will contain spoilers, so be warned.

1: Memories of a Lost Time
Streak was only sixteen when Discord betrayed his fellow immortals and tried to take over the world. He joined the army, where he quickly rose in the ranks, eventually becoming the general of the United Equestrian Armies. He had led his troops to victory, becoming the most respected pony in Equestria. That all changed when he was betrayed by his closest allies. He was wiped from the history books and the war he spent five years fighting was erased from memory.

One thousand years later, he pulls himself out of a realm of nothingness called the Void to find the world he worked so hard to help create has fallen completely under the control of one of his former allies. Now on top of being forced to deal with distrust to and from new allies, worry about betrayal again, and being faced with the fact that even he's not immune to love, he also has to deal with an embarrassing new phobia. Whatever it takes to kill the one who betrayed him.

But how will Streak prevail, and even if he does, will he fall deeper and deeper into his darkness, becoming the very monster he seeks to destroy? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain.

Streak will have his revenge.

2: Flight From Memories
Formerly Vengeance From a Lost Time
Celestia had been exposed and stripped of her power. Due to a clever use of Cadance’s spellcraft, every pony, griffon, and minotaur in every city in Equestria knew Celestia for the monster she was. Streak had won. He even managed to survive winning, despite his fears otherwise.

Or so he thought. He left Celestia’s ultimate fate up to the Bearers, which proved to be a fatal mistake. Celestia was spared, given a second chance as a magic-less version of herself, and within days sent an assassin after him, who was successful at slaying the former general. With his consciousness back in the Void, this time as an insider instead of an intruder, Streak learned how to harness his new demon form.

Unknown to him, his death caused a rift in the Bearers. His body was never found, since technically it was not really there in the first place, which led Rainbow Dash to convince herself that he was only missing. She grew resentful as the other bearers, one by one, stopped looking for Streak. When Twilight gave up the search, it was the final straw. Rainbow started an argument that wiped any trace of their friendship from all their thoughts and actions, going so far as to threaten Twilight were she to ever talk to her again.

After two years of animosity, Rarity had had enough. She brought the two of them together to try and rekindle their friendship. This proved to be a horrible decision, ending with Rainbow Dash in jail awaiting trial for attempted murder and Twilight in the hospital. All the while, Celestia was continuing her vile deeds behind everyone’s back. Coupled with the neighboring Griffon Empire closing their borders, to ponies only, without so much as a word as to why, lends itself to a tumultuous landscape for Streak’s return. A return facilitated by one of the the most unlikely sources.

3: Recurring Memories
Starswirl has returned to Equestria, somehow. On top of this, Changelings have moved in and are attempting to do. . . something. Nopony is sure what. To make Streak's life even harder, his daughter doesn't want him to go running through the countryside looking for either party, instead choosing to remain in Ponyville and attempt a normal life.

How will Streak cope with being a civilian now? No more fighting, no more killing, just sitting in town and having a job somewhere normal. Can he even get a job after losing his cutie mark when he transformed into a demon, or is he doomed to joblessness?

On top of this, Twilight is sure to not be happy with the duo, Rarity will have some kind of issues after being held prisoner by changelings, and Star is starting to feel funny around Sweetie Belle. As if his life wasn't hard enough, he starts feeling an urge he hasn't felt in a thousand years. He wants to hurt something, bad.

All in a day's work for Equestria's only remaining professional soldier, right?

4: In His Memory
Streak is dead. He died with a part of the city of Manehattan, but his sacrifice saved the rest of the doomed city.

He left behind Star, however, and she isn't happy that he's gone. Doubly so since Starswirl is the one responsible. Armed with a secret and versatile form of magic used only by the royal guard's War Mages, she sets off to indiscriminately slaughter those responsible for the Manehattan Incident, starting with Starswirl. But has she bit off more than she can chew? How can anyone hope to defeat the former Bearer of Magic in his own element?

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