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Featherweight keeps saying he saw this thing running around the forest....he claims it looks like a pony, but it only walks on its hind legs. I don't believe him.
But when I'm sleeping over at Thunderlane's house during a thunderstorm...well, let's just say...I think I'm more inclined to believe him now...

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so equastrian girl like pony human?

4144606 You'll just have to find out, won't you? :trixieshiftright: Sorry for the avoidance, I don't want to give too much away, glad you enjoyed it!

loved this fanfic!:rainbowlaugh:

4150647 Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it :pinkiehappy:
Can you tell me what you liked about it?

Don't apologize for cliff hangers! They're what make readers excited for new chapters.

4151299 What I like most is the story, very engaging

Lolz more pwease

It's beautiful plz more! :fluttercry: MORE:flutterrage:

You're forgetting to add punctuation marks at the end of spoken lines, mate. You can't close them with the quote alone.

Wait a second, how come doesn't Thunderlane find the anthro's chestboobs even the slightest bit weird? Normal mares have their teats on their lower bellies after all. The way I see it, that last part should have remarked quite heavily on that.

Again, no remarks of the chest-placed teats on a semi-pony body. And we're talking about Fluttershy, the stand-in vet.
You're gonna have to address this, pal.

4390509 You're welcome :twilightsmile:
FSR the site bot didn't mail your reply to me.

I've been waiting for so long:pinkiesad2 and it's perfect.

4536537 Well, thank you :pinkiesmile: I'm sorry you had to wait, writer's block is difficult...

6304124 Yeah, I typed a bunch more than that, hit submit and that's all that showed up, and I'm too tired to put everything into it again.

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