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Comment posted by Polymon deleted Feb 22nd, 2014

Please Sir, can I have some more?

moar now please..including him at the convention with his girlfriend, I liked that part.

Looking good. Also is Devin now a female? Also I think it would of been better the ponies didnt know anything about him like the princesses decided to erase him/her from history. And his/her statue prison was only known as a representation of destruction.

I'm not sure you're using terms correctly...

"Coming out of the closet": Revealing one's self as homosexual.
Transgendered: Medically altered to have the "tackle" of the other gender.
Crossdressing (or transvestite): Man in women's clothing, or vice-versa.

That said, it might be intentional, as each was used in dialogue.


Transgendered is an umbrella term used for Transexuals, cross dressers, transvestites and few more.

3988066 Fair enough. I was mixing it up with "transsexual".

I'll give you a like if you keep this story updated in a timely manner.:ajsmug:


I think you're right. I'm going to fix first chapter so that Cheerilee doesn't know about Halibel.

One hundred and seventeen numbers? Hmm... I see what you did there.

[chuckling intensifies]

This is awesome. :heart: Why? Well;
A. Transgender Protagonist. Ballsy (no pun intended). I like it.
B. Bleach is Bleach. 'nough said.
C. Tier Harribel is Best Arrancar
D. Neither Discord nor Celestia are the "good guys". Nice gray area.
E. Discord quotes Robot Chicken, because of yes.

Keep on Keepin' on good sir.:moustache:

This will be interesting...:applejackconfused:

Why must female anime characters wear such little armor?! Do they get their strength from nudity?!


so......nudity makes you stronger on this planet huh



That is the rule of all anime! Bigger chest less clothes = More Powerful

Dont forget a tsundre backstory!

3993142 I was quoting team four star dagonball z abridged

I hope first chapter was good for you guys.

Chapter is nice, you are not. You will abandon this as other storys.


I don't abandon my stories it just takes me forever to write them.


No, we just wear weighted training clothes.

oh...of course, because that would be ridiculous.


Well shit that escalated quickly

Nice chapter. Readable if imagine all thing as an anime.

Very nice so far, kind of sad you didn't have a character do Coyote Stark or Baraggan Louisenbairn, that would be fun to see all three of the top Espada out for vengeance. Still I can't wait for our current Espada to find freedom and justice and then...

That type of brony described in this really creep me out.

W8-w8. She came back into "Bleach" dimension, where she is officialy dead?

Not quite sure I like where this is going. This fic is going great and still is so far. I guess I'm just gonna have to wait and see where this goes.


But if you would like, tell me your thoughts on the latest chapter.

so did "she" have gender issue's being a turn into an actual girl at first girl trouble and all? being a guy who intouch with there female side is kind of a different thing then being a female time of blood and care...."blush"
o do hallow exist in her home or is it lonely place?
o man I just thought of something generation gap and culture change how much has change really for her is her memory fragmented like it there but fuzzy due to time kind of thing or did she keep them intact because of discord? I wonder how the princess would feel once realize she was awake the whole time in stone aware of her surroundings I bet she heard a lot of what happen around by pony gossiping like a lot.

4018914 It's more of a personal preference thing really. I like the chapter and the story overall but I'm just wondering about some things like the guy that got fried. I just want to see what landed Haribel in stone. Until then though keep up the good work.

be in piece


'Gassly Gorge'

Ghastly Gorge

Interesting, and what will our dear Espada do in Hueco Mundo. The plot thickens!

4018955 I think it had something to do with the fact she hurt ponies a lot without meaning to and fact she doesn't know how to use or control her powers accident and earth shattering tragedy struck a lot around her like that guard accidental death she so powerful that she accidently killed and hurt a lot of things without meaning to unknowingly causing so she was considered a walking force of nature and in the end the princesses felt it was the right thing to do In the end considered to dangerous to wonder free around the world a danger to society and the world at large because she to dangerous to leave uncheck in the end like a super weapon that can't be controlled so lock and guard happen.
well that my guess to what happen to her eventually to her stoning.

4019453 Indeed. Given the scale of the energies thrown around in Bleach, it would be unsurprising if a well-intentioned action (hit Sombra, for example) wiped out a city... on the opposite side of a mountain. After all, by the end of the first series, Ichigo was destroying distant mountains -- by accident -- while parrying Aizen's blows.

This is... confusing. Why couldn't Harribel just be Harribel instead of a transgendered boy wearing a costume? I think the story would have a considerable amount more consistency to it if this was the case.

That said, I am enjoying it. It's well-written and I'm eager to see what happens next. But yeah... confusing.

4019926 If a guy want to dess/cosplay as female and can actually pull it off I see don't see anything wrong with it

Why couldn't Harribel just be Harribel instead of a transgendered boy wearing a costume?

Something to do with gender identity? Could add more depth to the story if anything...

so does "harribel" really think she is harribel or has he just been in her form for so long that she thinks she is a she? also the way she got out was kind of stupid I would of liked it better if maybe some animals were chasing each other and made her statue form fall over which in turn cased a crack that she could use to make her spiritual pressure break her free.

Sorry but I can't resist putting this up:

nice chapter by the way also about that whole intolerant thing, what the fuck is up with people. Don't get me wrong I don't get why a guy would want to wear high heels but that doesn't mean I will ridicule them for it. I have worn high heels once (for a play) and it sucked. So if you can rock em' man go for it. Meanwhile I will be cringing at the memories. So wear em' proud...LIKE A BOSS!

Hell if I was in her shoes I would either bring out an army of Menos and have them invade Equestria or find my Fraccion and send them there and attack the princesses to send a message not to fuck with me.

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