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Jack of all trades, master of none. I've got too many ideas and not enough time, so expect few updates on a bunch of stories.


We're not what you would call 'socially attuned.' Hell, we barely ever leave our room, and we were happy like that. We had our games to keep us happy. Our friends, however, talked us into attending Comic Con this year, so we decided to dress as Dust, from Dust: An Elysian Tail, one of our favourite games.

Unfortunately, the one time that we are pulled out of our town is the one time that shit goes down, just as we had expected. Now we're all separated and being hunted by ponies that care little for things like due process and thinking shit through.

Luckily, despite being separated, we still have each other. Kind of.

Bandwagon time.

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Bandwagon time.

...this is a LoHAV story, isn't it?

cant see why this story has so many dislikes thus far, good grammar, a bit rushed and cliched but our hero/villian is not that bad and you can really understand why he is mad at celestia and luna.
keep it up, im sure it will get better later.

i thought that was obvious, what with the cosplayer dressed up as some hero/villian from some game goes to equestria trend that has been going on the last few days.

I was referencing him saying that he's joining the bandwagon, aka writing yet another one of these stories. It is rather clear that this is a LoHAV fic.

YES. ive been waiting forever for a dust fic. thank you very much
*Edit- Please ignore the upper half, i got a bit excited.
After reading this i have two things to comment on.
1. I like your characters (videogame and story ones) they seem to be pretty well rounded.
2. I think your reason for his imprisonment is pretty flimsy. In my mind. 'Tia and luna would at least give a chance to explain himself.
Also don't be discouraged about the down votes, keep up the good work, and may your days be filled with warm breezes.

I like it. It's just a little sudden, that's all. And I'm glad to see Cellis still a bitch.

At first I was wondering what the hell LoHAV stood for. Then I thought I might get my answer if I look at the Groups tag, and lo and behold, it stands for "League of Humans Acting Villainous." :twilightblush:


I think that one of the primary reasons for the dislikes is that Dust is an anthro/furry, though that's just a theory.

I think it's adorable that Ashley became Fidget and badass that Richard became Ahrah. Perhaps they will represent the good and bad.
Also, was it a mistake that we didn't catch his name. Or did I miss read?


Well, there goes the food money. Richard grumbled.

and they didnt eat for a thousand years

Comment posted by val deleted Feb 24th, 2014

Hmm, it's OK I loved Dust, and I think Fidget is adorable. that and I happen to like furry.


I don't think I did mention Dust's former name. That was more of an oversight on my part than anything else. I'll go pop it in there somewhere.

3994622 Yes no maybe...I don't know can you repeat the question?

3994853 Nice little picture, it goes with your name. Heh

What a surprise, story of human getting switched to anthro and dumped in Equus that not only works, but holds promise for being a good read?!
Nothing to see here, I will steal all of the awesome from the rest of the world!

3993452 Sir eldrazi really...............:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

A crossover of one of my favorite games?

Oh wait, it's following that Cosplaying Crossover/HiE trend where the main character is treated as a villain?

That was surprisingly different.

3999783 Meh. You take what you can get.

3999783 Now I know how people felt when that whole 'Chess Game of the Gods' (that I actually kinda liked) type of story was in its prime.

3999783 then do a crossover yourself you arse.

But the whole point of it was the make it the biggest world building collab ever, and they did a pretty damn good job of it. Most of these stories are separate obviously, and are done pretty poorly. I read this story a little bit, and can see it's not one of those bad ones, but there's seriously way too many of them to consider the whole trend as a good thing.

Mostly the whole entire plot about a human gaining powers simply from a "regular" costume and then going to Equestria as that character is weak. You might as well get subtract the OC Human out of the equation and make it simply a crossover.

Sorry. I don't write crossovers and you ain't my mum.


I think it's become such a huge fad because of how relatively simple and easy it is to get into. I know that this is going to be my wind-down project for when As It Should Be gets stressful. Besides, the irony of the friendly, loving ponies hunting for someone is just too delicious to pass up.

Another factor might be the relative ease with which characters fall into themselves here. The authors don't have to design a character, just their personality, and they can basically go as wild as they want.


I've been meaning to do a Chess Game fic, but I can never get around to storyboarding it. I get to who the patron god should be and get stumped during the brainstorming phase.

A Dust crossover? :rainbowhuh: Definitely gonna read this as soon as I can.


the irony of the friendly, loving ponies hunting for someone is just too delicious to pass up.

Well at least it's not on the level on The Conversion Bureau where the ponies are terraforming the Earth and it's human population into their likeness.:facehoof:

Putting this on my watchlist, looking forward to more chapters.

And then suddenly, LoHAV fics flood fimfic

YES! I have been waiting forever for a good Dust: An Elysian Tail story

Finally got the game. Ironically, after I read this. It was gifted to me from a friend.

Comment posted by Taffer deleted Feb 27th, 2014

recently bought, played and finished this game and...well... fuck...
lets just say, update this story soon and well...
dont disapoint me or else you might have a chainsword shoved up your ass.

I'm withholding my like until I see more. Can't be too hasty.

Wonderful, I am really liking the story. There really is far to little fiction that includes Dust.

I really think you should take it easy with swearing because you use f*** every other sentence and it gets kinda distracting.

I think it's time for some Kentucky Fried Cockatrice.

Gotta say, this is kinda funny. Also, C&L really don't seem all that rational in this. Given that they zapped him as soon as he showed up without question and never let him out even after they let Discord out makes them seem pretty capricious. Possibly even malicious if they react towards his escape with hostility, given that they imprisoned him in stone for no reason other than surprise.

Agreed, dial back the reactions a bit, besides Dust was more 'damn it' and less 'fuck it' and even then only when he was angry.

3995632 You're not the boss of me!

good action sequence, and none of the ponies once dropped the F-bomb, keep it up.

fanta-tastic! (commercial placement)

4014664 Wait, we need the Equestrian equivalent of Kentucky, like Las Pegasus or Manehattan.


While I agree, recall that this isn't actually Dust, but a cosplayer dropped into the form. Still, I'll try to cut down on the f-bombs in the future.

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