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Mlp season 5 ep 17 · 4:55pm Oct 3rd, 2015

Just finished watching the newest episode. I found it hilarious of course. Heh as an experienced cd Big mac's falsetto voice was a classic to hear. Heh. But also as a brother I too know what it's like to do everything you can to be that hero your little brother or sister would look up to with shining eyes.

Even 'Pretending' to dress like a girl for them.

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Deletion. · 9:27am Jan 4th, 2015

Hi everyone, this is Spetsnaz Pinkie Pie with some stuff to say. I have decided and I think it is best if I deleted all my unfinished stories. It's not that I don't like them, hell I love them! But truth is I can't bring myself to write for them any longer.

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Eh??? What hell do I put here? · 7:47pm Oct 23rd, 2013

Well alright first blog not sure what I'm doing... anyway. I know most of you are patiently waiting for the next chapters to my stories.

Well... They are coming out soon. Except for A Flower In Command. That's been cancelled.

Anyway again, big news or small news I don't know. I have four or five one shot clop fictions coming out soon. All straight. Of course if you know me or read some of the stuff I write on stories or blogs or pages whatever, that I hate F/F with a damn passion.

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