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I really need to get a better one of these. I'll get around to that... sometime.


This is Equestria. But something went differently this time. The Everfree is even more out of control, and has become a breeding ground and nesting place for thousands of dangerous creatures. With so many new threats constantly changing, evolving in the darkness, no one knows what the next monster could be capable of. In such a world, the Unknown means Danger.

Meet Pinkie Pie. She's an earth pony who likes parties and making everyone smile. She's very, very good at it.

That's a bad thing.

You see, some of the things she does are... strange. Unnatural. Sure, parties may be her special talent, but that doesn't explain where she got a cannon that can decorate a room. And it doesn't stop at parties. There's something unnatural about that mare. No one can explain it.

Pinkie Pie is an Unknown.

Unknowns are dangerous.

Princess Celestia has taken the poor pony under her wing, and raised her away from unfriendly eyes, allowing her to live what approaches a normal life. Soon, Pinkie will be reintroduced to the world at large, starting with a little town called Ponyville, on the day of the one-thousandth Summer Sun Celebration.

Let's see how that goes.

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Backstory! Drama! Tears!

And so it begins.

Not a bad beginning. :twilightsmile:

Glad you like it! I'll try to make the rest of the story just as entertaining.

Ohh hey, now I'll have read one story where they become Celestia's personal student for each member of the mane six! And also Spike and Vinyl of all ponies.

Okay, my interest has been grabbed and throttled. Guess I'm here to stay! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

3975562 I didn't read this.
Spike and vinyl what?


A story where Spike and or Vinyl were Celestia's personal student.


Here's the vinyl one:



I can't seem to find the spike one, since I didn't favorite it, but it was featured like over a year ago.

Looking promising! I'm curious to see what direction you'll take it in.

I was going to do this same idea as a collab with RainbowBob :rainbowkiss: Therefore it is a good idea by default. Faved.

Wow. Such a positive response! I'm touched. Thank you guys so much. I hope I'll be able to make a story that entertains you.

Ponyville is a different place here, and not just because Pinkie wasn't there to cheer everyone up. The Everfree is a bigger, more dangerous place than ever before, and many ponies lives have changed to accommodate that. These differences, and how they are connected to each other, are going to be a large part of what this story is about.

Sparkly cards for everyone! Whee!

Nightmare moon shall get a pie to the face!

Well, I can safely say that this story makes me :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:.

This is interesting! I don't think I've ever read a story with one of the other Mane 6 being mentored by Princess Celestia. Only Fluttershy. But would they still have the same elements?

3986203 Never. Only Fluttershy in The White Mare. But I'm not so sure how much I'll like it. I'll still check it out.

I'm enjoying this story a lot! I kind of wonder what Pinkie learned as the student to Celestia... :twilightsmile:


Haha, there are more than a few of them out there. I've seen, at least, Rarity, Dash, Fluttershy and, of course, Twilight. Still, this is a first for Pinkie Pie!

3987431 An Applejack one would be really cool. Can you give me a link to one for Applejack and one for Rarity?

Rarity as Celestia's Student

I don't have one for Applejack...sadly. I've never seen one. I wouldn't be surprised if there was one out there, though.

3987480 I suppose it would be very difficult to work with Applejack. I mean, how would Celestia find her and what could she even teach her? For that matter, what would Celestia teach Pinkie? And thanks for the Rarity story.

Oh, don't be silly. Where there is a will, there is a way. I just think that Applejack's persona is so tightly tied to Ponyville, that the idea of her having spent a ton of time not in Ponyville while growing up would be weird...although the story I just linked you does explore it a bit.

...now I'm kinda thinking that I might have read an Applejack as Celestia's student a long time ago...although I could just be making that up in my head. :twilightblush:

3987509 Maybe searching Celestia, Applejack, and Alternate Universe tags will work. I'll tell you if I find one.

Haha, okay. Let me know then!


If neither of you had any success finding a story with Applejack as Celestia's student, then here you go:

Seeds, by SaintAbsol

I highly recommend it, even though it doesn't update very often.

Haha, thank you sir and/or madam. I am enjoyed by the inclusion of Applejack as the personal student of Princess Celestia in some story on this site. I'll read this story probably later tonight, just to get a feel of the Applejack student form.

3989576 Thank you so much! I hadn't found anything under any tags so I was searching all the Applejack stories. This saved me a lot of hard work. Thanks again!!


which ones had Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy?


At this point I have to seriously raise the question of "Why haven't the surrounding towns banded together and burned the forest to the ground yet?"

Look at that pony. So worried about their beloved little sister.

A little break, before the party happens and things go down. Just setting things up a bit.

This is good. The dialog felt real and unrushed and gave good info. 5 points.

“If the sun does not rise today,” she said, slowly, “if tonight is the last night, for all of eternity... Then Pinkie deserves to spend it outside of the castle, for once. With everypony else, having one of the parties she loves so much.”

Damn, that's pretty heavy. Celestia has either forgotten about the Elements, or she's convinced that there is no way they will be there to stop Nightmare Moon the second time.

Either way, things are definitely looking more dramatic. :pinkiesad2:

Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Five points! Awesome!
Yeah, that's what I was trying to go for. A realistic conversation that Celestia might have had while brooding on her sister's return that also helped set up the readers for when it actually happens.

Well, the Princess isn't telling everything right now. Notice that she never mentions her relation to Luna when she tells the story. It's all very detached.

Celestia is at the point where she's made all the preparations she can, and now all she can do is wait for things to happen. That's a kind of time where someone can start to dwell on everything that could go wrong. She's not given up yet, but she's still worried about the very real worst possible outcome.

That's why she wanted to talk to someone. To come to grips with what's about to happen.

Celestia is kind of a downer. Get her some cake, stat!


Right. Conservation of detail, between the lines and all that. :twilightblush:

Disregarding my relative failure at interpretation, it's still a very good scene. You're doing really well, is the gist of it. So you just keep that up.

4017483 Since this was a short chapter, can we get the next chapter soon? :pinkiegasp:


Ha ha! Maybe. I have something written out for it, but I'm going to have to change it a bit before it's ready to post.

4019250 Soon. Make a Pinkie Promise for soon. :pinkiegasp:

This chapter originally had a much lighter ending. It got changed in order to better lead into the overall plot arc, but that resulted in a rather amusing exchange being lost from the final version. Admittedly, it's out of character, but I thought it was funny. So, I figured I'd include it here in the comments.

There was the sound of thunder, mixed with the peal of rich, feminine, ominous laughter. And as the light slowly filtered back into the room, everyone could see the striking figure there on the stage: a pony of midnight black, tall as a horse, with wings and horn both, and a flowing mane alike to the night itself.

A Princess.

“Princess Celestia!” Pinkie cheered. “Oh, thank goodness you're here. You look different somehow... Wait! Don't tell me! Have you lost weight?”

The figure blinked. “Why yes, I have! Thank you for noticing. If there is one good thing about being forced to sustain myself solely on my own divine powers for a thousand years in the cold, inky blackness of space, it's that I've never been slimmer.”

Quick! Throw a pie at her!

The glitter was a bit much, but her student's cheer and excitement shone through in the way the words were written. The playful loops and swirls almost suggested the very tone of voice she would have used, had she been there, saying it in person.

This is good characterization -- you're showing someone's personality in their writing, and even the non-text aspects of the message. This is interesting, as I'm writing something right now which I may succeed in finishing today (the second chapter of Corruption at Nightfall) in which I'm attempting something similar as a minor effect.

Of course, Pinkie's personality is naturally extreme. :pinkiehappy:

“Was that the time when your fellow guards tried to spike the punch, and Pinkie ended up drinking the whole bowl to keep anyone else from getting drunk?”

I can so easily see Pinkie doing something like that.

“No reason,” she said at last. “I just wanted to talk about things. Little things. Important things, like that. Things that shouldn't be forgotten.”

"Especially since we all might be dead in a few hours," being Celestia's unspoken thought accompanying that, I bet.

“Nightmare Night and the Summer Sun Celebration used to be held on the same day, as part of the same great feast, before I changed it. Nightmare Moon may have attacked on the longest day of the year, but I wanted to be able to remember it as a happy time. So I separated the two; Nightmare Night recalls the defeat of Nightmare Moon, and the Summer Sun Celebration is just that. A celebration of the Summer Solstice.”

I like this explanation. You've unknowingly answered a question someone raised to me in e-mail, about Celestia's whole attitude toward Nightmare Night. It also makes further sense in that if Princess Luna had her own festival the obvious time for it would not have been as part of a harvest festival (the origin of our Halloweeen and probably also of their Nightmare Night before the Banishment), but on the Winter Solstice, the natural Longest Night of the Year. And I doubt that when Luna was one of the Ruling Princesses last time round anyone thought she was going to eat them if she didn't give them candy!

If the sun does not rise today,” she said, slowly, “if tonight is the last night, for all of eternity... Then Pinkie deserves to spend it outside of the castle, for once. With everypony else, having one of the parties she loves so much.”

“You'll keep her safe, your Highness,” Shining said. “You'll keep everypony safe. You'll see.”

Celestia stared up at the sky and said nothing.

The tone of this chapter is awesome. Knowing what we know, you are conveying so much of Celestia's personality here. And her statement regarding Pinkie Pie is both logically-impeccable and shows her love for her -- and what she figures Pinkie will soon have to be doing.

Really good writing!

“Considering you are my best customer, Rainbow Dash, I should assume you know that I put more than a bit of effort into every one of my products. Making feasible armor out of chimera hide is a lot of work. If I ever achieve my dream of entering the Canterlot elite, it will be because I worked at it, and for no other reason.”

It's nice to see Rarity exercising her talents even under altered circumstances.

And I bet it's really cool-looking armor, too.

Not to mention functional. :twilightsmile:

4024371 4024413

Thank you so much for your response. I couldn't stop grinning for minutes after I read it.

Conveying character was one of the main things I wanted to do in this chapter. I'm glad it worked out so well here, and I'll try to make future chapters live up to it.

I like the way in which you've shown that Pinkie's father does really love her -- even though he's not one to show it, and utterly-inadequate to the task of raising her.

He must have done a pretty good job of it in the main universe, though -- she left home young (we see her in Ponyville in the main universe as a filly inspiring the equally-young Cheese Sandwich) and yet she turned out a thoroughly decent pony. (Not an entirely sane one, but then I don't think that was ever in the cards for Pinkie Pie).

I prefer the show's version with Celestia simply missing

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