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I really need to get a better one of these. I'll get around to that... sometime.


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  • ESleeping Habits
    Rainbow Dash naps a lot. Every day, several times a day, she can be found sleeping on clouds, or in trees, or even, very rarely, in her own bed at her house. And she always seems to have so much free time. Does she ever do any work?
    Redric Carrun · 8.5k words  ·  1,027  8 · 12k views
  • TLaughter is Faith
    In a world where terrifying monsters are not constrained to the bloated Everfree, Pinkie Pie is Princess Celestia's student.
    Redric Carrun · 68k words  ·  370  6 · 4.6k views
  • TSilent Laughter
    Pinkie Pie is worried that Twilight is getting too caught up in her work. She has to convince her friend that the Great Old ones aren't all that scary. Stop thinking about them, Twilight.
    Redric Carrun · 5.5k words  ·  33  2 · 977 views
  • TBare Hooves
    Rainbow Dash wakes up in an arena where death is cheap, and the warriors of old step out of the pages of history to fight again. Now, she must fight as well – not for her life, but for her freedom.
    Redric Carrun · 4k words  ·  19  0 · 694 views