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He who overcomes shall inherit all things.


Long before the reign of the Princesses, life is hard for ponies. A single decision can change, end, or begin a whole new life.

On the night of her child's birth, one pegasus makes the fateful choice to abandon her home for the sake of love, and faces the longest night of her life as the consequences race to meet her below the clouds.

This oneshot fic was entered in the January Writeoff of The Writeoff Association and won third place.

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Comments ( 10 )

'Life was hard' works better.

Author Interviewer

Ahhh this story is so good :D

Hmm, lemme just check real quick to make sure this is still—Yep. Still awesome.

Nice work. It got me invested. It's raw and real-feeling. I was thinking it was a cheap cop-out to have Thunderhead not throw the spear at the last moment because of a war party--like he doesn't have a second to finish the job? But yes, if he's sparing her, that's something. It works all right.

What an awful guy, though. You succeeded in making me want all the earth world's comfort for Whisper.

This story is magnificent, and it saddens me to see it so tragically underrated.

Keep up the good work!

This is a fantastically written and composed story with its ebbs and flows in all the right places. Within four thousand words you have not only developed characters but a vibrant culture. Masterfully done, and look forward to a podcast review sometime late Sunday.


I just came from Neighrator's reading of this. I absolutely loved this story. It's rare that a one-shot makes me feel tension so effectively, and the characters are some of the most sympathetic and well-dimensioned I've seen in a short story.

Seriously, you have earned my sincere appreciation for this one.

Dat last two sentences doe.

Truly beautiful. I beg forgiveness that it took me so long to read it.


... I'll let it go this time.

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