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Applejacks parents never had time to play with her as a filly so she ended up spending a lot of time by herself. As a result she starts playing games with her imaginary friend "Mr. Tall."

(Side story from Slendershy I realized that this could stand as its own story and be fine, if people like it i'll expand on it)

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Despite the copious spelling errors, I liked it. Do get a prereader, though.

I really love how adorable your slendermane is ^^
One look into his eyes and even AJ would fall for him...oh wait...

Wish there were more like this. I plan on submitting a story to Creepypasta soon about an OC supernatural killer of mine, I think I'll submit him in one of my own when I get the chance.

Awesome story man. :rainbowdetermined2:

Basically a retelling of your intermittent apple chapters not a bad thing also. i would love if this continued your ever watching guest.
-the lost one


This was good.

I like it :pinkiecrazy:


- The Hungry One

3912338 I hit my head really hard during football last season. My head hasn't been the same since. I can still write but editing is difficult a little help?

be careful what you wish for :pinkiecrazy:


“Honey!”  Yelled her father running down the stairs with the shotgun.

When I first read this, I thought he said Hooray!
I re-read it, and went, why the hell would he say that?

Wow, this is just...wow. I hope for a bit more...maybe a sequel? Just wow....

3913175 there is more, check out slendershy, this is one of 12 chapters from that story

3913189 Oh I know. I'm gonna read it later. Give me a month...I have too many stories to read....

wait i don't get the pic at the end does it mean that applebloom is slender or does it mean something else?

“Aright then. See ya round then.” Said Applejack relieved.

The stallions walked out the door. Leaving Fluttershy alone with her thoughts.

It had been awhile since Applejack thought about the events leading up to her parent’s death.

Applejack is apparently also Fluttershy

Pretty good story, however, What was the point of the first part?

From what we see in the flashback, G.U.L.L. has already had extensive contact with Applejack, so why do they lie about who/what they are? and furthermore why does she seem not to know who they are? Also what do any of the questions they asked have anything to do with Mr.Tall (aside from the headaches and trouble sleeping)?

One other thing: The picture at the end. Why? there are little to no reasons given for it to be there, sure its hinted that there might be something more wrong with AB, but still....

I really in joyed this:twilightsmile: and I don't feel like I'm the only one who wants it continued one more chapter would be nice or even a multi chapter story.

Things I would like to see happen if you continue:pinkiehappy:
Applejack meeting slender mane again
Slender mane is kind to applejack
They could become good friends however applejack has to protect him from G.U.L.L
They could form a romance I guess.....and kiss!...somehow

-da best princess ever AKA princess erroria

Very good story. However, I found a few grammar errors. If possible, I could try doing a little proofreading. I'm not the best, no where near that, but I will try my hardest.

..... :twilightoops: You are automatically liked for even mentioning the elegant gory world of Slendercolt.:trixieshiftright:

This was amazing. And that ending...Woah.

The only thing I noticed was the quotation marks. They're a little out of place a few times. Still, just a nitpick. THIS STORY'S GREAT! :yay:

Seconded on the prereader.

That ending though.

Can't wait for chapter 3. :raritystarry:

when comes the chapter 3 yer story is sooooooo awsome :pinkiehappy: :ajsmug:

3929777 well you could wait a week or you can go read slender shy. is the same store but more spread out among chapters

3929806 how is this human creature relevant could we not simply be rid of it?-the lost one

Talk about a tear-about. :pinkiegasp: Slender is as brutal as ever though oddly comforting for younglings.

Sooo,that basically means,applebloom will be good at nothing and accomplish absolute failure?:applecry:

4025874 no actually this means applebloom will have her special talent but not in her but.

4068416 oh...no but tattoo for applebloom .....:rainbowlaugh:

... Im not going to be able to sleep tonight,am I?this story was still sweet ,though.:applejackconfused::applecry:

We still walk

I thinks sweet that Slendermane didn't want to see Applejack sad, does any of this relate in the other story, like when AJ sees him again?

You know I wonder how Slendermane is going to react to Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon when he sees them bullying
Applebloom for the first time.

“Her cutie mark cells were damaged beyond repair. I’m sorry your sister will never be able to get a Cutie Mark.”


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