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I write stories... Yeh...


^^^ Cover image is temp, and from google images...

In the world of Minecraftia, an evil spirit lies locked away in The Nether...

Soon, our hero finds himself in Ponyville after trying to escape from that very spirit. Only to fall...

Set after Season Three.

NOTE: We have a story group now! Ponycraft!

Rated [GORE] for violence and stuff: blood, wars, battles, wounds, evil and more... That is, of course, when the time is nigh. Also contains swearing! :P

Rated [SEX] for sex themes...

Chapters (15)
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Comments ( 79 )

sounds cool i may read it :) :pinkiesmile:

This is sooooooo good AND im a broney and i play minecraft so sweet babey this is good

Great story, I look forward to reading more.


An MLP and Minecraft fic? What could be better than this!?:raritywink:

Seeing the player troll the ponies really reminds me of Team Crafted and some other YouTubers. BTW this came up in my mind.

SkyDoesMinecraft: Aw Yeah! Friendship! Yeah! *throws budder everywhere*

Deadlox: Yay Friends! *cough*sarcasm*cough*

CaptainSparklez: We're all friends in this strange little world of blocks.

HuskyMudkipz: God kill me now.

Suggestng name for "Player", my suggestion is: Sterling.

His name in the game is steve so stay true to the game. unless u don wanna

3874978 nuthing nuthing is better exept mabye a storie im readin ( a scratch on the cello

3875497 Is there a meaning to it? Or is it just a name?

3876236 But then again, I didn't describe the player like Steve either so... I dunno.

I promise that I'll use a suggested name, but I'm going to need a wider selection before I choose. Think of something punny or something!

Well, I suggested sterling because the word can mean work of an excellent quality, which happens to tie into the ability of players in minecarft, as many people make amazing things of great quality.

Comment posted by SamMaherGamer deleted Jan 31st, 2014

3876844 very smart! I like the way you think!

3876368 well thaanks 4it i also have cubeman and survial.
cube man is just a name and survival is what hese trying to do

Comment posted by Psych5051 deleted Feb 2nd, 2014

Why not call the Player Steve? Minecraftia, Steve, they just work together.


Im writing a minecraft fanfic! If you want to check it out, I'll send you the password!

3885173 yeah, I guess I could check it out. Send me the password in the PM as well as a link to the story!

Comment posted by Psych5051 deleted Feb 2nd, 2014

Nice job man vinyl is actualy my favorite pony

3893296 Coincidence? Lets hope so. Then again, I've been having way too many coincidences happen lately... :/

Glad you enjoyed the new chapter! :D

You are way better than me in this. :twistnerd:

Won't upload tonight. Nor tomorrow. Expect a few 'long' chapters on Saturday-Sunday though

What the actual hell just happened? :rainbowhuh:

Prepare for incoming Miners. I've added you to the Minecraft group.

3924264 Sweet! Thx. I would have probably been too lazy if I had tried myself. :P

I have no idea how, but I keep finding all the Minecraft stories.

Aaaaaaaawwwwwww yea thas amazing amazing amaziiiiiiing

I feel like I'm missing something.

Wow. The likes are 6:1 dislikes... :D

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