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Twilight was having a great day. But then her teacher assigns her a 10-page essay at the last minute. Because what else is the function of a teacher other than to ruin any time you're not at school?

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Sheesh, are people starting to downvote things just becuase they have to do with peaches?
These are sad times.

I salute another limb on the great peach tree of life. Good work.

I thought this would be another peach story. Then, I fell in love with you're writing style. You mind if I join your gang of fellow followers?

I don't mind at all, my good sir. I wanted to be part of the bandwagon but still write a story with a theme, so this stuff happened. Not too bad for a day's work.


Yep. Looks like our peaches fanfics are getting about the same reception. ^_^


I'm confused, is this a peach or a pear fanfic?

I think Celestia must be getting a little psychotic after pondering the nature of Peach for a milinium if she mistakes one for the other even as she is chomping down!

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