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There once was a mare from Nantucket...

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...................I like it. :yay:

Hyperactive ball of ADD

VERY, very nice! I have to admit, the last scene, I was soooooooo waiting for the twins to start crying or something. But this was... just great, man. The sex was passionate, the emotions were real, and the comedy timing was just hilarious. For real, this is the kind of thing I point people to when I explain that a clopfic can still have weight and a real story beyond the mindless fucking.

Even though the mindless fucking really was great. :ajsmug:

Heh. That was pretty funny. I do confess to the teensiest amount of disappointment that it wasn't Pinkie x Cakes at the end though ;)

I half expected that she was doing it on purpose.

Whats a Grumpalufaguses? I don't think that's a real thing but I kinda want it to be.... also a big ole A+ to this story... though I don't think Clopfics are really my thing.

I, personally, was ecpecting her to walk in on them as they finished, and shed roll her eyes and xay something along the lines of "well, why didn't you just say you wanted to fuck? "

A Grumpalufaguses is a way to get rid of Pinkie Pie's when Twilight needs to.

Yeah, but that would have been too predictable.

That was terrific! I wanted to believe that making sure they had explosive orgasms was Pinkie's plan, or that Twilight's gift was GETTING RID of Pinkie for them. I was surprised that the ending went exactly as could be expected. It's been... a long time since a story caught me off guard at the end.

I'll admit I was hoping this would end in a threeway.
CarrotPie OTP

This was funny AND sexy! :yay:

Two words: Chastity belts.

This was great. I laughed so much (whether it was intended or not).

The line

He squeezed her rear cheeks together...

had me :rainbowlaugh: so hard and the rest of it just left me with my jaw dropped.

This was just so full of surprises that I was truly caught off guard. Thanks for the read.

I also learned something new from this story: the word "zaftig".

Builds up sexual pressure until KAZAM!!!!

Excellent story! Expert use of buildup!

Dude, nice! Ten outta ten!

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