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Heh, very interesting tale, my friend! Funny, sexy, and charming in all the best ways. And very well edited.

Let's hope they don't cast a spell on each other to prevent any and all climaxes,

Nice to see some Clean Kinky Married Sex of Twilight Velvet and Night Light. :twilightsmile:

Don Candy

Oh. Oh fuck yes.
This is going to be fantastic, I can already tell.

Good old CarcinoGeneticist recommended this one to me. I must say, I do love sex between happily married couples once in a while. It kinda' makes a change. I think this story will go far. Also, nice title

Is this fic's title and the John Candy cameo referencing the same thing? I believe so and I love it!

So far, so good. I loved the movie, so I'm sure this will be a riot.

Nice chapter, but there something you may want to edit.

Behind her, Night Lighflicked off the lights with a flash of magic.

That should be "Light flicked".

This is great stuff really. Look forward to more <3

I don't understand just how and why this isn't more popular, great start for this fic.

Me Gusta :moustache:
I've always to know more about T's parents! I like 'em!

Much like our valiant heroes, I always finish what I start. Eventually.

I haven't read your story, but you definitely have my interest. Hopefully you'll be able to finish it for us all someday. :twilightsmile:

Good to see this still plugging along, looking forward to seeing it continue.

"Asafa, la 'astatie 'an 'atakalam alearabiata! Hadha hu hrfya mjrd tarjamat al'iintarint"

You cheeky little... :trollestia:

Welcome back old friend. Glad to see this again! Very nice new chapter.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!
I get it!
Gotta read it soon!!

Their sexing woke the sand sharks?!!?!?


...that alone makes me want to read this. But I'm leery from the whole 'three years between updates' thing. Great you're updating again! I'll track this and see if it keeps growing...

It feels like they are at their horniest when the danger is coming and going at its highest.

There flights been cancelled hasn’t it

What's next falling from 900,000 ft in the air while having sex?

Thank you. This was a really nice mix of almost all my favourite things. Engrossing sex scenes, cute romance, and a pretty solid adventure plot, not to mention the surprisingly endearing original character.

It's a nice feeling to discover a fic that was long on hiatus, then suddenly completed a few days before I stumbled across it. It gives me hope for all the wayside stories sitting on my Tracking bookshelf.

I hope you're back on the horse-writing train for a while, because I'd love to see more stories out of you.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I always liked a fun story to hang my gratuitous sex scenes on, I'm glad others do too.

I haven't got any more clopfics planned at the moment as I'm busy with another story, but they've always been a bit of a spur-of-the-moment thing when hitting rough patches in other projects, so there might be more in the future!

Chapter 1, solid 100% pure palladium.
Chapter two, I had stop for almost a minute when Don Candy's name registered in my brain.
My wife and kids couldn't understand why I was just laughing...

Read or, loved it.
I did skim the clop because the story was what I've been looking for.
And I like how it didn't end like the movie it was based on because I was waiting for it, then bang, not what I was expecting.

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