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When a life is coming to an end, it is for those left behind to tell the rest of the world how that pony’s life was.
How will Octavia remember the most important mare in her life?

Pre-reading note: I recommend listening to this piece while reading.
Cello Lullaby

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Silver out!

Great story, but shouldn't it have the romance tag?:rainbowhuh:

That was the most beautiful story i've ever read... after Octavia's vivid flash back i soon realized she was at her mother's funeral and i began to well up with tears. Her speech was truly inspiring and i could see how much compassion and love was put into this story. I love the surprise ending with Vinyl proposing to 'Tavi. The imagery was immense and in depth and I must congradulate you on a story well made, and of astonishing proportions...
6 of 5 stars...

P.S. I took your advice and listened to your choice soundtrack which added to the imagery in your story excellent choice to add to the ambiance.

Well, this is pretty much what I expected to see after reading the related blog post, not as thought-provoking and refined as other stories of yours but clearly that doesn't make it bad, you certainly succeeded in making a sweet, simple and touching story (I especially enjoyed the beginning with filly Octavia, pure cuteness) and I can give it a thumbs up, no infection will ever take your talent away :raritywink:

Oh, one more thing: did psp7master read this story? He's a huge fan of Octavia and Scratch so I think he'd like this fanfic.

3234271 Ah, so you found my inspiration, was not too hard was it? :derpyderp1:
3234564 probably should, fixed now, thanks.
3235801 Glad you enjoyed my story and my choice of music.
3241228 Hehe, thanks, glad you enjoyed it. And as far as I know he has not read the story yet.

Cheers you all!

:pinkiesad2: that made me feel sad...it was beautiful and i could almost see every scene from reading it, and with the music just...*dries his eyes* couldn't hold it back

3282200 Glad you enjoyed my work! :twilightsmile:

My feels hurt I remember being at my Grammas funeral. You simade me cry

Going through my fav list and a interesting thing caught my attention. I really love these stories that have very little views. A lot of theses stories seems to be brushed off by people when in turn they have the most meaning, like this story. Everything in this story is beautifully executed a very well written piece that I think should be more noticed. I also loved how you portrayed Octavia's mother, you are the first I have seen to make Octavia's mother a loving mare and that is one thing that sucked me into this even more.:heart:

This fic needs more likes it's simply amazing :heart:

3282200 I heard that you made a picture of an oppressed from Tales of the Oppressed. Do you know where I can see it?

Beautifully written, and a great tale. TBH I thought this was Vinyl's death rather than Octavia's mother, but nonetheless it was a very deep and heart-wrenching story. Liked + faved, this was an awesome story, and you should keep up the good work.

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