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    Saif Tham often travels to Canterlot. Sometimes it’s to run errands for his brother and family, sometimes it’s a vacation. Whichever the reason, he always visits somepony dear to him.
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Politics. It’s always about gaining power and killing those that are in the way. The political scene in Saddle-Arabia stopped being about the better choices for the people a long time ago, and turned into an arena for the power hungry. Those who seek to change it are quickly dealt with, a sacrifice to keep the corrupt in power. Saif Tham hates it more than anything, but to protect his brother he needs to get involved, even if it might cost him his life someday.

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Comments ( 7 )

Quite liked this

4010879 I'm glad you enjoyed my stories, thank you for the favorite. :twilightsmile:

Well done once again! I already like Saif as a character, more fimfictions need badass stealth assassins who have the shadow as their best ally, and I like how you showed that he's not just a killing machine at the end and that he still has feelings.
Reading this kinda felt like playing a stealth video game like Thief or Dishonored (with some elements from Assassin's Creed) to me, and Saddle Arabia is always a very interesting location that deserves to be explored.
Thumbs up. :raritywink:

Love this, finally made an account to follow you, love this assassin, love love him, still needs more of me, but its alright. :trixieshiftright:

Good read! Although is he an Equestrian pegasus in Saddle Arabia or do they have pegasi all on their own? And how exactly is this related to 'A Faded Touch of Blue?'

4692794 Saddle-Arabia has pegasi on their own, most of them being in the guard force.
It's related to A Faded Touch of Blue in the way of the same universe, it is a look at the 'darker' side of the political games you so barely see in that story.
You will see the connection a little bit clearer in the sequel that is coming up.

I'm glad you enjoyed the read.

Cheers! :twilightsmile:

Obviously quite shorter than A Faded Touch of Blue, but I liked this almost just as much! Had a very Game of Thrones-esque feel to it, and I loved that about it. Your world building remains great, and if it's alright, I'm incorporating your vision for Saddle Arabia into my own head canon, so if Saddle Arabia features in any fics of mine in the future, the society may function very similarly. Saif's a very interesting character, and you've definitely got a knack for making some great OC's. Thanks for another great read, and I look forward to reading the sequel! :scootangel:

I still have a question about what your idea of who the Saddle Arabians are is? Are they ponies with the same distribution of earth/pegasi/unicorns as the Equestrians, are they biological cousins with different distribution, are they more akin to regular horses with pegasi and unicorns as well? Just one writer to another, I'm very curious is all.

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