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Pinkie Pie has been acting super-extra Pinkie-like the last few days and it's really starting to bug Rainbow Dash. After Pinkie shows up in Rainbow's house while she's brushing her teeth Rainbow decides that enough is enough. Rainbow presses Pinkie for a straight answer until she gets one.

And boy does she get one.

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This is marked as "Complete", even though it will obviously be continued. Was that just a mistake or are you planning to do one-shots for the other characters?

Anyway, it's an... interesting start, certainly. I'm not quite sure what to think of it yet, but I'll keep an eye out. I noticed that this plays after your one-shot with Twilight (which's title I'm not going to write out here, no Sir). Should we start thinking of a name for this 'verse? Meta-verse, maybe?


Isn't that the question?

What happened? What do you think happened? What did Dash learn?

3213853 Rainbow looked at the pink void and she looked back.


That 'Complete' tag may end up going away. I'm not sure yet. The cries of 'MOAR!' seem pretty unanimous, though. I want to make something clear whether this continues or not. Mystery is one of the core aspects of Pinkie's character. We don't know how or why she does what she does. There are many guesses and ideas, but they're just that. As soon as you define Pinkie's mystery she isn't a mystery anymore and her nature has been fundamentally altered.

Are you sure you want to know what Rainbow Dash knows?




Well when you put it that way, maybe I don't want to know. That way may lay madness.

My vote: Keep it a one-shot. The mystery is what makes it work, and I've seen far too many great one-shots turned into mediocre multi-chapter works.

If you want to explore the "pinkie is Lovecraftian Horror" angle a bit more, there's always the sequel option. Making it a separate story gives you the added bonus of not having to stick to the facts and events established in this one.

The cat is both alive and dead at the same time - until you observe the cat.


Unless the cat counts as an observer. In which case the cat might be in trouble.


Mm, that was more or less my original idea. Even if I do write anything further on this subject I'm hesitant about revealing the nature and cause of Pinkie's shenanigans. As said, once you reveal Pinkie's mystery her fundamental character changes. Would I be able to pull off a full-length story that explores the fallout of Pinkie's mystery without actually revealing it? I dunno, it would be tricky.

Pinkies a Draconequus! no an Alicorn! no a Changeling! ....No a,a,a :twilightangry2: physics has no meaning anymore :twilightoops:Brain shutdown

Honestly, no matter what you do, it will be dissapointing.

This is awesome. And that's coming from someone who's absolutely sick of this "side" of Pinkie Pie.

Actually explaining things will ruin this. I'm glad it's completed, and I hope you keep it that way.

edit: Wait, if you're actually planning on moving along without ever explaining anything, you'd be like, the best person in this side of the galaxy.


Hehe... The only question is would I be able to pull it off well. I might try writing a chapter or two (without posting them) just to get a feel for what I can do with the concept before I make a decision one way or the other.

My guiding principle is this. Pinkie is a mystery and should remain one. It's up to the reader, not the author, to decide who she is.

I think you could definitely pull off a story around this without ever actually directly explaining Pinkie.

Hopefully Rainbow is just trying to get advice without actually saying, and didn't try to break a heartfelt Pinkie Promise immediately after making one.

The trick to a sequal would be to make this the central issue but somehow not explain directly what it is. You would have to keep it a "noodle incident (look up Calvin and Hobbes if you don't know what that is) or as you call it the Banana Bread incident while making it the central issue.

Not sure that it can be pulled off though the concept is intriguing. It would be very difficult.


...if Dash did indeed break her promise, I'm pretty sure Pinkie would spontanously pop out of nowhere the exact instant it happened. Or possibly even right the moment before then. She seems to have the ability to be omnipresent, regardless of not only space, but also of time.

I have a hunch that she could just as well go straight into the future, see how things check out, and then come back - but choses not to do that for either of the following two reasons:

Time cannot be altered, and thus, once confirmed, Pinkie could not prevent that future from happening. (This seems to be backed up by Twilight's timetraveling episode.)

Or... Pinkie just doesn't want to get spoilers. :derpytongue2:

If Pinkie truly is some form of eldritch horror (albeit one that actually cares about individual ponies and wants to bring joy to their lives ... a benevolent Cthulhu? Huh. :derpyderp1:), then the fact that on that very day where she told Rainbow the full and complete truth - something to which Dash unmistakably reacts with complete terror - four stars went super-nova cannot be a coincidence.

When Pinkie is sad, entire stars-systems blow up. :derpyderp1:

Geeeeeez! I don't wanna know what happened on the day of the "party of one" incident! :pinkiecrazy:
She must've incinerated half a galaxy! :twilightoops:

All in all, an interesting story! I like all the different interpretations people come up with for "explaining Pinkie Pie", such as popular "Past Sins" writer PenStroke's co-author's work
"The truth about Pinkie Pie or Kwakerjak's Petriculture (Although I myself am a firm representative of the "Fourth Wall" party. :twilightsmile:)

I'd love to see a continuation! :pinkiehappy:

Possibly with different protagonists in each chapter, each of them getting sucked into trying to investigate Pinkie Pie, following the initial incident of Rainbow nearly breaking her Pinkie promise and chickening out at the last moment, possibly too scared of Pinkie Pie to try again. :rainbowderp: She could maybe drop a few very vague insights, and the fact that "Pinkie explained everything to me", but that'd be it.

But with Twilight now suffiently intrigued, and the added incentive of trying to figure out what has Rainbow so spooked, she'd get back on trying to investigate Pinkie - just in a little less direct than to follow her around everywhere. Maybe do a little research, never quite reaching a full conclusion... The end of one chapter could lead into the introduction of the protagonist of the following chapter.

You could drop of more and more hints about the scope of her abilities and how the facts about Pinkie don't seem to line up.

Ask yourself the questions exploring the implications of Pinkie being... well, whatever she is. You can keep your core ideas to yourself and never flatout say what she is or can do and why, but still somehow have the other characters stumble into all sorts of mystery related to our pink party-pony scratching at the surface of these questions. :pinkiecrazy:

Like... if she is a timeless entity, why does she have a birthday? Fluttershy said she was a year older than Pinkie - is that really true? I kinda doubt that she's a "mere mortal", if her being sad can blow up stars. How old is she? ...or, given the nature of her non-linear approach to time - when was she born? ...or is it only her body that's been born one year after Fluttershy?

Also, if Pinkie would want to "maximize happiness" in Equestria, and she can be in more than one place at a time and doesn't have any regard for distances between two points in space - then why wouldn't she also be in multiple towns at different ends of Equestria? Just far enough apart that nopony from one town would ever venture to the other. Heck, she wouldn't even need to be limited to staying in the same time period, she could cheer up ponies all throughout Equestria at different points in history. There could, at any given moment in history, be more Pinkies running about Equestria then during the mirror-pool incident.

It would be interesting to explore where her limits are. For example, Discord could affect her like any other pony. And she didn't just defeat the whole Changeling army all by herself... although it's possible that she only did so because it either would've blown her cover or she already know the outcome of the events would be preferable.

An eldritch horror usually seems to be associated with a massive giant monster. Is the body that we see her actual real form? Or could she just 'abandon' her pony-body (not that she would want to, of course), which still seems to follow at least some of the normal set of rules a regular pony-body does? (She got sick from Applejack's 'baked bads', and she had to go to the restroom in the "last roundup" episode.)

There seem to be rules, under which Pinkie Pie operated. That those are not the same rules under which everpony else operates is pretty much a given - but what are her rules?


Although... if Twilight found out the full truth herself, and it really was that terrifying as it is implied, then she'd likely want to tell Celestia... except that something would have to stop her from doing so. Either a Pinkie promise of her own, or the knowledge what the results of such an act would be. :twilightoops:
(Celestia vs Pinkie Pie ... who'd win? :pinkiecrazy:)

And Pinkie leaving a trail of terrified-out-of-their-minds ponies behind her probably wouldn't go unnoticed by the general public, spreading rumors (completely inacurate ones, of course) and such... Something tells me that would make Pinkie very sad. And that would be very, very bad. :pinkiesad2:


Actually, I'd interpreted the four supernovae as already being a nod to the "eldritch horror" hypothesis: The Stars Are Right, and all of that.

I've seen another fic (whose title escapes me for the moment) that went with the "eldritch horror" explanation as a throwaway gag. There was also an entertaining comment thread on Shadowsquirrel's DA that makes a nod to this idea - but with the Elder Things being something other than Pinkie ("So I did that thing that I do where everything goes flat except me, which lets me see across time and space to look at the Elder Things that watch us when the stars are right, which is usually on Saturdays, but only during certain seasons...").

My favourite explanation of Pinkie Pie, though, comes from one of the Scootaverse side-stories. Pinkie is powered by the Element of Laughter. To paraphrase a certain rabbit, she can do *anything she wants* - as long as it's funny.


Well, I've got one chapter written up and I'm liking the general feel of it. The basic idea is as follows. Each chapter will explore one of the myriad of explanations regarding Pinkie. I'll do my best to make each and every one of them seem like a compelling answer. With any luck this story will end with Twilight (and the readers) having more questions than they started with.

I'll put together another chapter and see how it's looking. Decide if I want to make additional chapters or just set it as a squeal. Or just drop the whole thing and leave it alone. Stay tuned, everypony!

That's my second-favorite explanation of Pinkie. By far my favorite comes from Petriculture.

A ghost? Hmm... Spike, who ya gonna call?


There is a really REALLY old story from the EQD only days where Pinkie was revealed to be an old black and white cartoon character who had come to MLP to retire.

INteresting idea to show the theories of everybody. I will have to keep reading to see where this goes.

Twilights going to come back to spike curled up in the corner constantly giggling with a colander on his head, a wooden spoon sword, a pot lid shield, and a ring of salt around himself.

Now that would be funny.

...then the door slams behind her.:twilightoops:

...Pinkie Pie scares me. Somebody get the pony versions of the Winchesters in here!

I can't wait to see more theories of what Pinkie's!

Ah yes the much beloved “left toin at Alberkookie” when Bugs was still Bugs. We had a story for a while that had Discord up against Bugs, Daffy, Yosemite Sam and others. But it died aborning, a loss to fan fic. everywhere. One of the few story lines that would have made Discord worthy of sympathy.


As far as stories that paint a sympathetic Discord go I would recommend Diary of a Pliant Tyrant. It does a wonderful job of capturing Discord's mind set and tells a very compelling tale.

ObPedant: Dash didn't promise not to tell in Chapter 1. She promised to stay Pinkie's friend. It might be worth tweaking chapter 1's dialogue to include a "don't tell" clause if you want that to be a plot point.


The promise not to repeat what she was told (ostensibly) took place off screen after Pinkie had revealed whatever she had revealed to Rainbow. There's plenty going on in this fic that the audience isn't strictly aware of. The goal is to let the readers fill in some of the blanks for themselves.

This is great fun. You capture the characters marvelously and the zany antics fit the style of the show very well, though the extensive meta-feeling and the shout-out of the latest chapter of course wouldn't happen. Good job.

You sound like you've read Pratchett.

One thing though, you miss a letter here and there, I remember once you used "though" when you meant "thought" and you shift tense a little to much. A lot of the places you shift tense, I think you should have kept to past tense. I know some sentences fit with present tense, mostly "universal truths and common knowledge" but you have quite a few sentences where it would fit better to stick with past tense. And you have at least one where you shift tense midway and that is definitely something to avoid.

Anyway, I'll have to keep an eye on this. Happy writing.


I missed that much in my editing? Bugger all, usually I do a fair bit better than that. I'll have to do another proof-read before I toss up the next chapter. Thanks for the alert on that front.

Hmm... maybe Pinkie is figment of everyponies' imagination. A mass hallucination.


That's no less crazy than anypony else's idea :derpytongue2:

3260338My bet, she is a cousin to the Warner brothers and Sister from Animaniacs

Aha! So Fluttershy was right!


Thus far it looks like everypony has been right about her.

Can Pinkie do that? Can she be all the things for all the ponies?

Or maybe there's something that ties it all together? Or maybe she's just utterly inexplicable?

A mystery, that one is :pinkiehappy:

This is getting quite entertaining. Keep up the good work‚ sir.

Oh hell.

Run, Twilight! Go to the Princess!
Soon enough, you will come to understand fear as I have. We were not meant to look beyond the veil of our reality. The veil is open.


Or maybe everyone else is a figment of Pinkie Pie's imagination.

Hmm. I am as fond of the "Pinkie Pie is an Eldritch Abomination" theory as anyone, [1] but if so she's a nice Eldritch Abomination:the bit about her stealing people's joy? SO NOT PINKIE. (Of course, Berry Punch may not be the most reliable witness).

[1] Actually only one of several possibilities I have considered, along with "descendant of Discord", "psychic mutant", "mortal incarnation of a God", and "only half Lovecraftian Horror" (those Rock-farmers and their foul rituals: they keep her twin sister locked up in the barn and fed on pigs).


There really isn't any such thing as a 'nice' or 'good' eldritch abomination. These are beings that are so wildly different from us (or ponies for that matter) that our notions of niceness and goodness have no context to them. At best you can have a 'well intentioned' eldritch abomination, but that can end up being just as awful as an actively malevolent one.

It's possible Pinkie isn't even aware of what her presence is doing to everypony around her.

Alternatively, it's just as possible that Berry Punch has completely misinterpreted the whole thing.


I stand corrected! But we've seen quite a bit of evidence in the show that Pinkie actually cares about making people happy, has feelings that can be hurt, has doubts and worries like most Ponies. Saying she's truly other is a distinctly non-canon take.

(Anyhoo, who are we to say whether Lovecraftian Horrors can't understand human concepts? You're setting limits on what is beyond human understanding: personally, I think Nyarlathotep knows exactly what it's doing when it torments human beings: it just doesn't care. :pinkiecrazy: )

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