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This story is a sequel to Breakfast with Rainbow

Thunderlane and Rainbow Dash go on a camping trip, where he plans on proposing to her. Unfortunately, Thunderlane has some some problems with the outdoor activities, including an incident where they're attacked by a bear, and he starts to feel insecure about himself. However, he is determined to prove to Rainbow, and to himself, that he's good enough to be her husband.

This is a sequel to Breakfast With Rainbow, but it still happens before Come Fly With Me.

Special thanks to Allonso Bronyguy for the cover art and the edits he did for this fic.

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Comments ( 8 )

I'm constantly surprised how these amazing, heartwarming stories of yours seem to not be able to attract much attention. Seriously, this is way better than 70% of the crap I see in the feature box.

This story.....:derpyderp2:
I like it :rainbowdetermined2:

This was very sweet. I would love to see a continuation of the wedding.

3603145 Fearture box is always the same. "A human with (insert life story here) stumbles through a portal to Equestria!"
Seriously, that's ALL it ever is. You have to DIG through the site to find good stories, like this one here and one amazing (all ponies were perfectly in-character, basically show-level depiction) story about Sweetie Belle and Button Mash I found earlier, never featured, not even once in any way

You know how much i liked your first story?
I haven't even read this and i have already liked and favorited it.
I love sequels, and i cant wait too see which direction my socks are going to fly after they have been knocked off!

This is possibly the best story i have ever read!

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