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General Soarin

Welcome to the crazy house of Soarin'! While I don't necessarily have interest in the ponies anymore, I do still dream of writing decent fics.

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3220120 Danke! Ich musste es einem Freund übersetzen lassen, aber ich bin froh dass sie dir gefällt!

So basically, unicorns are going to be the nazis? And wow, evil Twilight, or maybe evil Celestia. This is actually interesting. Hoping for the next chapter as soon as you can get it up.

3224849 Indeed. And thanks, we're working hard to get it out.


Not insulting the author, but this is a much better version of Iron Cross, if you've ever read it-I assume you have, because this is the same idea, kinda, at least. Nazi in Equestria. I can't stand Iron Cross because of the horrible writing/grammar and spelling problems. This, however, is good.

You're working hard to get it out. Good. :raritywink:

You know, my teacher whom I based the pony teacher off of caught me writing this. He said I would write a book one day...

By the way, no one has any relation or intention of Nazi Germany or it's actions.

Oh, well that is quite an Universe for a German infantryman land into.
I bet there is one question most of us has:"What happens since he shares the ideology but is not part of the dominant group?"
Oh well I was waiting for the third chapter since I saw this one so hurry up!

Comment posted by Prince Regal Prism deleted Sep 21st, 2013

By what I can tell Celestia's age caught up to her finally and she went a bit senile.

Luna decided to leave and set up a small state of her own.

Twilight is trying to quell unrest by working solely from a book-view and stats driven. In doing so she's alienated 2/3rds of the population.

3273335 Uh... I suppose so. Yeah... Yeah, that makes sense! I actually had no idea what I was doing when I wrote that in AP World History. However, I based a bit of it off Mare-Do-Well:Regeneration's background.

3339926 If this story gets to chapter nine, I'ma purposely name it Chapter Nien

Nazis now burning in Hell or Hel`. And you should for making protagonist from one of them.

3743896 My god, people like you really disapoint me. Conrad is not a fucking Nazi, he's a soldier. Not all Germans were Nazis, get your facts straight.

Pfff. :ajbemused:
During World War II everyone who wore the nazi uniform, executed orders of nazis voluntary. This "everyone" killed people voluntary. Also they burn as well as all nazis - for good reason.

Убийцам никогда не будет оправдания.

I just hope you don't make anypony either totally black or white. It'll not be good for what bronies look up to.
I hope there will be no more side chapter: history lessons. Nobody likes to be left on a cliffhanger.

3743980 You know....a lot of the Wehrmacht didn't even know of the atrocities being committed by the SS. Again....they're fighting for their country. I respect them for that. I don't respect the atrocities committed by Hitler or the Nazi Party

3744051 Try convincing Octavia to stop typing Side Chapters then.... >.<


Not all Nazis, mostly the ones who wanted Jews to die. Some didn't even know about the camps while others were against it. They only reason they stayed is to fight for their Fatherland.

3743980 Ha! I have Dutch friends, and you think their grandparents had a choice? It was fight, or straight to Dachau with you!

You could at least put the 'history lessons' at the correct timing. The first side chapter fits okay since the next chapter it utilises them.

But when you just placed a side chapter randomly that doesn't fit the next chapter accordingly, it won't work out well. Since you've written about the Flim Flams brothers' inventions, I would expect one would utilise them in the next chapter.

Making bias comment on such topic would make you seem like the ignorant, bad guy here. You would have to at least give something positive about your enemies like you respect their loyalty or something to make your view stand and not backfire.

3748153 Alright, thank you for the words of advice.


Haha, wow. Look at this ignorant sperglord.

3748153 Please note that a side chapter is in fact a side chapter. There was a problem in scheduling concerning me, and I wanted to place a filler. Something that someone could read. I think someone would enjoy reading more about the universe that General Soarin' has set up.

When can we expect a new chapter?
I love the direction your fic is going and I cant wait to read the next chapter.

I feel strange. Who are the bad guys why do I see a pit of grey and water.

All I can say is fuck twilight right now.

Fucking soviets you are not better tgan a bunch of rabid horny dogs!

WIthin seconds, Soviet soldiers

a loud noise, weather it be a

I could have sworn there was one more, but I can't find it.

Great story though, can't wait to read the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

6722534 Thanks for the input! These parts have now been fixed, and it should be good now!
i really need an editor >.>

I love it so far! You have a few spelling & grammar errors occasionally, though.

Let's just hope this doesn't fall into a confusing mess like the last one! :P

For the werchmatch!!! XDXD
And the Ustachas!!!!!XD

6732192 I hope so too, I just needed to restart to gain my bearings, and know just what I wanted to do. I'might glad you're liking it so far though!


Brownies? Those remind me of blood cakes.

6734575 they look so much alike that i could mistake one for the other

6734716 yeah here in Finland someone who was in charge of what foods should be served at schools decided that it would be a good idea to have iron rich blood cakes a copule times a week and it's pretty good too.

6734722 OOOH. You're not from the US...tell me, do you have brownies in Finland?

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