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Twilight's Special Book - Diablomuerte2

Rainbow Dash inadvertently finds a special book that twilight kept from safe from view when she reads it she doesn't believe her eyes

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The End?

The End?

The moon was casting it's calming light over the darkness of the night sky. Out in space watching the world without eyes to see. It's one purpose was to be the beacon in a vast abyss of sky. The night was pleasant in Ponyville especially for a certain group of townsfolk. The night had lead to many new beginnings and to many liquids to spill of various natures.

Spike was still elated about his fake victory. He was the town champion, even if for a night, he was awesome. He felt that was enough for him to smile, also he had Sweetie Belle laying next to him under a starry night. They stayed close together just enjoying the presence of one another while basking in the stillness of a moonlit night. To think if it wasn't for that stupid book I would have still been stuck on Rarity, and also I would have missed out on other chances to feel happy.

Sweetie Belle was even more excited. She had always seen Spike as a cool colt, in dragon form, and was excited to be with him. She seen the poor baby dragon become so attached to her sister that it made her sad for him. She was hoping one day she could be the object of his affections, since she was more than capable of returning feelings if they had arisen. They had arisen and they shared a romantic night under the stars.


Applejack had been fighting conflicting thoughts in her head. One moment she was certain she was a stallion only kind of mare. Then she had been rubbed so good by a mare it made her all confused. That happened a couple days ago, and still it affected her. Now she was in her friend's bedroom while waiting for the marshmallow pony to return with products to make the massage extra special.

Rarity was on edge, she didn't know why but she was eyeing her 'patient' of the night and enjoying her friend's curves. The musculature of her body, the tone and yet elegant form. It was a mixture of femininity and masculinity that was sending her into a frenzy. How am I supposed to focus on massaging her when I am wanting to claim her. That damn book is going to ruin this night. or make it better.

Applejack decided to get comfortable and take off her stetson and let her hair loose. Her somewhat blonde hair was flowing all over the bed and she was rolling around ,enjoying the kinks of her body, she stretched her non-cramped limbs and sighed. "Rarity, What is takin' ya so long?" Her voice somewhat sleepy as the night we getting on. It was usually a good time for her to sleep but wanted her leg to feel better so she could return home.

"Coming, Darling, just relax and let your dear friend make you all better." Her tone didn't sound innocent but she couldn't fight the thoughts in her head. Her eyes bulged and she felt steam burst out her nose, when her eyes feasted on the beauty before her. Forgive me for being uncouth but I am going to destroy her! In such a good way.

Applejack looked over to her friend to see what the sudden silence was about. For the first time in her life Applejack felt fear as she looked upon the face of a perverted unicorn who was drooling at the mouth and was approaching her with jerky movements. "Rarity... ya okay Sugar Cube?" Her answer was in the form of being tackled and pinned.

"Yes!... I am now fine... since I am going to teach you the meaning of shameless." Her eyes sparked and she began her descent into madness with a soon to be more than friend.


Pinkie Pie was finishing getting dressed in her get up for the night. She had her friend who was slowly waking up from the chloroform induced sleep. While twilight was out she had enough time to bring her into her room using her hidden ability to disrupt the laws of physics and time. She was not allowing any time to waste for her night was going to be special.

".... Pinkie..." Twilight's voice came groggily and she was suddenly aware of chains keeping her in place. The fear was causing her to panic and scream "Pinkie.... What's going on?" Her body trying to break free as her magic was suddenly dulled by a ring on her head. She was now incapable of freeing herself and unsure why she was taken.

"Calm down Princess Twilight." She snickered at her own joke and waited for Twilight to understand why the tone and title was used when addressing her.

"Oh my goodness... why am I in such a regal outfit? Why am I wearing my crown and tied to your bed?" She was unsure of the implications but was certain that something was about to go down that she would either enjoy or hate. Stupid book I made everyone crazy... is this the pony Rainbow Dash set me up with... wait if this is... then I guess I can just .... oh yeah this is going to be good

Pinkie smiled wide as she was out of the dark corner of the playfully decorated bedroom. Her body was adorned in a knights armor and she was wielding two lances. One that was an actual lance used for combat and the other was a 'lance' that was attached to her pelvic area for the purpose of penetrating a princess with the intent of making her body dance to the music of passion and eroticism. "So my princess... I have come to rescue you... that is only if you want to be rescued of course if not I shall not force my 'rescue' on you." She was hinting to her inability to actually commit rape. She wasn't that kind of pony, she just drugged and seduced ponies before violating them.

Twilight caught on and played along wanting to see where the night would lead. "Sure my fair knight rescue your princess and you shall be rewarded... make sure your lance is ready for I feel it will be useful soon." Her lips were suddenly licked by her own tongue as excitement poured from her every orifice.


Scootaloo was sleeping over Applebloom's house since Sweetie Belle declined having a Cutie Mark Crusaders Sleep Over! Her reason was good at least. "Love sucks doesn't it Applebloom?" Said the young pegasus filly who was snuggling to her friend closely.

"I don' know... I've never been in love before. Still I reckon it must be nice if Sweetie Belle would turn us down to hang with Spike." She said before absentmindedly pushing her face into the other filly's neck. She inhaled her friend's scent and basked in it.

"Yeah well it's her loss. I mean I get to spend a night alone with you, that is way cooler than spending time with some stupid dragon right?" Her hoof stroked the other filly's mane as she went on. "Plus... who needs love when you have an awesome friend like you Applebloom?" Her soft caresses were going on oblivious to her own knowledge.

"Yeah... well I would never need love as long as I have you Scootaloo..." Both fillies suddenly found themselves kissing and the conversation about love ended for the night. The farm filly and the pegasus, were locked in a soft and yet passion filled kiss that was unlike them. Applebloom didn't understand how it started but it felt nice she thought. Scootaloo knew how it started, she learned from her mentor who claimed to be the best at seducing mares. Sure Scootaloo didn't know exactly what seducing meant but she got a nice kiss out of it so it wasn't too bad.


Fluttershy was nervous. My first time and I am wearing the outfit of a whore... but look how excited she is. I can see she really wants me. Still she and I need to talk first. "Before... we start I want to say something." Her voice soft and a bit intimidated by the presence of her possible lover and mare-friend.

Rainbow Dash was on the edge of just ravaging her long time friend but knew that it wouldn't be so easy. Just like I thought. This isn't going to be easy. "Go on Shy..." her gentle voice was followed by her even more gentle action of pulling the other mare into a soft hug and rubbing her back gently with a hoof.

"If we start this... I want you all to myself... I won't share you with other mares." She was ready for rejection or a happy answer that was going to make this night worth the torture of getting tarted up like a call-mare.

"Same... if we get together no Big Mac or anyone else.... you will be mine and I will be all yours." Her voice had no tone of deceit, she was sure of herself. No fooling around on Shy, easy promise to keep when she is the hottest mare in all Equestria. Even if Celestia has a hotter flank.... but that is objectively speaking of course.

"Alright then... I don't know what to do... I just read books... so.." she was unsure of how to initiate sex. Her outfit was doing most of the work for her as the tight and silky lingerie was hugging her demure body and showing off her 'features' while she yawned and leaned back unknowingly turning her long time friend on.

"Damn it Shy.... I can't take it anymore." She pounced on her friend and that night they shared a night filled with bliss and orgasms.

The animals that usually inhabited the canary mare's home were fleeing from the scene. They had to evacuate because of the loud and rapid moans, the sloppy lewd sloshing sounds and the smell of mares was filling the place up. They didn't just make love on the bed, they went into the showers, the kitchen, the couch, the floors, it was almost endless amount of copius and gratuitous sex that had occurred that night.

If it was written out in full detail it would have been too hot for any pony to not have to run off to use the bathroom and elate themselves with their hooves. The explicit amount of food and items that was used in this frenzy of furious love making was just wasteful. Had an entire section of some form of book had been spent on the immeasurable amount of pleasure these two mares shared, it would have been a top seller in any community.


Night had ended as the sun goddess completed her task of ushering a new day with the sun's rising. She had done this task effortlessly for generations with each day being easier than before. The sun decided to grace the town of Ponyville and give them a wake up call that would allow some ponies to recover from their heavy night of fun and mindless sexual excursions.

Spike however had a soft and romantic night under the stars. He laid side by side next to Sweetie Belle who was snuggled up to him tight. He wasn't sure how long the relationship, if any, would last but at least for one night he knew what it was to be happy. I just wish I had gotten laid but... I don't know the first thing about sex. I guess I shall have to keep digging through the books when Twilight isn't around and figure out what it means to have some 'fun'.

Sweetie Belle was slowly waking up and opening her eyes while making the cutest yawn sound that almost killed Spike instantly from the D'awww factor. She was smiling brighter than the sun could and it was eating away at the dragon's heart filling it with a cuteness overload. "Good morning Spike!" Her chipper voice echoed in his ears and suddenly he could no longer take it.

"Hnnnggg." He died, for about two seconds before being waken back to life by a scared filly.


Applejack wasn't so happy when she had woken up Not because she regretted all the copious amounts of almost forced sex. The reason she was grumpy was because her leg never got massaged. "Sugar Cube... can you massage me now?" Her voice small in case the sleepy unicorn hadn't awoken yet.

"Uh... five more minutes.... I had too much cider last night." Her groggy tone had earned her a small laugh from the other mare sharing her bed... Wait.. she is on my bed... that means. OH YEAH!, ahem I mean... good job Rarity... now keep it going and don't buck this up. "Oh hey .... sweety?" She tried a pet name and hoped it wasn't rejected.

"You can call me anythin' ya like Sugar Cube, when ya give my hat back and massage my darn leg." Applejack said with the slight hint of annoyance. It wasn't going to be a perfect relationship but heck it was something at least.

"Sure just as long as I get to wear it again when I rut you or when you rut me.... it doesn't matter... I just want to wear it." The husky tone evacuating from her voice box was driving the other mare wild.

They didn't end up leaving that room for a while and the store remained closed for just a little longer.


Pinkie Pie was beaming. She had never had so much fun in one night. It was erotic, fun , amusing, exciting, esoteric, excruciating, mentally disabling, intoxicating, thrilling, and an all around good time. She wasn't going to obsess over Rainbow Dash anymore. She had a princess to stalk and make love with now.

Twilight Sparkle enjoyed herself way too much last night. She had about 15 earth shattering orgasms all in the name of fun. "Pinkie... remind me never to doubt your Pinkie sense..." her statement had regarded orgasm number 5 where she had exploded all over Pinkie's face.

"Told you... Pinkie Pie's never wrong when it comes to these things... by the way Twilight... I want this to not be a one time thing okay?" She said seriously and was slowly stroking the other mare's mane.

"Sure... as long as you don't jam that thing in my flank hole again...without proper lubrication." She was chuckling at that statement. Her mind was no longer on Rainbow Dash, she had something that was just right for her... even if it was a little too much at times. Logic and insanity as a couple... it would make for an interesting story if ever written.


Scootaloo awoke and was cheering inwardly. I believe I just conquered my first filly... Dash will be so proud. Her mind was jumbling emotions of elation and hope. "Hey... Applebloom. Did you like kissing me last night?" She asked forlornly knowing that being as awesome as Rainbow Dash had it's drawbacks.

"Yeah... I sure did!" Her chipper southern accent accentuating the feeling of enthusiasm she was displaying in her movements. She had never felt so excited.

"Good, so that means we are now a couple. Okay?" She wasn't sure if Applebloom was good dating material but heck she sure is a cute filly.

"Alright, that means we can hold hooves and stuff?" Suddenly the attraction had died and she was ready to find another filly... in a couple of years maybe.


Rainbow Dash had woken up to the smell of breakfast. Her nose smelled some delicious oatmeal and was wondering where the buck she was. Her eyes fully opened and she saw what appeared to be Fluttershy's cottage but in a state of dishevelment. The place looked as if it got hit by a category 5 storm. There were broken furniture and displaced valuables, and even the lack of wildlife that usually were hiding around. "Shy... did we do all this?" Her question wasn't an actual one, just mainly was hoping their actions wasn't as dangerous as it looked.

Fluttershy blushed and smiled, "Yes... we did... which means tonight we will do this to your home." She finished cooking breakfast and the two silently enjoyed their meal, too happy for words to leave their mouths, as they reveled in each other's company. They would continue to find new ways of entertaining each other on and off the bed. Their love made true by a book that almost costed them everything.


Tank was feeling like a king. Last night, during the wild tornado of sex the two mares were whipping up, the sly tortoise used the distraction to sneak out and wreak havoc on any female tortoise he could find.

He ended up finding a pond of tortoises exclusively female. He wasn't going to let opportunity be spoiled by the lack of rivals. He decided to not just get laid with one needy female tortoise but he became king of the pond and his way with all of them resulting in successful mating and a future generation of his own army. Soon the tortoise king would take over Equestria, but that story was for another time.


Celestia had finished moving the sun during the time of the many wake up calls. She was arriving back to her throne when a mysterious book was on her seat. She eyed it carefully and made sure it wasn't a weapon or trap of some kind. She got brave and used her magic to pick it up and bring it to her face. She read on loudly "For Twilight's eyes only... please don't let Celestia ever find this?" She was confused. Why would her student make a book and not want her to read it.

She opened up the book and was shocked. Inside the book was pages about Celestia's body and her mane condition and her habits... then it went through many topics until it reached her romantic interests. "The first and only chapter.... Princest..." She would go on to read a book that would cause trouble for the entire kingdom.



Author's Note:

Well so ends the tale of Twilight's Special Book. The ending led into a possible Sequel possible because I am not sure if I want to write it and would need the reader's thoughts.

Also if I do write a sequel. I will be making it either a strong T again or an M fic.

Anyways I hope you all enjoyed the story.

Oh yeah... I forgot to mention... Ship.. Ship them all!

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Make the celestia book I want to read that one it will be good

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3056973 Glad you like it :pinkiehappy:

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Try crossovers I think you'd be good at that . I like your writeing you finished your work. a lot of writers don't finish there work so you're ok in my book

3057740 I don't start things that I am not planning on finishing. No matter how popular or unappreciated my fics are I will start,progress, and finish them.

I am a bit of a diva/snob at times but I have my integrity. :raritystarry:


I bet it's a lovely story about how the wise and ancient Ponies of The Orange Duck came to colonize the moon, and most of the planets in the milk way, going on to form a vast empire that is loosely connected only by the two hundred light-year long line of yarn that connects to a can on every inhabited planet. That is of course before the Dynastic Rebellion though. :twilightsmile:

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Actually the Green Duck won't be in the Sequel >.> the Green Duck was fired before his acting bit could be used.


Remember she wasn't thinking clearly. Also yes it was for drama as well.

Glad you like the story :pinkiehappy:

69 Favorites giggity :raritywink:

Well I read it and through it all I ran the gamut of emotions. Humor, drama, action, It was a wild ride to say the least. Very creative with the wording even though I think it's silly. Anyway faving, following, and upvoting. :pinkiehappy:

(Pinkie is the only part of this story I hate. I mean the pick up line is fine but what is implied is a bit much. I am swearing off brownies too... :pinkiecrazy:)


Yeah I went overboard with Pinkie Pie but that is because I absolutely love her to bits. :pinkiehappy:

And she would be most insane canon so why not?

Also if you a Pinkie Pie fan I am going to be working on a TwiPie fic soon ;p :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the upvote, follow and fave :)


Ok I will look into that she is one of my most favorite ponies.


She is my waifu, and one of my favorite ponies. :pinkiehappy:

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Seriously? I AM is stronger than I'm.

I AM THE NIGHT. :rainbowdetermined2: I'm the night. :facehoof:
I AM IRON MAN :rainbowdetermined2: I'm Iron man. :unsuresweetie:

Comments are fine, it's just a large literary piece doesn't flow in my opinion with I am, anyway I don't get mad at people and I still like your stories.:pinkiehappy:


I was most certainly joking about that :p

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I don't disagree. Especially since this fic has had no edits done, no pre reading, no proof reading. I have started using an editor and proof reader, actually I have some that help now. I could edit this fic. But it hasn't stopped many from enjoying it. But one day I will fine comb this and many other fics over. :twilightblush:

I do hope you read on and forgive those first mistakes because the story itself is quite a trip as most lead me to believe. :raritywink:

Thanks for your comment and regardless of how you like or disliked my fic I am glad you read it. (Even if it's just a bit of it.) :pinkiehappy:

I forgot to mention that the book portions of the fic, are Twilight rambling in notes. Regardless of that pathetic excuse I did seem to buck up a bit. So again I don't disagree.

This part was bucking HILARIOUS :rainbowlaugh:The amount of sex was overwhelming...:rainbowderp:

You sir, are a genius.:yay:

3072299 Why thank you for the kind words. You seem really enthused about my work. I have other comedy fics with some adult humor on here too. :raritywink:

Wow, all because of a book.

3100960 Yes all because of a book... now when the Sequel comes out >.> more shit happens because of another book. Shit on a higher scale.


And they said Discord was bad?


More like misunderstood :moustache:


Yeah there's that.

But seriously I did find this fic to be quite funny. Twiliy really have no shame doesn't she? At least when she written the book. That is.


Glad you enjoyed it, I wrote it to be both sexy and funny. The sequel will have the same edge but be just a bit more edgier.

3125952 So would many others. Ah Rainbow Dash why they make you so sexy and all the other ponies lame in comparison? :rainbowhuh:

Woah once this hits 1.5k views (base) I will be forced to finally start writing the sequel I have been planning in my head. This shit is blowing up from it's first initial burst. :rainbowwild:

3220701 False, that is the worst take on shipping names I have ever heard. FlutterDash is primarily the main example how bad that rule (you totally made up) is.

Fluttershy is hardly dominant (unless for a gag or dark fic) in FlutterDash ship stories.

Plus RainbowShy? sounds gay.

3270966 Oh this story is riddled with mistakes XD this story I didn't even edit or anything but I thank you for pointing that out .

I...really hope this was meant to be a trollfic. This was special.....Especially Pinkie's justification of how what she did wasn't rape....:pinkiecrazy:

3360548 Nope not a troll fic since it even has continuation XD

*Mumbles* This was in the Flutterdash group, it has to be Flutterdash, it has to be.

This had all the characteristics of a wonderful and detailed book in it. Bravo Bravo
At times I would laugh my butt off then curse in rage then cry in a corner. It brought out a very emotional and inspiritional story.
I absolutely LOVE it!!!!
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I love how you know the differences in character. Like how you make sure to describe many ways with Pinkie's section. But the part that got me was Rarity and AppleJack getting together. Smart to put everyone with their opposites.

My first ever read on FimFiction, and I'm glad. This was an inspirational read. I feel some sections are questionable; filly love is one of my main concerns and then pinkie's bondage crap fun stuff was out there. Never the less the plot suited me and everything resolved rather nicely. I am also impressed by the ability to use so many discreet innuendos and comical puns. There were also many points where I found myself in uncontrollable hysterics, the story falls together so perfect. Thank you.:raritywink:

My only critism is there should have been some stallion action.

It all comes to a glorious, sweat filled, ending filled with laughs, love and lubricant. :pinkiehappy:

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Dabuq did i just read?

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