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Twilight's Special Book - Diablomuerte2

Rainbow Dash inadvertently finds a special book that twilight kept from safe from view when she reads it she doesn't believe her eyes

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I do what with Applejack?

I do what with Applejack?

Ponyville library, what used to be a calm and quiet zone was now a dishevelled mess of books and rage. The librarian who was usually level headed and logical found herself cursing everything from the tiniest blade of grass to the sun goddess, Celestia, over the absence of her secret book.

"SPIKE!" She yelled while twitching and pacing. This wasn't a new behavior for the mare to display but it wasn't one that was usually welcomed. She was distraught and figured who better to help her find the book than her number one assistant.

"Sup, Twilight?" He asked nonchalantly. Ever since his mustache days Spike has decided he no longer has to be upset about not getting with Rarity as of yet. She will succumb to the power of the mustache. I just know she will. No one can resist a mustache ride, whatever that means? When his eyes landed on his sort of mother/caretaker he winced. Crazy Twilight again... got my quill and parchment ready in case I need to call in the big guns.

She creaked her neck and her eyes went loopy "Hey, Spike... have you seen my BOOK!" She was in a state of distress because her precious debut into the world of writing was missing. " I need to find my ... secret book." She said a bit calmly while looking around rapidly.

"You mean the secret book, that if I ever decided to look at it you would send me tartarus and make sure I never tell another living soul about what I read, book?" He knew of the legendary secret book that was kept secure and even if she was gone he never had dared looked inside. "Well no I can't say I have seen it. But since we are here can I get a mustache? I am going to Rarity's to help her today and I think she is warming up to it." He said with glee.

"Fine," she was infuriated. Spike was always trying to get some kind of romantic advances on Rarity and never could succeed but if it meant he wouldn't be talking about the book to anyone then he could have a stupid mustache. She bent her head over and her horn started glowing. Magic shot off and it caused Spike to grow a glorious mustache. "I guess Owlicious can help since he can't accidentally read the contents of my ... book." She said now determined.

Spike caressed his stache and was enjoying the feel "Alright then good luck." He said as he rushed off. I will get laid today, or my name isn't Spike... wait... what is my last name? For that matter what is Rarity's last name? I mean if we got married I don't know what our joint names would be... oh well seduction time.


Rainbow Dash had opened the book to the first chapter and started reading it with somewhat anticipation to see what the Egg Head had drummed up by 'studying' the rainbow maned mare. "Chapter 1... AppleDash."


Chapter 1: AppleDash

My notes have provided me with the evidence that Rainbow Dash who is the case study of this book has been definitely sleeping with Applejack...


"The hell I have!" Rainbow Dash snorted angrily. She remembered she was alone and relaxed. No one else is going to read this garbage but I might as well get through it.


The evidence I have gained from my studies are as follows. Whenever Rainbow Dash is hanging with the group she tends to gravitate towards Applejack before her shift to casually being around Fluttershy. The bond between the two subjects have proved that it is definitely a physical bond. The two mares are both muscular, Applejack more so, and they seem to enjoy competing with one another.

While that would indicate rivalry I think it's safe to assume that Rainbow Dash is more athletic than her rival but Applejack is more muscular and there for stronger....


"Stupid book how then did I beat Applejack at hoof wrestling that one time?... She did beat me at that kicking the bell thingy.." She mumbled. She was getting unnerved by the book and tried focusing. Just read on and don't get upset it's a book it can't hurt you. What does Twilight know about anything anyways?


Though they both seem head strong and stubborn in the relationship Applejack would be a bottom if paired with Rainbow Dash. Given the factor that Rainbow Dash submits to no one. She was very hard to capture during our time with Discord and that moment when all the girls had to tie her down... it was like so sensational. Never had I seen such a display of raw strength and determination....


Rainbow Dash was getting uninterested as all the facts and analytical stuff was just too much she wanted to read on to the action. Wait what? Why am I getting excited? Anyways let me skip a few pages... Celestia! this mare is detailed in her writing.... ugg ok here it starts.


With the given information and data I can create a scenario in which these two lovers would start their affair. I will be writing out this portion in a third person perspective. Since I am neither Rainbow Dash or Applejack.

Rainbow Dash was flying around Ponyville being her usual self. She was always napping or doing something heroic/flashy. She wasn't the kind of mare to just sit still unless in deep sleep. She had been bored and decided to visit her good friend Applejack.

When flying over the apple orchard owned by the family of farm ponies the rainbow maned athlete was getting a good view of the target of her desires. Rainbow Dash was oblivious to romance and didn't know how she felt. Her eyes casually glanced over the farm mare's back as she watched driblets of sweat shine her coat in the sun. She slowly landed next to her heart's desire wanting to spend some quality 'dash' time with her.

Applejack herself was very in love with Rainbow Dash, her heart was pounding when she noticed her object of affection had slowly made her way close. "Howdy partner, you come looking fer something or just wantin' ta hang out with yer best friend?" She asked casually. She was kind of scared of how her rival would feel if she found out that the farm mare wanted nothing more than to have an intimate encounter of the coitus kind.

The cyan pegasus was enjoying the sensation of being close to the muscular farm mare. Thoughts of mounting her like a stallion would, filled the head of the incensed pony. "I guess you could say that, I sure am hungry though got any food?" she asked while her stomach growled. She was slightly embarrassed to ask for food having just arrived but knew Applejack made the best apple treats in all Equestria.

Applejack had two choices to make. Her mind was telling her to calm her hormones and not invite her friend to eat her out as a substitute for pie. But her heart was pounding at the prospect of using innuendo to lure her feathered rival to her barn. With an honest heart she decided to just go for it. "I think I've a nice pie that is already baked waiting fer you at the barn. it's still cooking too Sugar Cube." She said with a sultry tone.

Rainbow Dash was oblivious as all get out. She never could tell the slightest changes in tone because of her head blocking out anything that didn't agree with her world. "Sweet I can't wait to dive in and eat your pie Applejack." She didn't know at the time to what she just agreed to but if she had been paying attention she would have seen her farm mare friend change the position of her hat to hide her blush.

"Alright then Sugar Cube, come with me to the barn and you will have that pie all for yourself..." She said while slowly wiggling her hips with each step forward she took. Her flank was now moving with intent, hypnotically swaying side to side while her tail would lift giving Rainbow Dash a view of her treat.

The cyan mare felt her cheeks rise in temperature while looking at the display in front of her. She wasn't sure whether she should let her friend know of the view shew as receiving but at the same time didn't want to embarrass her. "I can see the sweat dropping off her body... damn it looks hot." She said to herself quietly.


Rainbow Dash started feeling tingly and was breathing a bit differently. She checked around her room and noticed it was getting hot in there. Hmm I don't remember moving my cloud home to a warm front.. oh well. Back to story... I am afraid of where it is going but it's well written so I might as well keep on.


At the barn with Applejack inside waiting for her prey, to get inside she was thinking a million things, and while all the thoughts in her head were saying "back out now" she wasn't willing to stop since she was this far in.

Rainbow Dash entered the barn and closed it while leaving the top part of the barn door open for light could get in. She didn't want to eat in the dark. Little did she know that her meal wasn't exactly filling. Soon she walked closer inside and smiled to her friend. "So where is the pie Applejack?" she said while looking around the barn.

Applejack felt it the lust the surge of want, the passion and need all build up and in the sexiest voice she could muster while moving her flank up and leaning her body forward to give the cyan mare a good view, she huskily called out "Right here Sugar Cube... it's very warm, and it's ready to be eaten." She was nervous things could go really wrong really fast.

Rainbow Dash was suddenly aware of the situation. She was confused, aroused, and excited all at once. She decided to just play along "Oh really? I don't see it...maybe if I get a closer look I can... decide if I want the pie you are offering." She said while casually moving her legs forward and lowering her head to the other mare's 'pie'.

Applejack felt her face flush with lust and her body heat up. She moved her flank higher and slowly managed to get out a ".. You know... you want it.. Sugar Cube." Her body was trembling in fear and anticipation. She felt a hot breath on her pie before a tongue traced the edge of it.

"Mmm, this sure is a tasty pie... I am guessing when I devour it you will provide me with some cider?" she said teasingly while breathing on her meal.

Applejack couldn't resist anymore "Yes... eat my pie and you will get all the cider you want, but it's more potent than our usual brand Dashie." she said throwing caution to the wind. It was out now her intent was unable to be mistaken. She wanted Dash to not only eat her pie but be her mare.

"Alright then... I guess I shouldn't let it get cold." she said with nervousness fading. She started to taste the pie, her tongue checking the crust of the pie before her lips started pressing against it. Her tongue pierced the outer layer of said pie and was tasting the inside. The scent of the pie entering her nose smelling the sweet cinnamon apple that was being tasted. She could taste the pie and it was oh so delicious...


A loud knocking sound interrupted her from continuing the story. Rainbow Dash shouted "Oh come on" while noticing her hoof wasn't at her side like it originally was. The smell of the room shifted and she realized she was... playing with myself.. over this? Damn.. I wonder who is knocking at this hour?... What time is it? oh shoot it's Fluttershy I bet.... she was coming over.... how could I forget?

She put the book away and hurriedly rushed to her door. "Coming... " she yelled "well almost was.." she whispered as she started to open the door.

Fluttershy was sheepishly looking down pawing at the cloud floor. "Sorry I am late... Angel bunny had this really nasty cold and I was just putting him to bed. He will be alright though... " She looked up and noticed the state of her friend. "Is this a bad time... I can come back later if it is." She said while continuously pawing at the ground and hiding her face in her bangs.

Damn it Shy... why do you have to be so gosh darn cute when I am worked up... I don't know if I can trust myself with you... settle down Dash she is Shy... she is your friend who trusts you... completely. "Nah it's cool come on in... it seems the little guy has been really grumpy. I had to take off his flight gear because he was trying to wreck the place."

The pet in question, tank, was being grumpy as of late. Constantly making some weird sound and breaking things whenever he could. He was in that time of his life where he wanted to mate. The lack of being able to and the lack of female tortoises had driven him crazy with rage. Though being a slow moving reptile he wasn't really that big of a nuisance. Still his owner was worried.

"Alright I will check on him and I will grab my book to see what this behavior and his status will tell me." She said as she made her way inside almost forgetting to ask to come in. She was more comfortable around her protector because out of all ponies she was her favorite. Though Fluttershy wouldn't have the courage to tell Rainbow Dash.

She slowly sniffed the air noticing something was off... She wasn't... did I interrupt... oh my... I hope she doesn't hate me. She had to worry about that later now a tortoise had to be checked on. "Umm Rainbow Dash if you were busy with something I can do the check out and call you back to the living room when I am done. You can go back to what ever it is you were doing ok?" she said in feign innocence. She knew what her friend was doing and felt terrible about interrupting.

"Alright Shy if you say so... I was just reading a new Daring Do and so.... I shall get back to it. Oh yeah just knock on my door when done ok?" She didn't bother to wait for an answer because she had her need. She rushed into her room and closed the door locking it to ensure her security and privacy. She had a book to read.


The two ponies now intimately sharing a sexual experience. The tongue of the top pony diving into the pie she was enjoying. The farm mare was unable to hold out from such powerful strokes and was happy to oblige her friend some sweet apple cider, her own personal version.

The lust hungry speedster lapped up the drink and nearly pressed her muzzle in the 'cup' for more. Greedily drinking down the delicious necter juice that was provided. Rainbow Dash breathed in the scent and felt herself get even more aroused. Now she was wanting to offer her friend a snack as well. "So do you like.. Skittles?" She asked as suddenly the table was turned.

The farm mare very much knew what 'skittles' implied and was very hungry for them suddenly. "Sure as heck I do... now why don't you lay back down on this here floor and I will gobble them skittles up just you wait." She said while creeping up on her new found lover. It was everything she could dream of and more.

The cyan pony relaxed and laid down spreading her legs a bit to allow her 'friend' to enjoy the tasty treats she was offering. "Go right on through and taste the 'Rainbow'" She said throwing in innuendo with her own name to double entendre' the buck out of this already increasingly hot situation.

Applejack was leaning her head forward smelling her prize and enjoying the musky scent. "Whoa nelly you sure smell sweet down there Sugar Cube." She said in excitement causing the other pony to turn crimson. "I am sure going to enjoy this here sweetness." She said while gently moving her lips towards her prize....


A small knock was heard and Rainbow Dash was groaning "For bucks sake..." she growled lowly to herself. It was just getting really good. She noticed she was dripping and would need to take a quick shower before heading out if she had to. She wasn't sure what kind of news she was going to receive but hoped it wasn't bad news.

"Coming Shy.." She said a bit off and that caused a "Eeep" sound to be heard from inside her room. Damn it Shy not like that....though I was close

She opened the door and let the smell of her sex waft through causing her friend to blush furiously. "Umm Rainbow... I know what is wrong with Tank.... he needs to... umm..... how should I say.... he is.... wanting to.... " she was getting quieter and quieter as she continued "mate..." barely a squeak came out her mouth as she said it.

"So do I buy him one o-" She was able to get out before being interrupted.

"No, no no, no... you don't buy mates... he has to find one. Come with me to the pond and we will see if he can pick one out of the bunch. It will be fun." She said enthusiastically. Forgetting that the task was to watch a tortoise look around for something to put his 'shell' in.

Rainbow Dash groaned and just followed. She would just have to help her tortoise find a mate and she could get back to reading her book... well her friend's book about her... doing stuff to her other friend... and she was a bit excited about the prospect of enjoying her story without interruption later.

Author's Note:

So what you guys think? Clever use of food products as replacement for body parts?

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. I will be doing many more chapters to this story.