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Twilight's Special Book - Diablomuerte2

Rainbow Dash inadvertently finds a special book that twilight kept from safe from view when she reads it she doesn't believe her eyes

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PinkieDash is Canon?

PinkieDash is Canon?

The town of Ponyville had just finished enduring it's untimely storm. The town was now starting to get busy again as the streets were now full of ponies. The puddles and soaked stands were inconsequential to the way of living. Puddles could be avoided and market stands were able to be dried. The issue was the storm was supposed to start later in the day. Since planning work was based on weather for farm ponies and other weather sensitive task workers, the schedule for the day was ruined causing grumpy ponies to make complaints to town hall.

The weather team were not going to allow themselves to take the flak for Rainbow Dash's screw up and had let the mayor know who was responsible for the storm's early start up. The mayor was unsure as to why the usually careful weather manager was bucking up. She didn't care for being yelled at or complained at by other ponies for something she had no control over.

While the grumpy ponies and the sighing mare were discussing things in town hall the rest of Ponyville was enjoying the sun and cool weather provided by the accidental storm.


Rainbow Dash had been snuggling her friend Fluttershy for the past half hour just letting the pain of losing a friend get drowned away by the joy of being intimately close to her long time friend. The rain had stopped and they were ready to head to the other pond next to Fluttershy's cottage that had some tortoises there probably ready to mingle.

The canary mare had been beaming since their snuggle session, now with a picnic on the way and the privacy of it all it made her mind wander. I think today has been better than any day ever so far. I mean Rainbow Dash snuggled me, now we shall have a private picnic while Tank can find some special tortoise to have his babies. Things are looking up for you Fluttershy... so don't ruin it.

"Hey Fluttershy when we get to the pond..." She was intending on asking to do some more intimate snuggling but didn't want her friend to get some bad idea or feel crowded. She wasn't trying to make Shy uncomfortable since it would ruin another friendship and she already felt bad for losing a friend, possibly two if Spike was still pissed. "You think Tank will finally find his mate? I mean I am starting to feel bad for the guy." Her cover up worked and she was free of making another friend hate her.

"Why hopefully he does. He has been really, really grumpy lately and I just don't know what to do for him." She said while trying to not sound too distraught. The tortoise was giving her a lee way to spend time with Rainbow Dash so if she complained and Rainbow Dash decided to just forget the whole thing it would ruin her plans of having quality alone time with her friend.

"Hey, cheer up Shy... I bet he will with my awesomeness rubbing off on him." Her chest puffed out and she was back to being her old self.

Fluttershy blushed a bit from her friend's prideful form it was appealing and endearing to see her try and be more than she was. "Yes you are pretty awesome... if you don't mind me saying that is," she quickly recovered from almost flirting.

"Heck yeah I am... it's okay for you to recognize it, now let's go before I decide to look for a mate with my head being big." Her laugh was something that Fluttershy enjoyed hearing. It was soothing for them to be so calm and they hated not being able to openly enjoy it.

The two friends, with the company of an angry and needy tortoise were heading off to the pond near Fluttershy's cottage. It was going to be a private moment in the cool day while the sun caressed their forms. It was just going to be glorious. If only the two friends had courage to say what their hearts were trying to convey it would be even more special of a picnic but alas both fear of rejection and cowardice had gripped the two into being silent and just enjoying what time they had to spend.


The Cutie Mark Crusaders were having a special meeting at Sugar Cube Corner. They were all there because Applebloom had told them she wanted to share something she learned the other day. Sweetie Belle was glad because she had news too. Scootaloo was just hoping it was something that would help with getting their cutie marks.

Pinkie Pie was casually walking by them making sure they had what they needed food wise for their 'secret meeting' which in her mind wasn't so secret if they were at the bakery where she worked at. Still it was cute watching them pretend they were discussing some important information.

"Alright ya, I have some news ta share." The filly with the southern accent was eager to reveal her sister's relationship to Rainbow Dash and have Scootaloo be wicked jealous.

"I have some news too... but you can go first Applebloom since you called the meeting." Sweetie Belle was beaming with joy as she wanted to share her sister's relationship with Dash as well since Scootaloo idolizes her 'honorary' sister so much.

"Alright you two spill it out so we can get some crusading going." Scootaloo wasn't a big fan of sitting and talking she was more like Dash, she was into doing stuff and kicking flank... even if she never kicked a flank before.

"Okay, Scootaloo gosh why ya always in a rush?" her voice rising at the annoying pegasus filly "Anyways... My news is important to ya Scootaloo. It's because my sister is special some ponies with Rainbow Dash." Her ribbon maned form was giving off an elated wave of joy as her face beamed with pride and excitement.

"What!" Sweetie Belle's voice squeaked out in anger. "That is a lie... my sister is with Rainbow Dash... not your sister Applebloom," countered the adorable unicorn filly.

Scootaloo waved her hoof in front of them "You girls both should know I hang around with Rainbow Dash the most and I know for a fact that when I used to stal- I mean follow her I saw her hanging around with Fluttershy a lot... I think they are special some ponies." She said with a puff of her chest feeling proud about obtaining her information with ... stalking? I guess that isn't cool but hey I at least know who really is special some ponies with my big sister.

Pinkie Pie was over hearing the conversation and slowly leaning in to join in if it got to a point that she could easily yell out something that is similar to their conversation while being random enough to confuse them. Her shot was soon coming and she would yell something so random that it was going to make the argument that much worse.

"Ok first of'all I saw my sister and Rainbow Dash getting all close-like in the barn and Rainbow Dash was rubbin' my sister real good-like." Her voice a bit loud as her friends were supposedly making her out to be a liar.

"So... I saw Rainbow Dash getting on top of my sister like my daddy used to do to my mommy.... that one time." She wasn't sure if she should have shared that tidbit of information but it was out there.

"Oh yea... check this out... I saw Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy snuggling up together one day when they thought they were alone and they got pretty close... like... married close. They had this goofy grin on their faces too. So yeah... FlutterDash is the real deal." Scootaloo said deeming them a celebrity couple.

Applebloom yelled out "Nuh uh, AppleDash is more real than FlutterDash." She snorted at her pegasus friend.

"You both are wrong because RariDash just happened at my sister's house today." Her sweet voice when rising is like a piercing attack.

Pinkie Pie jumped in and decided now was the time to add her two cents in. "PinkieDash is canon!"

They all looked confused and asked "What does that mean?" Scootaloo was scratching her head, Applebloom was rubbing a hoof to her chin, and Sweetie Belle was just curling her head to the side.

Pinkie Pie chuckled "I don't know what it means silly, but anyways I think if you want to argue about who is going out with who I think you should consider Pinkie Pie with Rainbow Dash... I can see it now... no wait I can't... because I don't have tickets to watch it..." She was rambling off about random things and going on a tangent about how pop corn was too expensive and how on the third date Rainbow Dash would ravage her. At that point the Cutie Mark Crusaders had already made an escape leaving a rambling Pinkie Pie talking about her fantasy situations with Rainbow Dash to a bakery full of confused and curious ponies.


Twilight Sparkle was just putting a baby dragon to sleep after he cried his eyes out from the distressing situation he was in. She didn't know how to properly approach this. She had to inquire about Applejack first since the chapters follow a certain order. Her order wasn't measured in percentages of actually hooking up just randomly organized as she was laying down her notes. Not one pair was more likely than the other except two of them in her mind. FlutterDash and TwiDash... If she got to the TwiDash chapters it would be all over for Twilight. She was a princess now... she couldn't be with Rainbow Dash.

She regrets ever writing it now, thinking about the fact the book might be causing some harmful side effects on their friendships. Spike had the worse wake up call ever today. She wondered if he would ever recover. He admired Rainbow Dash since they first met her when they arrived to Ponyville for the summer sun celebration.

Now apparently his feelings towards her and Rarity were destroyed. She needed to find Applejack and stop this crazy mess if it isn't already too late. What was the next chapter of the book after RariDash.... PinkieDash... I need to find Applejack now.


Applejack was grumpy even more grumpier than usual. She wondered why she suddenly wanted to see that feather head she was used to seeing. So I can yell at her about the storm... not for another massage... not at all ... She had to admit though, as much as she hated to, Rainbow Dash was pretty good at giving massages. Too good... she was wondering why it was bothering her so much.

"It's not like she molested me or something just... I mean... it felt really good... I can't ever remember a moment that felt that great... stupid feather brain... now I can't concentrate on my work." She said while strolling away from the farm. She needed to think properly and get her mind back into bucking trees. Harvest season wasn't going to take care of itself.

She was heading off to Ponyville in hopes she could find her friend and make her undo whatever she did. I mean it's not like we hadn't wrestled before so I know I ain't into her like that... Why am I even thinkin' this way it was just a massage any pony feels good after a massage. No way that means I like mares. I just need to clear my head is all.

She wasn't paying attention while she walked and was looking up in the sky for a certain cyan mare, her lack of frontal vision at the moment caused her to bump into a lavender alicorn princess. "Twilight... I'm sorry I wasn't lookin' at where I was going Sugar Cube."

"It's ok... why are you looking at the sky... are you searching for Rainbow Dash?" She asked hoping to hear an honest no. If the answer was yes then maybe something happened. Stop jumping to conclusions, that is what started this whole mess.

"Why, yeah... you looking for her too?" Confused as to how Twilight knew who she was looking for and unsure of what it means that she was wondering about it.

"No, not yet at least, I actually came to speak to you in private if you don't mind." Her voice was almost as calm as a sane pony who didn't lose her book that detailed very erotic encounters her friend would be having with all her other friends and herself.

"Sure I don't mind just let's get to the barn," she said while suddenly twilight was freezing.

"Listen... did you go to the barn with Rainbow Dash yesterday?" Her nervousness was starting to rise as if she was about to hear about the scene in her book where Applejack's pie was being eaten by Rainbow Dash vigorously.

"How did you know about that? Sugar Cube is something going on that I should know about?" Her voice a mix of concern and anger.

"Well... did she... " she gulped as she went on to ask "eat your 'Apple Pie' and then drink your 'cider'?" The way she said those words were enough for Applejack to get the hint.

The farm pony's face went bright red at the thought of that "Why.. who said? Is that what she telling ponies? I can't wait to get my hoof on her." She was furious now and unable to be stopped.

Twilight was now upset at herself because she couldn't explain anything. She was just hoping Applejack calmed down before running into Rainbow Dash. She still didn't have conclusive evidence of anything since Applejack never denied or confirmed any sexual acts. Her next target would be Rarity. She had to find out what actually went on if she was going to get to the bottom of this.


Rainbow Dash was getting tired of just watching Tank chase off other males and get rejected by females... another daunting day of him trying to get some... "You stupid Torotise use the pick up lines," she yelled out in anger. She wasn't too angry for right snuggled up to her was the softest mare in the world.

Fluttershy was in heaven. One minute they were eating and talking and the next she leaned over and almost slipped but was caught and pulled into this position. Since she said nothing or tried moving her off Fluttershy took it as a sign of acceptance. She was accepting openly snuggling and it was so awesome... wait did I just say awesome like Rainbow Dash in my mind?

Rainbow Dash was chuckling as she saw Tank chase after a female who was not wanting his kind of attention. She felt a bit bad for him and wondered when he will get his own mate. Then she started wondering about her own life. Before that stupid book came along she never thought of her friends as suitable life partners but that book was able to make some good points about the other two ponies just ... I guess I was too chicken with Applejack and bucked it up with Rarity, I sure hope I don't do anything to ruin my friendship with Shy... if anything like that was to happen.. I think I would die... she has been my invisible pillar and I enjoy her company so much. Look at her snuggling me... she is so cute sometimes... wait cute? I am getting too sappy time to move her off.... but maybe in a bit. I am enjoying this a little. Oh yeah I need to keep on reading the book though I need to find out who is next. Wait... a book over shy? I am getting addicted to that thing... it's done nothing but cause me trouble... That is why I should finish reading it and be done with it. Yeah no more letting it affect me it has to be read.

Fluttershy was being brave, she decided to slide a hoof up her friend's arm and rub it gently "Hey Rainbow...." she started as her hoof slide closer to her friend's face. " Why haven't you told me about your perfect mate yet?" She said softly as if it would help her gain the answer she needed.

"I just... don't know Shy... I mean I never... thought about what kind of pony I would want. I mean I had an idea before getting Tank.... see before I just wanted someone like me as a partner fast, awesome, and radical... you get it ... anyways I don't know anymore since I can't ever see myself being with a pony... I mean I want to be with one... just... ugh Shy I can't do sappy." Her tone was growing in irritation but her face was suddenly red. Was Shy feeling me up? Nah it's Shy she wouldn't do that.

Just before anything could else could happen a loud and angry farm mare was yelling "So there you are you varmint... how dare ya spread those awful lies about me... I never ever let you eat my 'pie' or let ya drink my 'cider' and I sure as hay don't appreciate you tellin' folks I did." She was walking angrily closer and closer but wasn't going to attack Rainbow in front of the timid mare who would be shocked and horrified. Rainbow lucky she got that.. wait a minute why is Shy all bundled up with her like that... "What you two doing anyways?" Her anger was suddenly drifting towards another kind of angry. She wasn't just mad about possible rumors suddenly she was mad about Shy snuggling up to RD like that.

Rainbow Dash was hoping she would disappear and that what just happened was a hallucination. She closed her eyes and opened them and closed them again and reopened them. She looked down to see Fluttershy still snuggled up and then looked to Applejack who was still angry. She had realized then that not only was it a dream but she had no kind of logical conclusive answer about this whole situation. "Well... AJ.." She was getting mad, "I didn't tell anyone anything like that... and if someone said I did they are lying. Also what I am doing with Shy is frankly none of your concern. I was just having a nice quiet moment and all of a sudden you are here yelling at me for something I know nothing about... what do you mean I told people I ate your pie...." It clicked... the pie, the cider. Everything that was just said meant one thing.. "The book."


Twilight was on her way to Rarity's shop/home and was hoping the unicorn had time to compose herself from whatever dramatics was going on in her day. As she was about to head down the road leading to her house she was approached by the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

"Psst hey Twilight... we are having a little bit of a problem deciding something and need your help," Scootaloo said conspiratorially. This was something they had been arguing for a while. They needed to know which pairing was the OTP.

"What is it? I am kind of busy." The lavender mare wasn't in the mood for some kid's game. She was hoping to see Rarity and try to get some kind of confirmation about her suspicions.

"Well we just need to know which pony is the best match for Rainbow Dash... I think it's Fluttershy." Scootaloo had no doubt in her mind it was Fluttershy who was Rainbow Dash's special some pony.

"I think it's Applejack, my sister was being rubbed by Rainbow Dash really close-like at the barn yesterday." Applebloom had seen the two and decided it was enough evidence for her support.

"It's definitely Rarity, I mean I saw Rainbow Dash get on top of her while they were on her bed." Her eyes didn't lie and she saw some adult play time.

Twilight blinked, she tried to pretend that didn't just happen because that not only proves something was going on but that Spike must have seen something two adult mares going at it. "So... what about.. Me.. or Pinkie... why aren't we good matches?" She said casually. She was upset she wasn't even in the top three candidates, then she remembered these kids are biased.

"Well PinkieDash is canon... or at least that is what Pinkie tells us." Scootaloo was unsure what that meant but it sounded true to her.

Twilight was upset, how come no one thinks me and Rainbow would work? I mean she is a jock and I am her egg head... wait why am I giving a buck about this... I need to make talk to Rarity and see what's really going on. "Alright then... well I say... I think TwiDash rocks." she ran off with a blush on her face and left three confused fillies to return to their argument.


"So yeah... this is fun and all but I got to get home and nap. Next time AJ just don't assume what you hear is true, sometimes misunderstandings happen." Rainbow Dash dodged a bullet. She slipped about the book but recovered enough with some bogus explanation.

Applejack none the wiser just believed her friend and was a bit more calm about the whole thing. Though she was unnerved by how possessive Fluttershy seemed to be. Not even for a second did she move from the spot and stayed there while giving off this "what ya gonna do about it" vibe. "Alright RD, I sure as heck am sorry. Anyways I got to get back to bucking some trees. Have a nice day ya'll," she said while wondering just what the heck was going on lately.

Fluttershy slowly let go and blushed madly, "I am so sorry... " she wasn't sure why she apologized but felt she did something wrong. I can't believe I just held her... stupid clingy Fluttershy.

"Don't be sorry it's alright, you were just scared of her sudden approach and wanted me to protect you, it's all good. Anyways I am going to head on home, mind if you stay with Tank? I hate to do this but it means I will pay you a visit to pick him up... while I visit we can... snuggle some more." She said with a slight blush.

Fluttershy hated how oblivious Rainbow Dash was at this moment. "Yeah... that is fine and hey maybe we can go to another pond and find him a mate there?" She offered trying to keep this standing noon date thing going.

"Sure sounds good, alright Shy I am off... thanks again for everything." She slowly turned around and when her back was facing her long time friend she flew off.

"Stupid sexy Dash." Her heart was thumping wildly she was just holding her for so long it felt nice... she wanted to do it again and soon they would be snuggling... well not soon but whatever... it's not like it will be months... but what happens if Tank finds a mate or gets fed up with trying to find one? Does this mean we no longer have this moment?


Rainbow Dash sped home and had a goal in mind "I am going to read that damn book and end this nightmare... I am sure at the end it will be all explained." She was ready for action. She locked her doors and windows and everything that she could.

She had her bed stand lamp on and just started going for it. She skipped from RariDash to the next chapter.."Chapter 3... PinkieDash.."

Author's Note:

Next chapter is Pinkie Pie's Private Party

So yeah Rainbow Dash is getting addicted to the book. With only a couple of chapters left and more chaos happening because of the book how will she deal with all the problems once the book is done being read?