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Twilight's Special Book - Diablomuerte2

Rainbow Dash inadvertently finds a special book that twilight kept from safe from view when she reads it she doesn't believe her eyes

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Spike's Seduction Plan?

Spike's Seduction Plan?

The sun shines over the usually busy town Ponyville, today however it wasn't as filled with walking and talking ponies. The storm was scheduled for today and most of the market stands were closed for the event. While storms hurt business in the short run without a good dose of rain water the crops won't grow and thus in the long run it's a blessing.

The night prior, while the town was asleep, two mares were up and unable to rest. Twilight Sparkle spent the entire night combing every inch of her library searching for her secret book. Her book was a secret research project she had been working on since she got to Ponyville. She had been studying the nuances and behavior patterns of a certain rainbow maned pegasus.
Her notes were formed into a neatly written book that detailed her findings and her scenarios in which the likely 'encounters' would occur.

Rainbow Dash on the other hand kept having erotic dreams featuring herself and the fashionista that was usually self reserved and always working. It wasn't that they didn't want to hang out with each other but with barely any common ground it was unlikely they would be around each other. Each dream got more intense than the last. Whips and chains were involved in one of them. Bondage, food play, even role-play sessions had been invading her thoughts as she slept. She was constantly waking up with either sweat dripping from her body or with her hoof nestled betwixt her legs. It was getting out of hand.


Spike was up early, he had plans to finally get himself laid. "Today will go just as I need to. I will be helpless in the storm and Rarity will have to let me stay with her. While the rain falls and we huddle close for heat I will then implement the 'laying of the words'." He was so sure of himself. He properly groomed himself and was looking at the mirror making a clicking noise as he pointed at himself and winked. "Looking good Spike.. looking real good." He was full of confidence and eagerness.

He didn't bother waking up Twilight because she needed to sleep in. She was up all night destroying things and looking for that book. He wish he knew where it was so he could have some peace and quiet while the lavender alicorn isn't asleep. He was ready for action. He had his mustache ready and his suit. No one could resist the combo. A small tux made just for him with a top hat and cane. He was the most pimp looking dragon in all Equestria. He was ready to make his mark in history for being the first dragon to tap unicorn flank.

All he had to do was busy himself until the storm was to occur. He couldn't be in sight of anyone or questions would be asked but he can't be inside here with the crazy mare constantly yelling obscenities and shooting magic randomly as a way of coping with her missing book. I am so glad I don't have any secret books... I have that magazine but... that isn't important.


Fluttershy was making the lunch to be packed for the picnic. She wanted to make something light and also something tasty. She loved it when her friend had a smile on her face while eating the food she made. "Today will be a good day. I can feel it. No stupid storm will stop me from having a great day." She said with some bravado as she continued prepping for her lunch 'date'. Is it a date? I mean does watching a tortoise trying to get 'lucky' constitute as a date? Well we will be eating in a close proximity... I just hope the storm doesn't start too early.. the weather team are constantly messing up when Rainbow Dash hasn't had a good night's rest.

She was humming while picturing a romantic date that wasn't going to occur. She just liked thinking about it, it wasn't hurting anyone. She was still reeling from the tragedy that was Tank though. He was going wild at the slowest speed possible for a stampeding tortoise could do. He was trying to knock things over and hit other critters. He was in no mood for nonsense. He wanted some action and he wanted it now.


Rainbow Dash was barely up. She was moving clouds and finishing a task that usually was done in record time. She wasn't feeling too awesome as she was sleep deprived and over sexed. Her hoof had been her mistress of the night and they shared some intimate moments and her hoof wasn't gentle.

She just wanted the nightmare to end but at the same time was wondering just how many others will she be getting laid with. Well not me the other me. The one who is lucky enough to nail the hottest mare's in all Equestria... wait is there a chapter about me and Celestia? Do I want one to happen? I mean I can see the merit of it, she being all regal and stuff. Still as majestic as she is what kind of freaky things would an immortal princess be into? She has had an eternity of lonely nights. I don't care anymore I have to finish my job and visit rares quickly before heading to the... where was I going again... the pond oh yeah Flutters... I love calling her that... it's like so cute.. Flutters.. butters...

Her mind was rapidly degenerating into mumbles as she accidentally started the storm up and knew she was going to get into trouble for it. The weather team didn't have a higher up to complain to but since Rainbow Dash was the Weather Manager she was the one they complained to whenever something went wrong. Because they can tell me how to do my job, right? Bucking ungrateful ponies.

With the storm on she thought it was the perfect time to just head into The Carousel Boutique. The storm since started early would be cleared by noon so she didn't buck up her plans with Fluttershy. The farmers and other residents may be pissed off but she can deal with her hate on her own time.


Spike wasn't aware the storm had started and was still making sure things would go smooth. He had his dialogue being practiced and his motions as well. He wanted it to be perfect. He wasn't leaving anything to chance. He had taken off his suit to make some breakfast for Twilight so when she woke up she had something to at least digest before she went crazy.


Rarity was stretching her body as the rain woke her from her sleep. Something else woke her as well. There was a knocking sound at her door and wondered "Who would want a dress this early? In this weather... wait the storm wasn't supposed to start this early... someone messed up again.. maybe it was Ditzy... nah can't blame her." Her mood was still a pleasant one as customers meant bits to spend and possible spread in fame.

She opened the door and found a surprise "Rainbow... Dash?" She asked. She was looking upon the visage of awesome itself and in the rain with the water cascading down her coat it was an even more alluring sight than usual. She was stunned and wondered if she was having one of those... dreams again. She wasn't that fond of the dreams where she wasn't being rutted by a stallion. She knew she was into stallions.... even if she hasn't been rutted before.

Rarity wasn't an ugly pony growing up but her attitude kept mean at the friend-zone. While the idea of rutting a drama queen would be appealing to some ponies it just wasn't worth it to them to be judged on appearance, style, manners, and the list goes on. Thus the only action Rarity has had was from her ... ahem a lady doesn't even think about these thoughts.

Rainbow Dash was smiling "Hey Rarity, I was in the neighborhood and thought I would drop by... mind if I come in?" She asked while trying to keep her excitement minimal. I am not going to try and get laid... I am not going to try and get laid... I am.... aren't I... yep I am. I just hope Spike doesn't have plans of visiting here because things would get awkward fast.

Rarity was curious about her tone... Is she being flirty... nah. "Why yes do come inside." The words while innocent was causing her friend to blush. "Is something the matter Darling?" She asked with her somewhat stuck up voice. Her normal voice was a mix of calm, prissy, and stuck up. Her whiny voice however was a mix of being nasally and obnoxious but if tweaked right it can sound erotic.

"Sweet, don't mind if I do." She said with a wink and got inside and before she could shake herself dry she was stopped by Rarity.

"No... Don't do that... I will get you a towel or you can just follow me to my room I am sure you don't want people knowing you are here and I can't lock the door in case other customers arrive." She said without knowing just what was going through her friend's mind.

No bucking way... this is actually happening? Seriously... yes... I guess it's time to see if SuperMare will have her Lois Mane... best book ever! "Sure we can go to your room. I will warn you though I am drenched... so don't miss a spot." Her voice was getting husky. She was testing the waters. She wanted to see if Rarity was game for some fun or just being innocently helpful.

"Why Darling that sounds like a challenge... I guess I will make sure to be thorough if you feel I must." She said with a softer tone not sure why she was suddenly feeling hot. What is wrong with you Rarity... she is a mare not a stallion... mares can't rut you properly... even if she is a tom-colt. She is muscular like a stallion and well toned... Strong and fast... but still... she isn't a stallion so moving on.

Rainbow Dash just smiled softly while following her would be lover into her room. Things were going to be awesome from now on. As long as nothing in the foreseeable future causes a problem.


Twilight woke up with a groan, She wasn't in the best of moods and was still tired. Her body was barely processing the command to move her brain was giving her. "Spike... are you here?" She asked while looking out her window noticing a storm "It's raining like crazy so don't go outside Spike." She said in warning.

The words that she heard shocked her. "Oh shit... I am so late... damn it I need to go... I made you breakfast and have fun doing... whatever bye," He said with hurry as he got his stuff together and ran out. The library while trying not to let his plan go to waste.

"Well... that happened." Her voice wasn't amused but it was something she needed to wake up. That little dragon has some explaining to do. She wanted to know who had the gall to corrupt her Spike... my Spike... yuck that sounded wrong. Anyways that book... as long as Rainbow Dash doesn't have it, the world was safe... she decided to just let it go for now and focus on recovering from her self imposed imbalance and unscheduled freak outs.


Sweetie Belle had been spending the night in her Sister's home above the Carousel Boutique and was hearing some wierd noises. She decided she would investigate them. She was being sneaky as to not get caught in case it was her sister talking to some customer or singing one of her ridiculous songs about making clothing.

She peeked her head around the corner to the open door and saw Rainbow Dash pinning her sister. No way! Rainbow Dash and Rarity are special some ponies? I can't wait to tell Scootaloo about this... she is going to flip. She decided to give them privacy and go see if the rain was going to let up soon. She was walking down stairs when she saw someone enter the shop. It wasn't any adult pony she knew since the bottom half of the door was the only part that opened. "Hello?" she said in her hyper cute voice that was the D'awww factor of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Spike in his most Dash like mood he could be in was "Sup... so where is your sister Sweetie Belle?" His voice was full of confidence and he made his appearance known and it caused the young filly to be impressed.

"You look good Spike... but why do you need my sister for?" She was awful inquisitive and curious today. She was just hoping Spike wasn't here to see her since she was currently 'busy'.

"Oh nothing just umm... here to see her... is she upstairs in her room?" He noticed Sweetie Belle was blocking the stairs and looking scared. "Oh no... she is hurt.. I will go help her.." He rushed passed the now worried filly.

"Nooo..." she tried yelling out but it came out as a squeak as she was sure her voice wouldn't have stopped him once he had Rarity on the mind.


Fluttershy had noticed the storm going on and wondered if someone bucked up. Fluttershy you foul mouth... how could you even say such words. I need to be more careful even when thinking things.

She was busy taking care of things at her place and was hoping the rain would end before her plans were ruined. She didn't want anything to cause her day to not go well. She was going to snuggle up to her friend like they used to when they were fillies. Since they had that awkward phase of separation Rainbow Dash hasn't cuddled the timid mare and it made Fluttershy so upset. "We used to be so close... Stupid Gilda." She was trying to relax and even Tank was suddenly aware of a even more pissed off animal in the house.

Tank wasn't going to let his anger go he kept trying to make a show of dominance as he 'rushed' around and slammed himself into things. He wasn't the most intimidating thing but he made himself feel like he was. I want to get laid...


Rainbow Dash was on top of Rarity who was stunned and confused but heavily aroused. "So Rarity... if you want me to stop.... just say 'banana' if not I won't let up and I will make you cream all over this bed." Her husky tones and words were followed by sensual slow licks. I can't believe this is happening... that book was right Rare's is into the whole hero thing and even if I am not a stallion I will make the bed shake with my ... whatever. Her focus was on slowly dominating the other mare.

Rarity was unsure of what happened. She tried replaying the thoughts in her mind as she was assaulted with pleasure by her friend's soft and smooth tongue. I was inviting her to get dry, I made sure her coat was completely water free, then we talked about something and now I am getting HELLO! She was about to yell something from the sudden jolt of pleasure and was wondering just what the buck was going on. She looked down and saw her friend's eyes looking right at her but her tongue wasn't in sight... is she? Oh my I should stop this but... oh my Celestia this is feeling amazing.

Rainbow Dash was licking Rarity's gem and enjoying it. It doesn't taste like diamonds or stones.. I guess that is good... it's slightly saltier than I would imagine but hey it's sorta good. Just the smell is amazing.. I think she probably deodorizes it. She was taking full advantage of the moment to fully explore the diamond mine like her fictional self did. "Mmm damn Rares... your mine is flooding." Her voice dripping with lust. The atmosphere was dense with thick waves of lust and passion. The smell was permeating the usually scentless bedroom.

Rarity was almost lost in her senses she started moaning her would be lover's name out while trying not to get too out of control. She was still a lady after all. A refined and now being ravaged lady but a lady nonetheless. She was so out of it she didn't even notice Spike rush in until she turned her head and shrieked from her first orgasm and the sudden intrusion.

"Already... damn Rarity I knew you were a virgin but I was just getting started... Oh shit Spike?" She said while pulling her tongue out from the depths of her friends mine. She had wondered what in Celestia's name would cause fate to lead to this moment.

Spike was shocked, hurt, and aroused. He didn't know what to say or how to feel. "Dash.... you knew I was into Rarity... how could you.... I thought... we were friends... I guess not huh?" He said while tears formed around his eyes. "Rarity... you suck... you just... suck." He said dejected before running off.

"Spikey Wikey.... Rainbow Dash what did we do?" She said confused... one moment they were talking with civility the next moment they were sharing passion and Rarity's V card was stolen and her first orgasm that wasn't self induced wasn't from a stallion. She felt cheated... "This is your fault.... what were you thinking? Was I just some notch on the old bed post or was this some attack against Spike?" She asked while crying.

Rainbow Dash wasn't sure what just happened... all she knew was she had to get out of there. Buck... this is bucked up... poor Spike... I never seen him so down... and I was the cause of it... all because of a stupid book that was written by a princess. Damn I don't know what to do. I feel like I am losing control of my life. I almost ravish Applejack and I just stole Rarity's cherry... well not technically but still... it was her first time and I selfishly was the one who decided to share it with her on a whim... what do I do now? Tell her sorry and make her feel worse? Date her and stop reading the book? Oh shit.... I am supposed to meet Fluttershy at the pond... later on... how do I go have fun with Shy if I just caused this mess? I can't abandon Rarity but I also have to find Spike. "Rarity... I don't know what it was... I was just so horny that I kind of just... went for it." She said while scratching the back of her neck.

"Oh you went for it alright... you did what you wanted and now look. I am no longer pure and ... now Spike hates me... all because you had to use your "awesome" on other ponies..." Her gaze wouldn't meet her friend's ... were they even friends now. "Rainbow Dash... I don't want to see you again. Please leave my bedroom and my life."

Rainbow Dash felt like she was just shot in the heart. "Rarity don't do this... sure I messed up but you are just going to cut me out of your life?" Her eyes were now mimicking the sky above as it was raining from her eyes. "Please don't do this right now... I already feel bad as is." Her facade of being awesome and radical was slowly breaking in front of the mare she had just shared carnal desires with.

"It's not all about you and what you want... did you think for a second about me before you decided to 'attack' me with your uncouth and savage desires?" Her voice was devoid of a dramatic tone, it was purely serious. A tone her friend never heard before. One that was cutting her like a steak knife.

"Alright... I guess .... I will leave you be... I am really sorry things got this way... good bye." She said while slowly slinking off before she just rushed out in anger.


Twilight was almost feeling zen like she had learned to let go of her worries and was finally able to smile. "Ah... nothing gets better than this." She said while she read some text book about the metaphysical world. " Now if only it could stay this pea-" her sentence broken by a loud slam of the door.

"I can't believe them... Stupid bucking Rainbow Dash and stupid user Rarity... what did I do to deserve this crap?" He was ripping his suit off and tossing his hat to who-cares-ville. He wasn't a happy dragon.

Twilight was wondering what was going on. Rainbow Dash and Rarity both helped bring Spike home during the Dragon Migration so she wasn't sure what they did to some how make her baby dragon angry. "Spike... what is going on?" Her voice full of worry and confusion.

Then he said what he had saw and suddenly things were making sense. Rainbow Dash was in the library, books scattered everywhere, she suddenly left without picking up a daring do. Now spike tells her Rainbow Dash was nailing Rarity... it was becoming too much of a coincidence for it to not be what she thought was going on. She would have to test her theory before jumping to any conclusions but first... she had to find a way to console her baby dragon. If for anything to have peace again in the library. She loved the little guy but felt his crush had been annoying and was sort of glad it was going to end. She wasn't happy about how it came to be... she wasn't happy about that at all.


Fluttershy was cleaning her house a bit as suddenly a door opened and she screamed, she turned around to face her intruder and softened a bit when she saw her old friend standing there with tears soaking her face. "Rainbow?" She asked confused before being pulled into a hug and hearing her friend cry. She didn't want to say anything... this had only happened once before, when her mother had died.

Fluttershy did the only thing she could and held her old friend very close and cooed her till she was calm. "Now you want to tell me what happened? If not we can just ..." she wanted to say snuggle but knew this wasn't the time for that. "stand here like this until you don't need to anymore." Her mind was confused as to what to feel. Rainbow Dash hadn't been this upset in years and yet she was holding on to the timid mare very closely.

"Shy... I bucked up big time... I just... I don't know what to do anymore... " Her tears like rain still pouring down her face. She held on to her friend tighter and made a suggestion that would change her friend's mood for a while. "Can... we snuggle ... if just for a bit... I just... need to snuggle something." Her voice tired and emotionally drained.

Fluttershy on the inside was elated but had to hide the sheer joy of being close again to her friend. "Yes.. we can snuggle for as long as you need to or want to." she said before getting into her old position of laying down while looking ahead. It was rather intimate the way they snuggled almost as lovers lying together but back then when the world was full of bullies and darkness their snuggle time made it all better. Nothing was sexual about it but at the same time it wasn't purely friendship. The bond they had was closer than most friends but they weren't ever sexually involved.

Rainbow Dash smiled and draped her wing over her friend before she started snuggling into her and messing with her hair. Soon they began playing like they used to as fillies. For that time it was ok no more was the world scary and no longer was the sadness hurting her. She wasn't going to just forget things but she wasn't going to be bothered by them while rolling around on the ground with her friend. Their casual touches and slow caresses always followed by giggles and never moans. It was pure and innocent but intimate as well. For a time they forgot the world and for a time it forgot them.

Author's Note:

Oopsy made it like 4k words long and used some feels canon this chapter. Hope you don't mind some heavy hitting feels. Comedy will ensue again next chapter as the Cutie Mark Crusaders argue about just who is Rainbow Dash with.

Also the start of Chapter 3 in the book.... Pinkie Dash.