• Published 12th Aug 2013
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Twilight's Special Book - Diablomuerte2

Rainbow Dash inadvertently finds a special book that twilight kept from safe from view when she reads it she doesn't believe her eyes

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Pinkie Pie's Private Party?

Pinkie Pie's Private Party?

Twilight had walked into Carousel Boutique after her upsetting meeting with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. She was not happy that she wasn't a contender in their minds to be with Rainbow Dash, she knew they were just fillies and their opinions mean jack diddly but still it irked her to no end. She felt she was destined if anyone to be with the athletic mare. Even if she was a princess it could work if Rainbow Dash wanted it to work.

She wasn't sure why she started that book to begin with when she could have just written a love letter and be done with it. So now she has to see the damages caused by a very enthusiastic mare reading a book that was not meant for public eyes. She noticed that her friend Rarity wasn't her usual cheery self. She was worried something happened else that Spike hadn't known about. Did Rainbow Dash force herself unto Rarity? Wait no Twilight don't think that... maybe Rarity is just being her over dramatic self.

She was going to start talking to her but was interrupted by Rarity.

"Look if you are here to talk about Rainbow Dash I will save you the trouble," she had started while slowly her anger was rising, " I am no longer friends with her... " She stated with a huff at the end and just went back to making some templates for dresses.

Twilight looked physically ill at this point. My book tore a friendship apart? I need to fix this. "Well Rarity.... I think you should know something about why Rainbow Dash ... did whatever Spike claimed she did." She knew this day was going to suck hard. Harder than an experienced call mare in the prime of her life.


Rainbow Dash was reading the dreaded and cursed book. She was trying to break the curse or at least that is how she rationalized her actions. Regardless of how noble the goal she had some lotion and napkins ready for her endeavors. She wasn't going to hoof herself unprepared. "Chapter 3... Pinkie Dash...."


Chapter 3:Pinkie Dash

Pinkie Pie's obsession with Rainbow Dash has given me the cues needed to add this chapter to my book. The studies initially were going to leave out Pinkie since she is overtly friendly with all ponies but I saw some moments to justify my thoughts on the matter.

For example, Pinkie Pie sung a song at this event in Appleoosa and while her risque outfit wasn't really affecting any pony I noticed that Rainbow Dash's wings flared as a sign of arousal....


"Shit... she caught that... I thought I was safe... she looked bucking hot in that outfit though... oh well reading on." Her eyes glued to the book fascinated by the detailed notes and reasoning.


Also during the time Rainbow Dash was away, when she was attending the Wonderbolts Academy, Pinkie Pie had never left the mail box and before she saw Rainbow Dash off with the rest of us, they were in quite a powerful hug that lasted a little too long for my taste.

When Rainbow Dash saved our keisters flanks from our certain doom, she was immediately jumped upon by Pinkie who held her in a bridal embrace. It was telling to say the least....


"Yadda yadda yadda skipping this part and heading right for the action... fun times here I come." Her voice cracking from the intensity of the situations she would surely see herself in.


Pinkie Pie was setting up a party in her room. She wasn't going to invite anyone but a certain cyan obsession of hers. She has been obsessed about Rainbow Dash since the day she got saved by her when Twilight arrived in town. Rainbow Dash had saved the stumbling Pinkie Pie from her near doom and since it was Pinkie's fuel that lit a fire that never burned out. She had her trap party being planned to happen at night when the bakery closes so no one could interrupt her dark and evil actions.

Rainbow Dash was bored and oblivious to her impending doom. The rainbow maned dreamboat mare was enjoying the sunny day that she provided for the fair city of Ponyville. Sure Celestia actually raises the sun but Rainbow Dash makes it shine through the sky by busting clouds.

Pinkie Pie knew just every location where Rainbow Dash would hide be and found her in ten seconds flat.

Rainbow Dash enjoyed Pinkie's company more so than before. Now they were like two peas in a strange and confused pod. I would love to be in a pod with Rainbow Dash (Note to self: continue being objective till final chapter).

"Dashie... I want to invite you to my super secret extra special funerrific party." She said while yelling brightly forgetting the fact it was a secret party. She had this obsession with three things, parties cupcakes and Rainbow Dash... sounds like a bad combination and one that would most likely end up a senselessly written dark story.

"A Pinkie Pie party? I am down for that. Who else is going?" Her hoof on the invite card that tells the time and dress code which usually is nude. The place was her room in Sugar Cube Corner. Rainbow Dash was alright with that. She was thinking that the other mares she was friends with would be there too.

"Well just my most favorite ponies will be there... so don't tell anyone and I mean anyone missy." She said with a semi serious tone that sounded a bit dark.

"Alright Pinks I am cool. I will be there later... see you then I am going to bother Tank and stuff." She was completely bored but didn't want to be around Pinkie since secretly Rainbow Dash wanted to be more than friends with Pinkie Pie... She allowed the pink mare to be clingy and never backed her off. It was obvious to everyone else but Rainbow Dash tried playing it cool.


"The ... buck... did I just read?" She was disappointed in the lack of smut this chapter and skipped ahead to the part where the party started.


Rainbow Dash was unsure if she had the right time. the place was dark and empty and she was cautious of some ambush. "Pinkie Pie..." She called out unsure of was waiting for her in the dark empty room.

"Here Dashie.... keep walking forward ... just a little more." Her voice was trembling with anticipation. All she needed was to lure her friend closer to her trap and she would have captured the rainbow maned speedster.

"Um... ok?" Oblivious to the tone and the reality that she was about to be violate she blindly walked forward and heard the snapping metallic sounds as the trap was set off. The lights went on and her body was flipped to a vertical form her hind legs and forelegs bound and spread apart. "What the... what's going on?"

"Welcome Dashie... to Pinkie Pie's Private Party.... it's a special party meant just for the two of us...." She said huskily as she started violating the scared mare's ear "I have been wanting you since ever... and now I shall have you and hurt you in such fun ways." Her tone was dripping with lust, her mind was set on one thing... total domination of a rainbow mare.

"Hey... Pinkie... you don't have to do this." Her fear was welling up and she could feel her tears wanting to spill out. Her courage kept her tears in check for a bit.

"Oh ... Dashie... I do.... now be a good girl and moan for me." Her hoof was diving into Rainbow Dash's 'weather factory'. The storms brewing inside was causing Rainbow Dash to moan out like a high class call mare.

"Oooh Dashie... I knew you would like it... I got something for you... " She walked around so Rainbow Dash could see her , before she was behind and that caused the would be victim to panic, now with her in front she could see Pinkie wasn't kidding around at all. She was wearing a faux leather corset with a hole for her 'cake' which was dripping 'frosting'.

Rainbow Dash half scared and extra aroused was answering with a small hint of disappointment of the hoof leaving her 'factory'. "W..ha...t" she managed to croak out wanting to get some passion stirring again.

"A delicious and nutritious Pinkie cake... I think you will like it... now eat up." Her voice dripping with want and need as she lowered her prisoner and had her 'cake' being lowered to her friend's mouth. "Eat up Dashie... I want you to eat my special cake that is all for you."

Rainbow Dash was too aroused to care and just went for it."if I am going to be taken I am going to bucking enjoy it," she said in her mind. Her mouth closed on the cake as her tongue dived into it, the frosting was dripping from inside the cake as the pink pony's anticipation grew. The taste was delicious in Rainbow's mind the smell was definitely that of cake... but slightly musky.

Pinkie Pie was moaning out "Dashie!" over and over, glad she made sure the cakes were out of town and the foals were with them. She had this all set up and she was going to enjoy her Dashie. She wasn't going to stop at just pleasure... she was going to inflict pain. Her eyes looked over to the corner where her equipment was.

"mmm delifgghussh caakee" She tried speaking but was having too much fun eating the cake that was depriving her mouth of breathing room. She was in rapture enjoying each piece of the cake and even decided to try to rub her nose on the little cherry that was attached to the cake. Her hooves tied and her want to dominate denied by her restrained left her feeling angry while aroused. She noticed that even after she made the pink mare 'cream' she was still on her for a bit.

"Ooooh Dashie... that was a good one... now get ready to eat my 'brownie'." She was wanting her friend to eat her backside out and saw the look of horror on her face.

"No bucking way Pinkie... I get it you are wanting me to pleasure you , fine take this contraption off me and I will give you The Dash Special but no way am I eating your brownie... no way no how." She was defiant and that just made Pinkie smile.

"So cute Dashie... fighting till the very end... guess I have to break that spirit of yours if I am going to have my fun." She walked away and left her victim to just flail around yelling for help desperately. She wasn't going to eat her brownie.


"Pinkie you sick ....ooooh.." The real Rainbow Dash was already dripping from delight.. "I can't eat her brownie... Twilight do you have no shame?" She asked no one since she was alone but she kept on reading.


Pinkie Pie was now using a whip to attack her resilient and resisting friend. "You will eat my brownie Rainbow Dash." Her tone turned serious. Even with the slight hint of arousal in her voice from hearing her friend scream out in pain she was using a dominating tone. "You will and you will enjoy it."

"Nooo!" Her scratchy voice driving her pink friend with desire almost wanting to forget torturing her and just ravish her.

"Fine... I guess it's my turn to take a tour in your factory... I think I shall use the assistance of tour guide 'Bob'." Her hoof was on a phallic shape and it made Rainbow's eyes widen.

"You can't use that on me... I never...had... a ... Urgghh let me go Pinkie this is getting too crazy." Her voice was a mix of arousal and fear. She was enjoying this to her shame, but also wanted it to end so she could take over.

"Your mouth says no and yet your body..." she gently licked the length of her friend's factory and slurped her lips in a exaggerated fashion "Say YES!" She used the distraction to slip her fake tool into her victim while her body was touring the factory.

"Awww... uhhhh... Damn it Pinks this feels good." Her moans were making pinkie's cake moist.

"Oh Dashie stop bucking talking before you drive me crazy." Her tour was taking a crazy turn for the better as the storm brewing inside the factory was growing wild. The winds were blowing in and out rapidly as the workers pounded hard at the walls of the machine with each passing gust of wind. The force was making Rainbow Dash lose her senses.

"OH MY CELESTIA.... PINKIE PIE I AM .... " She finished yelling with an "AAAHHHHHHHH." Her body convulsing to the force of the winds blowing in her factory. The tour ended and the guide had shown the visitor to the door. The gush of fortified cloud water flooded through the factory doors drowning out the 'tourist' and causing the rainbow maned pegasus to breathe erratically.

"Oh Dashie... I am glad you are having fun... because this is just getting started." She had this evil glint in her eyes but her victim was already far gone....


Rainbow Dash was finding herself running out of tissues. Her lotion bottle was running low as well she didn't know how long she was in her room but she felt like she could just pass out from the fun. Before that option was allowed a visitor had decided to jump in through one of her windows. Though the glass didn't break....

"Hi Rainbow Dash what are you doing.." Pinkie Pie sniffed the air.. "WHOA!.... it smells like you in here big time." She said while sniffing some more. "It smells good.... Hey Dashie... does this smell like chloroform?" she asked putting a napkin to her friend's nose.

"Does it smell like... what?" Her body became unconscious and she was unsure of what just happened.


Rarity was still upset about the whole thing. Not only had she hurt her friend Spike but she wrongly tossed a good friend out her life because of a book that was written by a cowardly mare. "So then... how will you fix this mess? I mean what happens at the end of your little book Twilight? Does she fall in love with you after she reads it? Was that the whole point of writing it?" She was angry her voice in a rage-filled tone.

Twilight just sheepishly looked away while blushing. "I guess if I did end up letting her have it that would be the case.... but I didn't give her the book. She took it." She said sure of herself now.

"Oh... I see.... so then one minor question.." she was calmly speaking until the question was roared out her mouth "Why don't you get the bucking book now?" She was snorting in anger defying her lady like stature.

"Oh... good question... I guess I can just go to Rainbow Dash's house and take it right?" She said while she watched her friend nod furiously. I just hope she is home...


Rainbow Dash was slowly waking up and she could hear some odd noises. "What the ... Pinkie...?" Her voice unsure.

Pinkie Pie smiled as her friend woke up. "Hey Dashie... I was in the mood to hang out with you and since you were too busy reading that book I knew you wouldn't want to, so I used Chloroform to knock you out and I brought you here to my room. Oh also Gummy wants me to tell you while you were asleep I violated you but hey I remember that one time you said if I ever wanted to taste the Rainbow I should ask. I then asked you if I could taste your rainbow while you were drunk and you said yes. Since there was no limit to that invitation I decided to randomly knock you out and have my fill... so there."

"Pinkie Pie... that invitation was for me to be able to enjoy it too.... you are so random... anyways that will have to stop soon... I might be getting a mare-friend... though I am not sure who the book wants me to be with." She said while slowly regaining her senses. She noticed a trail of 'rainbow juice' slipping out her friend's muzzle.

"Oh the book... that stupid book... it made you all dry... I mean you must have been at it for hours... " She said angrily. "I wanted my fill today... hey I have an idea.. now that you are up lets rut?" She said as if it was nothing.

"No Pinkie Pie I can't possibly go a round with the way the book has been making me do things... anyways... I can make your cake burst with frosting if you want but I can't go anymore... I won't mind having a slice of cake Pinkie... if you are up for it." She said seductively trying to get the mare to leave her be.

Pinkie Pie jumped on the bed and opened her legs "Eat this cake Dashie." she wasn't going to say no to some fun... she was just sad it was going to end since Rainbow Dash was going to get a mare-friend soon. Well I wonder if the book picks me.... I mean I am fun and she is fun and together we are fun.... still.... I have some competition. I don't see Applejack as one since she is like Dash too sportslike and manly... Rarity and Fluttershy are my top two contenders. I don't have to worry about Twilight though.... she is too odd for relationships. Oh Dashie is really enjoying my cake... I can't think.....DASHIE!


Twilight was in the house of her friend... I can do this.. I just take the book and leave... it seems she isn't here.... wait what is that smell... She went to find the source of the smell and when she opened the door to her friend's room she smelled her friend's essence all over it. She was sighing in lust and dove onto the bed. Rolling herself in Rainbow's shame.

"Oh Celestia I don't want to leave this spot." She was enjoying the moment too much. She didn't hear the front door open, the whooshing noise, or the sound of a door she had closed earlier opening up again.

"Twilight.... ?" Was all the rainbow maned mare said before shit got real.

Author's Note:

So yeah... that happened.

Let's just hope the innuendo wasn't too much for an M rating I mean.. it's not cloppy... it's just really risque.

The next chapter ... Twilight get's confronted by Rainbow Dash. Spike decided to get revenge on Rainbow Dash by seducing Fluttershy... dun dun dun!