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Twilight's Special Book - Diablomuerte2

Rainbow Dash inadvertently finds a special book that twilight kept from safe from view when she reads it she doesn't believe her eyes

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SuperMare and Lois Mane?

SuperMare and Lois Mane?

It was near evening now in Ponyville, as the day was slowly changing into the night. It was almost sunset and the town of Ponyville was looking magnificent under the slowly dying sun. Soon the moon would rise and give it's serene glow upon the land of Equestria.

Twilight saw that time was passing by and she had checked every inch of the library. Still no sign of her special book. It was now certain that is was checked out on accident. "So who has it?" She was thinking of ponies who usually visit and was deciding the ledger was a better way of finding out who was responsible for taking her precious book. She knew Cheerilee frequented the library and so did most of her friends. She looked at the ponies who recently checked out a book and went hunting. Her ledger was her hit list as the now crazed mare was going to find her book and destroy any pony who dared steal such a valuable and enticing work of art... I wanted to read the later chapters.... I wanted to enjoy it... damn stupid town of book stealing ponies.


Rainbow Dash was in the middle of a nice nap. She got home and was pretty tired from her activities. She had realized she slept with the book on her chest. It was a good book but the hell was wrong with the author? She wasn't used to seeing such stuff in her life. She was about to read the second chapter but decided to nap first.

She was much more refreshed and was ready to eat some dinner and then read some raunchy .... why am I excited about this... I mean yeah it was hot.. really hot... but I mean.. am I a slut in Twilight's eyes? Or does she have other books about the other girls... wait.. does she have a chapter about me and her? Twilight you freaking Egg Head... I better not rut everyone in this story... I mean.. I won't mind reading it if I do... it's a book... not like these things happened.

She decided to ignore the thoughts and head off to get some food. Maybe I can eat at Flutters... I love her cooking... hmm maybe I can get dinner with someone else? Nah Flutters it is. With her mind made up she decided to head to Fluttershy's cottage and see what delicious meal her timid friend had decided to make.


When Rainbow Dash touched down infront of her door she was about to knock when she heard an alarming sound.

"Eeep.. please don't hurt me... please stop." Fluttershy was yelling at her attacker.

Rainbow Dash had no time for thinking she broke through the door into the house and yelled "Leave her alone!" With all the intimidation she could muster as she flared her wings and snorted. She was looking around for the threat and when she saw it she felt her head start to ache from the sheer stupidity of the situation.

The enemy in question was a very slow moving and pent up tortoise. He was literally going after Fluttershy at the rate of 2 miles a year... and it was just saddening to see her friend shaking in fear in a fetal position against a wall while her 'attacker' was literally one flick of the hoof away from being thwarted.

"Rainbow Dash thank goodness you are here... Tank is out of control... he hit angel bunny and made him run away... he is coming after me now you have to stop him... " she said in actual fear as her tears were spilling.

"Shy.... what am I going to do with you?" She asked while putting a hoof to her face. It was just pathetic. "See what you did Shy you made me breakdown a door just because Tank was coming after you?" She slapped tank aside and pointed at the spinning shell. "That is all you had to do." She said with pride puffing her chest out.

"NO!... Why did you hit him... oh no you just hit the poor thing... " She said rushing to Tank's side "There there Tank you're ok." she said gently rubbing him with her hoof.

"So I will pretend this all didn't happen and fix your door if you can at least say you made dinner.. I am starving." her stomach started to growl as Fluttershy blushed.

"I am sorry... I was so scared... I forgot to cook... please don't hate me... I know I am weak..." she was about to cry.

Unknown to most ponies Fluttershy crying was like a jack hammer to Rainbow Dash's heart. She can't stand seeing the mare cry. She rushed to her side and locked her in a tight hug "You aren't weak Shy... don't ever say that. Hey forget cooking I am taking you out to eat and I am even paying." She said while holding her friend tightly.

Fluttershy was enjoying the closeness but felt bad as it is. "Are you sure you want to pay for dinner? I can just cook something if you like," she said with the cutest smile she could muster.

Rainbow Dash felt like she was having an over load of cute hit her heart and made a weird noise "Hnnng" and fell over. She was unable to move for a couple of seconds.


Twilight was prowling the town as she was intent on finding the culprit who stole her book the first person on her list was Cheerilee. She knew that mare was into reading and borrowing books was her way of escaping the reality of being a teacher. I will teach you to take my precious book you foal-teaching fiend.

Cheerilee was reading a book, not just any book but a how to guide. The book was on seducing stallions who were shy but also very muscular. She was using it because she had this crush on her friend who once fell in love with her after an incident with a love poison. Once the poison faded they both were just friends again but still. She wanted to be more. She had thought of ways to seduce him but didn't know the best route to go. "I could just show up on his bed and plant myself on him." She mused herself.

A loud knock on the door was all it took to make her jump. The door was being banged on loudly "I know you are in there Cheerilee. " Came the irritated voice of Twilight Sparkle. She was banging on the door and was about to just break in and tackle the mare and make her confess when the door opened.

"My goodness Twilight what has happened to you?" She asked before she was pushed aside by the mare in question.

"I am looking for my book... I know you borrowed it today and I need it." She said with anger seething from her coat and mouth.

"Wait... are you telling me.. you want that book?" It wasn't a good thing to have a princess as a rival for the affections of a shy muscular stallion chapter three of the how to guide specifically states if a princess is after your intended target it's best if you back off. "I didn't know you were into him."

"Into who? I am not into anyone! It was just a book I wrote when I was... thinking about things... I am not into Rainbow Dash and the chapter where I get tied up by her in my royal chambers was just a gateway to express her wicked desires of holding me down and using her lustful powers to seduce me... it was just a story... Now give me that book." Her anger slipping as she just realized she shouted the entire thing and Cheerilee looked stunned.

"I... the.. what?" Her confusion was high and she was just sure she heard the princess of friendship explain that the book she was some how reading had chapters about Rainbow Dash having her way with the lavender alicorn. "I don't think that is in this book..." she said showing the how to guide to Twilight.

"Oh... oh... Oh....... oh.... I..... can we forget I said all that?" Her face red from embarrassment and her hoof pawing at the ground slowly.. "Enjoy your book I gotta go." she ran out the door and cried a bit. Stupid, stupid, stupid... I have to find that book before it destroys me.


"Well sorry about earlier Shy.... I didn't mean to scare you like that." Rainbow Dash was eating some soup made by Fluttershy. She was planning on going out to eat but had an over dose of cuteness and fainted from the force of it. It hadn't happened before but never has Shy beamed such a smile like that either.

Fluttershy who calmed down once Rainbow had woken up was finishing her soup and smiling "It's ok... I am just glad you are alright.. you been acting weird all day. I hope nothing is wrong." She said while looking a bit worried.

"Nah just... stuff... anyways I am going to go and next time Tank approaches you just swat him... he is a slow moving tortoise shy... also stay safe... I don't know what I would do if you were hurt Shy... " She said softly before turning to leave. "Thanks for dinner and take care of yourself." She was walking out the door.

Fluttershy try saying something but no words came out her mouth. She just watched as the cyan mare had flown away. Sure the door was broken but... she didn't care it was something that could be fixed but she was just wanting some more time with her friend.


Rainbow Dash had landed home and immediately rushed to her book. She wanted to read more of it. She used a feather as a book mark and opened the book to where she left off "Chapter two ... Raridash...."


Chapter 2: RariDash

I have come to the conclusion upon further investigation that if my first hypothesis wasn't true then surely this one would be. Rainbow Dash is a heroic mare and always there to save the day.

Rarity is the perfect damsel in distress while I myself don't find her super attractive I must be objective when I say she is very beautiful...


"Hell yeah she is.." Rainbow Dash chuckled, here I go getting worked up again.


While Rarity and Rainbow Dash barely hang out they still have this passionate bond.

The biggest case in point is the best young flier's competition. Rarity was the first one to suggest we go see Rainbow Dash and became the test subject for the flight spell when I haven't even had a chance to learn or practice it....


"Wow... I didn't even know that. She was that into supporting me?" Her respect for the unicorn increased slightly that moment. Maybe this book isn't such a bad thing after all.


Later on however Rarity decided to be a show off and take part of the competition. That certainly made my studies seem to want to end there. Then something amazing happened. I was watching Rarity perform flawlessly and Rainbow fail ridiculously so. The finale of the spectacle was a frightening one. Rarity flew high into the sky and like Icarus she dropped.

I surely thought she was a goner but the Wonderbolts had gone in to save her. They failed and my heart dropped I thought for sure she was going to die. Then Rainbow Dash flew down like a super hero and in the nick of time saved her, just as she finished performing her Sonic Rainboom. That moment when she caught her was the most romantic moment in all of Equestria. Rarity was so flustered by it that she breathlessly thanked her savior and even called her the best flier in all Equestria.

Their relationship has followed the same routine since then. Rarity falls and Rainbow Dash catches her. It seems that their relationship mimics SuperMare and Lois Mane's. It was a loving if not one sides relationship. While Lois Mane loves SuperMare she can't settle down with her because of the fact SuperMare isn't always SuperMare and when she isn't Lois Mane isn't really into her.

So while Rainbow Dash saves Rarity, the prissy dramatic unicorn seems to have a surge of want for Rainbow Dash. After the serotonin and adrenaline die off however she is back to just being friends. Still this leads me to believe if Rarity was to be in a position of danger and Rainbow Dash was to save her it could lead to a moment in which their relationship changes completely.


Rainbow Dash was skipping the boring scientific stuff again after reading too much into it already. She wanted to get to the good part. So she waited till she saw a third person point of view and... Bingo!


Rainbow Dash in her Wonderbolts attire was just casually flying around the city of Ponyville....


"Hell yeah I am a Wonderbolt in this story.... Bucking awesome." She was cheering on and suddenly more enthused about this particular story.


Her mission was to protect the town and it's inhabitants. She was a crime fighter and a performer all while managing the weather in short she was just awesome.

On this particular night Rainbow Dash had found Rarity the fashionista stranded on her roof after a teleportation spell went wrong. "Help me.. Rainbow Dash I need you." Her tone was over dramatic and her hoof surely as ever reached her face as she was making a "rescue me" face.

Rainbow Dash was no stranger to rescuing the self centered over dramatic whiny gracious mare. It was almost as if that was how they communicated. It was beyond words just raw love and passion.

Rarity leapt from her roof into the strong and very capable arms of the mare who was her hero... and her love. She desired her but was saddened that she wasn't a stallion. Rarity was only into stallions and even if she never had been rutted bullshit she was only willing to mate with stallions. "if only you had a tool to dig into my diamond cave we could make love all night." She said sadly. Wanting nothing more than to be taken by the Dashing (no pun intended) mare of her dreams.

"It's alright Rarity... I have one on under the suit I knew you were wanting me but was just too afraid to give mare's a shot. So I got a pick axe to mine your cave for all the precious minerals it's worth." She said in a husky tone causing the unicorn to start dripping water out her mine.

Rarity commanded the heroic mare to bring them to her bedroom at once.

Rainbow Dash flew here there in 10 seconds flat.

Just then on her bed was the drastic evil Spike who had planned on trying to seduce the fair lady Rarity....


"No way... I am going to beat up Spike in her story... that is just bucked up... Twilight is insane... yeah she is insane." She skipped the part where she was abusing a defenseless baby dragon for the sake of sexual needs. She read after the point where Rainbow Dash tossed spike out the window who ran off to the library to cry to Twilight.


"Well now that the dragon is gone I can enter your diamond mine with my pick-axe and dig out all the gems." She said lewdly before licking the ear of Rarity.

Rarity was already so aroused from the brilliant display of strength from when Rainbow Dash took out that annoying dragon. It was her night after all. She had already bent herself forward and lifted her rear giving access of her 'diamond mine' to her new lover.

Rainbow Dash wasted no time in stripping her Wonderbolts outfit from her body and just mounted her friend using her 'pick-axe to dig into her lover's mine.

Rarity felt the strong pick-axe digging away at her mine and slamming itself into the nodes trying to dig out her gems. It was making her moan in pleasure. The sheer force of being rutted properly was giving her mouth a work out as she constantly released loud and chaotic shrieks of pleasure.

Rainbow Dash was grabbing her sides with her forelegs while jamming her digging tool into her mine with force and precision. Each fateful strike was accompanied with some loud moans and pleasurable shake of the hips. She was hitting deep into the mine feeling her tool get soaked as she dug into a water filled zone. The pick-axe constantly pounding away at her diamond mine and rapidly tearing the defenses away.

Rarity's eyes were glazed over as her body was reacting strongly to the erotic and lewd acts being done on her. "Oh yess... Rainbowwwww.... Dig into my mine damn you... Dig deeper, dig harder.... Damn you dig harder..." She backed her hips to meet each forceful attack the pick-axe was giving. It was maddening. Surely all of Ponyville could hear her.

Rainbow Dash was excited her own tool belt was wet with sweat and shame... she didn't care it was thrilling to make such a usually refined mare turn into a sopping mess. "I can feel your mine flooding.... Are you close to having a cave in?" She said following the wordplay.

"Yes... Damn nnnnggg... I am about to .... have a ... collapse.... Arggg.... So... good." she was wailing like a banshee at this point. Her decency had gone the moment the pick-axe was deep in her mine. Now her body was ready to just explode with ecstasy. "RAINBOW DASH!" She moaned out as the flood waters were let loose causing the mine to cave in and the pick axe to be drenched in fluids.


".... I don't even.... " She didn't know what to say... she was so turned on she must have not noticed her hoof jammed into her own sopping cavern. This story was so oddly erotic it just shut her mind off.

She was unsure if she should read more into this story ... it seemed night had pass and all of a sudden she was tired. She had never felt this good. She went on to have dreams.


SuperMare was fighting off a group of villains, she had to in order to save Lois Mane. The villains were going to do something dastardly to the fair journalist if SuperMare didn't save her.

She was already knocking out the third villain while the others started running and panicking. No enemy was a match for SuperMare. She walked casually up to Lois Mane who was ever thankful.

"SuperMare... you saved me again... oh I wish I had something to thank you with." Her eyes batting her lashes that were long and fake.

"Oh but you do. You have something that I want ... and I think as your hero I deserve it don't you." SuperMare said huskily almost out of character. The fine mare who saved lives was now seducing her love interest in a middle of a suddenly vacant lair.

"Oh yes... I think you do deserve a extra special reward SuperMare... why don't you take your prize." Lois Mane said dreamily as she opened her legs and smiled. "It's all for you SuperMare... now take me." She commanded with a lewd tone.

SuperMare was already planning to and started to dive her tongue into ...


Rainbow Dash woke up and sweating... "The buck?.... this book... it's affecting me... I don't know what to do.. I should probably return it ... or I could just keep it... and keep reading it. Wait who am I talking to?" She noticed she was talking to herself and was not sure why she suddenly stopped. Anyways, yeah much better... ok maybe I can go to Rarity's tomorrow and prove that this book is wrong. I mean what happened with AJ was a fluke right? I mean there is no way I will get into any sexual incidents with Rarity... none what so ever.

Author's Note:

So yeah in my quest to save this story from going into an M rated one I used the words Pick-axe and Diamond mine... Rarity's cutie mark saves the day. Just how long can I keep writing spicy content without being forced to go to an M rating? If I go to an M rating I will have to strip the clever words and just go for the gusto. Since this story isn't about clop I wanted to just it be erotically charged comedy like ... Girls Bravo. It's not a hentai but definitely not a kid's anime.