• Published 12th Aug 2013
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Twilight's Special Book - Diablomuerte2

Rainbow Dash inadvertently finds a special book that twilight kept from safe from view when she reads it she doesn't believe her eyes

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Ponyville was unusually quiet today. The town was just normally flowing to the usually bustling ponies that have always lived there but to a cyan mare it was quiet. It was quiet because she had nothing to do. That mare who was usually bursting through the sky at rocket speeds, performing aerial stunts for crowds or saving lives. She was always keeping the sky beautiful unless the weather called for rain. It was her job and something she was able to complete rapidly. Thus she had a lot of free time on her hooves.

She wasn't up for physically dominating her friend in a competition, even with how much she loved rubbing it in Applejack's face that she was the superior athlete, Rainbow Dash couldn't seem to be that excited anymore. Sure beating her friend was fun but it was constant and not amusing anymore. No excitement. She could always try and take her friend's hat but she was catching on and it was not worth being tackled on like that. Though it was odd that she was always trying to pin the rainbow maned speedster. Maybe I am just over thinking it. I mean it's Applejack she is definitely not into mares. Even if she was I don't know if I would date someone like her. I bet she smells like apples though.. probably tastes like them too. Enough of that moving on.

She was mulling in her brain about the other ponies she usually had considered as friends. She was thinking about her other dear friend Fluttershy. Flutters... Flutterbutter. I love that mare, she is always down for a good time... but mostly because she has a hard time saying no... well except when it comes to dragons. I learned that the hard way. I am so glad she has been by my side since we were fillies. I don't tell how her much I appreciate her as a friend do I? Well that is because I am not sappy. But she is... and she really enjoys hanging out with me... Maybe Flutters is... nah that would be too easy and life is hard.

Her thoughts were going no where fast. Rarity was coming to mind. Not because she and Rarity hung out or had a better friendship but because thinking about PInkie Pie was asking for Pinkie to randomly show up. So she thought of Rarity and how they bonded. Usually I am just saving that prissy stuck up mare's life. I mean... is she purposely throwing herself in danger just to have me catch her? She was confused as to why her brain was thinking this. She seemed unusually inquisitive about her friends' demeanor.

Then again Rainbow Dash lives in another world than most ponies. She lives in a world where awesome is the name of the game and all eyes are on her. She remembered she was missing one friend she wasn't having to avoid thinking about lest they show up. She remembered the Egg Head. Twilight Sparkle... well Princess Twilight Sparkle. She is always reading something and keeping her nose in the books. oh wait Daring Do I think a new one is supposed to come out today, definitely going to swing over there just need to make sure not to think about Pinkie and I am good.

Unfortunately Rainbow Dash didn't need to worry about thinking of the pink mare as she was on the cloud next to her the entire time. "Pinkie PIe.... how are you.... never mind? I am going to go ok?" She asked unsure of how the Pink mare was able to stand on the clouds and why she was standing so close to her.

As she flew off she thought to herself "Definitely not napping by near any public roofs." She wasn't wanting Pinkie Pie to some how find some way of doing something weird to her. Sometimes I wonder if she is trying to prank me or seduce me. Last time I was given a chloroform rag and asked if it smelled like chloroform. I woke up later with no memory of what happened but I remember feeling shame and bliss when I woke up. I can't place my hoof on it but I think Pinkie Pie may have ... nah Pinkie isn't like that.


Rainbow Dash had crash landed into the library as a result of her being lost in thought. It caused the books to stumble and the place was a mess. She knew as soon as she entered through the window she was going to be yelled at for it. She wasn't in the mood to be yelled at but did want a new Daring Do to read.

She decided the yelling would be worth is and sure enough with a face that looked like it wanted to kill the pony it was looking at, was Twilight Sparkle the lavender alicorn. She looked pissed off and Rainbow Dash already know what would be coming out her mouth.

"Hey Rainbow Dash there is this brilliant invention called the door." They both said in unison making the librarian scoff and her patience to thin.

Her eyes narrowed and she gave her a small smirk. "I am guessing you are here for one mare and one mare only is that it?"

"You are right this mare needs me to read her like a book." She said with a wink. "Seriously is it in yet? I am dying to read a new Daring Do." She was itching to read something good. I am becoming like Twilight... an Egg Head... I can't keep enjoying books.

"Actually Rainbow Dash you may find a good Daring Do in the pile on the floor since you insisted on making the mess why not pick up and find it. Who knows you may find an actual book with other content, instead of Daring Do on it, interesting." She said while smiling.

The rainbow maned pegasus ignored her and started sorting through the piles of books. "Math... magic...astrology... ?" She saw something in the pile... it wasn't a Daring Do book but it was labeled for "Twilight's eyes only." Rainbow Dash was interested in why such a book existed. She noticed Twilight frantically searching for something and placed two and two together. I wonder what Twilight has in here? Probably a love confession in detail to Princess Celestia. I shouldn't read it but I must. It's a big book. It looks fancy as if she put a lot of work into it. Maybe she is working on a novel? Either way I think I am going to go home now and read whatever is inside this book. She did say I should try to find another book so I am technically doing what she is telling me so I am not doing anything wrong.

"Hey Twilight... I think I am just going to go home.. I am hungry and I suddenly have the need to see my tortoise. I will be back possibly later to find a Daring Do book to read." she said casually while hovering with her back facing away from her academically superb friend.

Twilight wasn't in the mood to talk she was looking for that book that she had enjoyed reading. She wrote it over time but the final chapters were really something she had to keep reading over and over. Why did I write such a book? If Rainbow Dash ever finds out what I wrote in it... I think my life here is ruined. "yeah uh..huh go have that picnic." she said preoccupied.

Rainbow Dash used this moment to fly out with out being detected or having the book be noticeable. She started her way home and wondered just what was inside the book.


She landed on her cloud home and opened the door. Since she was interested in this book she had to make sure she locked her door. the sound of the click made sure no intruders came in. She quickly fed Tank who like a champ was already eating the food dropped in front of him. "Good boy tank.. anyways I need to go read so be a good boy and don't make any noises" She said before rushing off to her room.

She felt like a filly with a birthday present. Just what would she find inside this book? I hope it's worth everything I had to go through today.. well I didn't really have to go through much. I still hope whatever is inside is like awesomely worth me stealing it. Well technically I borrowed it because it was in a stack of library books... anyways rationalization later I am going to see what little miss princess doesn't want the world to see.

She opened the book and her eyes went wide... she couldn't believe what her eyes were reading. She closed the book and opened it again hoping for something different. No matter how many times she did that the inside cover was still the same.

She was hoping this was some sick twisted joke but to no avail. She skimmed through the book not really reading it hoping for some Egg Head prank note somewhere but just found page numbers and some words that she wasn't reading because heck she wasn't going to read this. Well I mean... I guess I will just have to see what the hay this book is really about. If it you know is some kind of prank than it's a good one I guess. I just hope this isn't something she intends on handing out to everyone... I mean where does she get off? A book about my life habits? She was studying me? What's this.. Chapter one? AppleDash?

She looked for the punch line in the book and found nothing as she flipped a page ahead things were starting alright and then... "What the hay.... no bucking way." she said as she tossed the book. She wasn't going to read that. Twilight is obviously imagining things..., but.... Rainbow Dash had realized that it was just the first chapter... she had all day to read it and why not. I guess I can see what the whole book is about no harm in that right? It's not like I want to see what Twilight imagines me doing with... Applejack... or whoever she has me doing things with... I will just read the book and then call her out on being crazy... this is twilight right... it can't be that inappropriate.

She decided to pick the book back up and just start from the first part... "Chapter 1... Apple Dash."

Author's Note:

So I know it sounds off and the tags of the characters don't match the shocking revelation. Just read on as I update this. I promise some lulz and some ooh la la's like my other comedic stories have.

Hopefully it stays teen rated. I don't want it to be an M rated fic so I will be as sneaky as I can with dialogue to avoid the M rating :P it has a sex tag so I should be good.