• Published 12th Aug 2013
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Twilight's Special Book - Diablomuerte2

Rainbow Dash inadvertently finds a special book that twilight kept from safe from view when she reads it she doesn't believe her eyes

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The Perfect Mate?

The Perfect Mate?

Twilight was still searching the library going literally crazy looking for the book. She had spent all morning looking for it. She forgot to eat in fear of forgetting a spot to search and someone accidentally checking the book out. She was pacing still when Spike returned. " So no luck with your mustache helping you with Rarity?"

"Actually about that... I need to get a bit bigger, got a size spell? If not an age spell? Just a temporary one... I don't want to lose my spot as the cute baby dragon just for one day of fun." He said coolly while rubbing his mustache. He felt he was getting closer to his goal. Rarity did turn him down using the excuse he just wasn't old enough for her. She tried sparing his feelings but he didn't take the hint. He saw it as a challenge and felt he needed to accept it.

Twilight wasn't sure what kind of 'fun' he was going on about, it felt weird to her to hear such words from her number one assistant. "Spike... I don't know what kind of fun you are referring to but until I find that book no one gets to have fun." Her voice was raised and her mood was visible from a Hubble telescope. Deep in the recess of space, some pony astronaut was feeling the unease of the lavender alicorn.

"That's not fair, I thought Owluicious was looking for it with you?" He crossed his arms in defiance while hoping the one time he needed the stupid owl to do something for him he would come through. "I mean what's so bad about this book? It's not like it's a romance novel depicting one of your friends having intercourse with another... or it could be a story about you and Celestia getting it on?" He asked wondering just what was in that book that was stressing his owner out.

Twilight was red in the face but turned away. "It doesn't matter what is in the book the point is we need to find it. I must have it before someone else sees my unpublished masterpiece."

" So, no on the age spell?" He asked going for broke since he knew she was in one of her moods.


Ponyville had many ponds with different marine life and other inhabitants. Tortoises though land dwelling reptiles are still found near water. So Fluttershy and a recently showered Rainbow Dash had brought Tank the tortoise to find himself a mate.

Fluttershy was smiling, she was sitting close by her long time friend while the tortoise roamed free using his instincts to guide him. She loved being by Rainbow Dash, they haven't been as close when they first moved to Ponyville together. Then Twilight came and changed all that and reconnected the two friends. Now they were hardly apart for more than a day. It was good again.

Rainbow Dash was just infuriated about the whole book situation. She had found that reading it was exciting. Twilight had a bit of freak in her geek. I just wonder what is going to happen next? I mean is it just about me and Applejack or is there like... other kinds of stuff in there? Anyways look at Flutters... she is so cute. Wait... is there a story about me and Fluttershy? I hope not... I mean... I don't know how I can even look at Applejack now with the whole... image in my head.

Fluttershy decided to break the silence, she knew it was risky since the cyan mare was not a soft spoken or sappy individual and this scene looked pretty sappy with how close they were together. Fluttershy was thrilled she was able to sneak over inch by inch. "So Rainbow... what is going on in your mind? You seem distracted." She asked meekly while pawing at the soft grass beneath their hooves.

"Fluttershy... do you have an idea what you want in a mate?... I don't just mean like father of your foal.. I mean just a life mate in general?" She asked not wanting to offend her friend if she was a lesbimare. Rainbow Dash got pretty close to Fluttershy as a filly but they never stepped on that line. She always wondered though if her friend had her 'affliction'.

Fluttershy was red faced, she wasn't expecting such a bold question from her friend. What do I say? I mean... what kind of answer is she looking for? "Oh... I don't know... I mean ... what brought this on?" She was looking at the ground while hiding in her hair her hoof gently pawing away at the grass as if she was digging for something.

Rainbow Dash forgot just how shy Fluttershy was. "Well I don't know just curious is all. I sometimes wonder about mates and settling down. I just know I won't be a super fast mare forever and will have to be tamed one day... not that I won't totally be top still just... I mean... do you have a perfect mate... if I was being honest I would think someone like Big Mac would suit you well with you two being all shy and quiet." She was rubbing the back of her head. She hated lying to her friend but she can't say she wanted to know about mates because of a book that Twilight wrote.

"Actually I wouldn't date Big Mac." she stated simply and waited for her friend to ask the obvious.

"Why not I mean he is a stallion and he is .. umm... well.... idk... shy?" She asked not really knowing any redeeming qualities of the usually reserved older brother of a certain farm mare that was running through her mind.

"Well that is a stupid reason to be with someone.. if you don't mind me saying so... it's just... I want someone to be with me and who can enjoy me. Know my limits and know when I will break. I want someone who is strong and brave and yet with me they are gentle and caring. I would want someone who is almost the opposite of me but yet still share some common ground. Honestly I think... " she stopped talking. She didn't want to say something stupid to her friend. so she used her mind to finish the conversation. I think you would be my perfect mate Rainbow Dash... you are what completes me. I just wish I had the courage to tell you. But I don't.

"I think I get what you are saying Shy... just need to do some thinking is all. I hope Tank finds his mate soon I want to visit Applejack for a minute and talk with her." She said while looking into the sky with things racing on her mind. That book seriously messed with her head. Could me and Applejack work out? Fluttershy says no but hot action book says yes.

Fluttershy smiled softly "If you want to go I can stay with Tank and you can pick him up later regardless if he has found his mate. I know you don't like these soft sappy moments but I had fun." Her words betrayed her emotion. Still she had fun for a bit spending time just watching a tortoise... try to find a mate... the thought suddenly wasn't sounding fun anymore.

"Thanks Shy you are the best." She said before pulling her friend into a hug. "But I will be honest. I don't mind these soft or sappy moments... when they are with you Shy... you are the only one who gets soft Dash." Her smile lit Fluttershy's heart up. After letting her friend go she started off for Sweet Apple Acres with a goal in mind.


Applejack was busy bucking apple trees for the harvest season. During these times she usually enjoys being alone without distraction. She also knew whenever she was about to feel like suddenly the world was right, a cyan mare with a penchant for physical competitions would arrive just to 'brighten' up her day.

If she was a paid psychic she would be rich at this moment. Her predictions came true as suddenly her hat was missing. Usually she would just chase after the trickster but her leg was feeling all kinds of cramped. "RD I can't chase after you...My leg is all hurtin' can you just this once not be a feather brain?" Her tone was a mix of anger and sorrow. She hated having to yell at her friend because usually she would take the challenge and chase after her. Which usually resulted in some wrestling.

"Hey AJ... what gives? Are you alright?" She asked concerned, usually her friend would embrace the challenge and now she was acting all grumpy.

"I am sorry, just my leg givin' me problems. I usually would ask Fluttershy to massage it since she all good with animals but I haven't seen her around lately." She said while feeling a bit embrassased for showing weakness in front of her rival. It was not unusual for them to just take it easy and relax but it was sure rare. "I ... wouldn't ask you this normally but Fluttershy did say you know how to give good massages... you don't mind do ya?"

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh... is this really happening? I mean this is just getting weird. "Sure... I won't ask how she got you to spill the beans but, yeah I will do it. I mean just lets find somewhere private so no one thinks something else is going on... my hooves drive the mares wild." She winks and chuckles.

"Sure, sure... anyways lets head to the barn it should be empty and since it's not too close to the house we can have the privacy for me to... 'appreciate the magic' " she accentuated the last words with a sarcastic tone. She already knew her friend loved to brag about anything and it was comforting she wasn't making a fuss about helping her.

"Alright lead the way." She said while following her.


Spike was pissed. He has a mustache worthy of a mustache aficionado and no one got excited by it. He was hoping the mare of his dreams would at least acknowledge the epic mustache. It was glorious and powerful. He wanted the world to see it. Unfortunately his lack of wings and knowledge of the world was limiting his delusional ideas.

Rarity was outside her shop tossing out old fabrics and useless materials when she noticed spike in thought rubbing his stache. She was chuckling a bit and thought how cute he looked. Maybe he could date Sweetie Belle... nah that wouldn't go well with mom and dad... plus... he seems to be glued to me, I guess I am just that attractive... oh well poor Spikey Wikey... maybe one day he will find some dragon to love him. She went back inside the shop before the clingy baby dragon could spot her.

He was just about to be crowned emperor of mustaches in his fantasy when he heard the familiar clopping noises associated with walking ponies. He just missed Rarity and his chance to use an epic pick up line he learned from one of Twilight's books. The library was full of information. Some that even Twilight wouldn't have known about. Even if she has probably read every book in the library... twice.


Rainbow Dash was checking her eyes when she saw Applejack laying on her side with her hat off and her hair down. I am dreaming this aren't I... I hope not... wait.... What am I going to do.. what if I accidentally grope her because of some stupid book... I need to be calm and professional... oh why does she have to look so good with her natural sweat... and that smell... damn I turned into a pervert.

Applejack was relaxing. She always had to keep her appearances when working and the hat helped with the heat. All day apple bucking in the sun was dehydrating and exhausting. She was just laying on her side and waiting for her 'masseuse' to start. "I ain't got no fancy candles.... so just pretend we at some spa... or whatever it is you have to do to 'visualize'" She said unsure of the process ponies that massage others go through or why. She just needed her leg all feeling good. She wasn't asking for a full body or anything special.

Rainbow Dash gulped and just tried to suppress the urges from rising. "Alright then just lay still and let The Dash do her work." she said before loosening her muscles and bones and flexing herself out. She wanted to be loose and limber if she was going to massage properly. She usually kept her ability to perform mind blowing massages to herself. Fluttershy usually got one when she was being preened. Though her mind didn't look as if it had been blown after the matter. Maybe Flutters is immune to the magic touch?

Applejack just waved a hoof at her "Hurry up Sugar Cube I ain't getting any younger." she said while looking to the front. She didn't want to look at her friend's face while she was in a vulnerable position. She hated feeling vulnerable but she trusts Rainbow Dash. They had a deep trust for each other and usually that got them through awkward moments.

Rainbow Dash silently approached her, the cyan mare's eyes locked on to the leg and she started to gently position herself to the stomach side of the other mare before reaching over and running a hoof over the other mare's leg causing her to jump from the sudden jolt of pleasure.

"Whoa nelly... Sorry... I just .. nervous I guess." she said while breathing quickly. Her face was flushed and she was unsure of what else to say so she just shut her mouth and let her mind relax.

"Alright it's ok... I will be going slower now..." She said drifting off to silence while she slowly caressed the leg with her hoof. She could feel the tension and the cramped muscles as she expertly glided her foreleg across the leg. She gently put force into her kneading of the leg. She was being slow and gentle but also thorough. "Wow... you are so cramped up AJ." Her tone a little huskier than intended.

Applejack just tried to ignore the pleasure surging through her body. It was getting too much to bear.. "RD... don't stop." When she said that she froze up.... Did I just oh Celestia why did I just say that?

Luckily Rainbow Dash was oblivious to the tone but still had a minor flush remembering the book and it's contents. She was still casually massaging the leg and pressing more into it. She could hear the moans and tried tuning it out but found herself more and more into the whole massage. She could feel Applejack jerk around from the jolts of pleasure. It was getting erotic and soon they would have to stop before something horrible happened.

Applejack was drifting from consciousness enjoying the massage while being exhausted from a busy day. Her legs now feeling like jelly as Rainbow decided upon herself to massage the other one.. When did she? I mean it feels so good but... I just needed.... and then no noises came from her but silent snoring and slow breathing.

Rainbow Dash was smiling until she realized Applejack had snoozed during the massage . Great now what..is that... what's that smell? She sniffed the air and it was musky. She investigated the source and almost whinnied in surprise. Applejack is bucking wet... oh man... what do I do.... temptation is telling me to just get a taste but ... that is wrong.. so wrong... I mean.... what if she wakes up and I get caught... I will be exiled and banished... but what if she doesn't wake up... I can finally see if she really does taste like apples or cider... I can say I was.... ummm I don't know ... stupid book...

Her mind battled for minutes. Morality and lust fighting each other... she had rationalized that it was just one lick and it wouldn't be sexual assault if it was just in the name of science... yeah.... just testing Twilight's theory... I mean is it really a bad thing if it was for a good cause? She started leaning in and her brain kicked her morally. "No... I can't do this... damn you Twilight and damn you stupid book... I just want one taste... " She was whispering to herself. She decided she would just take a whiff instead since there isn't a crime about that. She inhaled the musky scent and shivered in delight. "Stupid sexy Applejack." She had to fight her lust and move on. She decided to just leave her friend in the barn asleep... till she realized what could happen if she did. She decided to nuzzle her friend and slowly wake her up.

Applejack yawned and chuckled "I guess your 'magic touch' had put me to sleep.... thanks a lot RD I knew I could trust you to not leave me here." She said with a huge smile... her body feeling so much better until she realized her scent was all over the place. She quickly excused herself and ran off.

Rainbow Dash saw a drop of Applejack's essence on the floor. She decided it isn't sexual assault if it's on the floor and with the five second rule in place she decided to just go for it. She licked the floor and rolled herself around on the spot with shame pouring from her very soul. I hate myself... well time to go pick up Tank and read more of that book... I have to see what else Twilight has in store for me... well the book version of me who apparently had tasty 'Apple Pie' while I barely got any cider... stupid book.


Applebloom was watching the entire time... she was worried when she heard the sudden moaning noises and went to check on her sister. What she saw shocked her to the core. My sister and Rainbow Dash are special some ponies to each other? I got to tell Scootaloo she will be so jealous... So the curse of the book was spreading.


Rainbow Dash had to hear the bad news of Tank not getting a mate. Fluttershy suggested he stay with her till tomorrow and they would meet at another pond at noon to find Tank a mate. She was going to pack lunch for the both of them and that way Rainbow Dash didn't have to worry about missing a meal.

She was so thankful for it she offered to pay some bits, her offer of paying was refused by her friend. "I would never make you pay Rainbow Dash... I never make anyone pay for helping out a friend." she said with such a smile and voice that cut into the rainbow maned mare's heart. I hope her mate treats her as well as she deserves.

She was now free to read her book. She decided to crack it open at where it left off. "Nah... skipping that... I already am having problems not trying to mount Apples so I think I will just skip a few pages... Oh what the no way!" She was furious.. the next chapter which she was expecting it to be about someone else was in fact something she was dreading. It was another chapter about her and some other pony.. but not just any pony it was about her and Rarity... "Chapter 2... RariDash."

Author's Note:

So the plot thickens. Yes I know I am evil. I have accepted that. Next Chapter features a unique perspective about the encounters of Rainbow Dash and Rarity and the whole saving her life a couple of times bit.