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Twilight is reading a book in the bathroom when she discovers that there is no TP. Spike isn't home, and Owlowicious isn't either. What will Twilight do to solve her toilet paper predicament?

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Really cool idea, but it does not fit well to Twilight. She would probably rather wipe with her own tail than tear a page out of a book. Also, she has magic, she can wipe it to the molecule with her telekinesis alone, no need for toilet paper in the first place.

2901475 are she ues idk oh wait MAGIC!

2901581 sober up before you comment, will you.

2901475 Magic doesn't work that way and there's no way she'd use her tail. She just wouldn't. :eeyup:

2901769 not in this country!

2901774 oh oh oh yeh why not you make me huh buddy i got what you need right here and......... wait what i was typing about again?

2901874 oh right the candy i love thos there so sweet and good to have i wonder if they can make it into an engery drink??

2901936 Lol the hershey squirts is diarrhea dude

2901943 really becasue it sand like a candy, i really need to stop dirnk this shit ( thowr the beer at the window and it hit a cat )

2901943 anyway cool story dude

2901936 You wouldn't understand the joke if you didn't watch the "Conker's Bad Fur Day" short on YouTube. :ajsleepy:

That's also where "Not in this country." comes from. Sorry you had to find out the hard way. :twilightoops:

Anyway on an unrelated note have you read "Rarity Runs Out of Toilet Paper"? It's a humanized fic that revolves around sort of the same concept except Rarity does something else.

You know I wonder if this story idea will become a thing? Like maybe someone will publish "Rainbow Dash Runs Out of Toilet Paper" or heaven forbid "Fluttershy Runs Out of Toilet Paper".

Twilight Sparkle, you are fucked!:trollestia::facehoof:

2902861 i know the joke but it's rarely use today

2902889 That's why they invented The Internet.

2902904 the internet is a great thing :trollestia:

2902914 Welcome to the Internet. Quick word to the wise watch out for trolls and porn they're everywhere. :trollestia:

2902928 and for smart people to make money in the internet black market and that fully use it's people i call people that use the internet just for porn shopping and fun are Playgrounders.

Raven: ....... She's dead.

Dr. X: ....... No comment, then.

Funny as this was, nothing about it makes sense. There's only so far disbelief can be suspended for Rule of Funny, and this pretty much went past that line.

I just use the toilet paper roll when this happens.

Omfg dude... did you really expect this to get featured? There's funny stupid, and then there's just plain no.. stupid Lol. Message me and I'll tell you all the things that are wrong with this fic if you want to make the feature box. Next time, you must must MUST consort with me before submitting your fic. Haha.

Remember, I'm like an expert at writing stupid shit like this and making it seem funny to most people lolz.

Mother fucker lolz

been there done that.tech manual. fucking whoops.

2904009 You always manage to attract the dislikes when you comment on my stories as well.

2905055 This better than a 2nd person?


To top its better-ness off, it's a good old fashioned oneshot! My favorite! :pinkiehappy:

2915551 Oh. Well too bad more people disliked this than the 2nd person story! I really don't know what to do here...:pinkiesad2:

2915561 Your 2nd p fic was clop. nuff sed.

2915579 What? No it isn't!

2915588 Romance tag. 'you and luna' it's about as implied as it gets, that's really enough. :applejackunsure:

2915598 :facehoof:. It's innocent love.

2915601 I'm trying to pm you to keep your comments clean but the site is all broken. Anyhow. I haven't read it, so im not casting judgement. I'm just saying. Do you have a steam account?

2915619 Aha! So that's why stuff hasn't been working! I was starting to think everybody hated me...

And no, no I don't. Why do ya ask?

2915628 So I can talk to you without polluting your story comments. :rainbowwild:

2915632 Oh. Well I have a facebook if that's any better.

2915647 I suppose we should postpone this conversation until the bugs are fixed then?

2915656 Indubitably. Remind me.

If I was Twilight, I would blame it all on Spike. :derpytongue2:


2915647 You WOULD be against Facebook, eh grandpa?! :rainbowlaugh:

3002307 Back in my day, face-book meant slamming your face into a book!


3002870 Y'all had some weeeeeeird hobbies back in the 20's, Gramps.

I laughed so hard when Spike told me about this. :') Good times..good times.

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