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A simple afternoon spent modifying a dress at Carousel Boutique leads to two ponies accidentally discovering that they have more in common than was once believed.

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First and ...HNNNNNNGGGGG! :pinkiehappy::raritywink:
Lovely if I say so myself! Love your work!

The fact that this is marked as "Complete" fills me with unbearable sadness.

Pinkie... Why do we bother trying?

- Midnight Specter

Screw it up? *Pffffff* I told you, I love the story.

Another great short. Now this is what I picture Slice of Life being. I don't know why many dislike this kind of story.
It is meant to be a simple thing. Not too intricate, but not devoid of attention. These little fics are what really bathe the character's personality in light... even if it is fanom. I feel a more deep connection to the characters when reading these kinds of fics than when I read complex ones about adventure/self-discovery/etc.

Because, in the aforementioned themes, the reader knows what to expect. But fics like these, like, plant the seed of doubt in your mind. You have to let it flourish and pick its fruits... if you don't, this will be a boring fic without meaning.

In my opinion: Fanfics that exist for the sole purpose of existing are the best.

With this story (along with Where You Can't Follow) you more than earned my watch.

238292 It's like everything he writes is just begging for follow-up, but it's always marked as complete. :fluttercry:

Another great story, and more internet fame for you, AA. I don't know why, but I feel like this should be in that box at the top of the page instead of Where You Can't Follow. I really liked that story, and I'm not thrashing it- it's just, we've seen a lot of stuff about Pinkie and Dash, but tragically little about Rarity and Pinkie. Maybe if we keep refreshing the page and clearing cookies we'll get it on there.

Very beautiful, and as many other people said, it's to short!

Bravo and encore!

It shows his talent for writing.

I have to admit, though. Pinkie being lucid seems out of character...but the way it's written almost seems believable.

My God.

241760 It's always been head-canon for me that Pinkie isn't as detached as she seems, which is part of why I like this story so much. I see Pinkie's absurd joy and infectious smile as more of an overcompensation for her sadder side than natural attitude. And yeah, he's a very good writer.

Love this. I approve of DeirKun's request--not that she asked me, of course--though I do wonder if she was trolling you a bit, as personally I always feel that getting Pinkie and Rarity interactions to work is probaby the hardest of all possible Mane six pairings. (My MLP fanfiction holy grail is to someday write a RariPie romance that actually keeps the ponies in character, is plausible, and flows from existing canon traits. If I can pull that off, on that day I can die a happy man.)

I really liked the glimpse into Rarity's mind, especially her reflections on how she likes but doesn't respect Pinkie. It's harsh, but it's probably true. Funny, though, that she sees Pinkie as frivolous--I'm quite sure many ponies see Rarity's devotion to fashion as frivolous, as well. But perhaps that makes sense. Nothing seems to irritate us so much in others as what we dislike or feel insecure about in ourselves.

As soon as I read about the letters from Rarity's parents, I knew we were going to get rock farm angst later on, and I got excited. I'd never thought to make that connection before, but I think it makes a lot of sense and I think it works.

I loved the parallels, as I always do. The care packages. The last two sentences. In particular, I like how the parallels aren't exact matches ... there are similarities between the care packages, but of course Rarity and Pinkie are on two different sides of the equation. The final sentences are repetitions from earlier in the story, but at the end, in context, they've changed meaning. It's much like the similarities between Rarity and Pinkie Pie are there right along with the differences. I like how the story's plot and the story's writing echo one another like that.

Pinkie's cheerful attitude very nearly masked the slight tremor in her voice when she spoke of her parents; but the tremor was still there, and didn't go unnoticed by Rarity.

Aww. You really do love breaking Pinkie's heart. I like Rarity's perceptiveness--that feels very in-character for her.

Perhaps she would send a thank-you note. That was the polite thing to do, after all.

I love how understated this is, this moment that marks a huge shift and how it's presented almost as an afterthought. How tentative and uncertain Rarity seems. Very lovely.

And as an aside:

"Applejack alone seemed to just accept Pinkie as she was, unquestioning of her many oddities, but maybe it was some kind of earth pony thing."

Snort. "Some kind of earth pony thing." I like the idea that, even though we're in the post-Hearth Warming era, there's still residual exotification of the three pony races and that the unicorns and pegasi are all, "Earth ponies, man. Amirite?" I'm not entirely sure that's what you were going for, but that's what I heard, and I'm amused.

241760 The pie is far more intelligent than she appears. Her Modus Operandi has always struck me as being an eccentric genius. She knows what she wants from life and seeks it out. What she wants is smiles, and she will go to any lengths to get them. Outrun the fastest pegasi currently known to Equestria? Check. Outwit one of the most intelligent unicorns? Check. Bring peace to two warring factions of frontier folk with a song? Two out of three ain't bad... The moral? Never mistake a clown for a fool.

I would like to see a sequel or continuation. No offense you did leave the story open.

Love it!! I don't usually see a lot of Rarity and Pinkie stories and I've been dying for one!!

Hmm....I'd like to read more stories like this. Just two of the mane six sharing a moment that better explains what holds them together as friends.


>"Perhaps all little sisters had a way of driving their elders insane."
Now I'll tell you, it's not just little sisters. I'd say little siblings in general. :raritywink:

Now why aren't there more stories like this up here? Instead we get all these fics were everypony is killing and raping each other. :facehoof:

I love these Slice of Life fanfics. I feel they keep close to the original idea of the show and give more possibilities to the character's personality. Well Done :pinkiehappy:

Oh wow... I'm not sure how to respond to this. For quite a time at the beginning I wasn't sure if I was enjoying it. The sheer abrasiveness of Rarity's response to Pinkie felt very out of character... but as I kept reading, I liked it more and more, and by the end... well... I think you have an absolute masterpiece of Slice of Life here, no doubt about it. Keep up the fantastic writing, you're definitely one of my favourite writers around at the moment! :pinkiehappy:

:scootangel:Very psychologically engaging. You make a lot out of one of the unlikeliest relationships in canon, and I like the direction you take with it. A like and a favourite from me.

That was nice.

Ver'good. Nice little friendship slice. :twilightsmile:

that was very nice. a really interesting interpretation of raritys character

I'm gonna read them all. All of them. Everything that you've written. And then I will learn how to be an amazing writer.

""What does that name say? I can't read it. Does that say Magnum? That's a funny name! Who do you know named Magnum?""
Oh my god I love you so much for that reference you don't even know.

I was worried when I started reading, and I'm still not entirely sold on your take on Rarity. It may be possible that I simply don't want to believe in a side of Rarity like this, as someone said above, we're most critical of the things in others we're most insecure about. However, considering their interactions, and similarities (I look most back to "putting your hoof down") I wouldn't think that Rarity would be as cold to Pinkie. Considering how generous she is with her time and talent, I can't imagine that sort of friction wouldn't come out.

That being said, this whole story is well done. Incredibly well done.

Everything moves so well, one thought into the next. The descriptions, the glimpses into Rarity's inner monologue, are all very evocative. Now granted, this may be because I pulled out of Michigan and moved to NYC to work in something that had no guarantee of success, and still doesn't for that matter, so it may be that I simply connected to Rarity's viewpoint, but every line from Rarity's perspective spoke to me. Including, if not especially, the opinions on Pinkie Pie and my "frivolous" friends.

One way or another, this story got me thinking on a great many things. I felt the need to say something, because this hit me. I felt each pang of guilt as Pinkie described her relationship to her family and I related to Rarity's situation and wondered when the last time I called my parents. I felt the warming of newfound respect and started wondering how it might be applied to my circles. Your words drew me in in an incredible way and I suppose more than anything I wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for providing me a way to look at not only my situation from a different angle, but also my friends, my family, and my distance.

Thank you for reminding me that no matter how different we are, more often than not we're far more similar than we might think.

Thank you for writing this fantastic story. I earnestly wish you the best on any and all future endeavors.


P.S. By the way, in my personal opinion, your Pinkie Pie was incredibly well done. It felt like it was right out of the world. Excellent work.

Friendshipping is best shipping.

I like the last line, but it feels like the story ended a bit too soon. I dunno what could be added, just my interpretation.

:raritydespair: Stop being such a good writer!

But she was so...frivolous.

You sir....Are brilliant. pinkie.mylittlefacewhen.com/media/f/img/mlfw2348-sweetiemanlytearsplz.png <-- This honestly summed up MFW I read that line. no internet hyperbole involved. Pinkie swear.

HNNNNNGGG... So sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :rainbowkiss::pinkiesmile::raritystarry::twilightsmile:

Pinkie is not nearly as crazy as she seems to be. If you look at her focus episodes, you can tell that she is actually, deep down inside, a bit insecure about herself. She wants to make other ponies happy, but really, to some extent, she NEEDS to make others happy - if she fails at it, she feels as though it is a rejection of HER.

She is actually surprisingly lucid, she just loves to be silly and zany. Its part of who she is. But if something really important is going on, she is capable of snapping back into lucidity, really indicating she never left it - she merely seemed to.

It's true when they say 'Our perceptions of others paint our interpretation of their actions'. Simply put we see what we want to see.:pinkiesmile:

This is a nice story. However, I see some issues.

First of all, Sweetie Belle does go to school in Ponyville, so she clearly lives in the area, and so do her parents; thus, the situation you convey doesn't make sense in canon.

I didn't like Pinkie being so mannerless. I think that she does take a lot of things seriously, and if Rarity clearly is sensitive about the package I'd expect her to be more careful than to try and just take it from her.

Then, the whole progress of the RariPie friendshipping was too sudden for my liking. The exchange about their family backgrounds might be key to the change in how Rarity sees Pinkie, but I'd have found it a lot more convincing if they'd had begun to get a little more comfortable around each other beforehand, rather than just "hey you've always annoyed me but now actually let's be besties".

What I liked was the insight you give into the characters of Rarity and Pinkie, because in my opinion a lot of the points you made were quite fitting. Other than that there's not terribly much to say for me about this; high quality as expected.

I feel for you, AA. If Pinkie's written too lucid, people complain. If she's too random people complain. You write a good fic nonetheless.

I'm gonna honest, while you're a good writer, this story is not to my liking. Mostly to do with Rarity's characterization. She's one of my favorites and I love her and I don't feel that this is either accurate or flattering.

it is an imprecation that I invented not to be vulgar.

1-Unless this is a parallel dimension, the sisters of the pinkie are three not two, marble, limestone and maud.

2-pinkie,even if it's fun,crazy and a bit childish, it's not stupid, remember every name of each of his friends (which are all his according to him) and every their sweet and favorite party, she is essential, when (because of twilight) she and applejack exchanged the cuti mark ponyville was full only of sad and angry ponies, she is essential for ponyville, if not for equestria.

3-rarity being the element of generosity, it would never be selfish enough to ignore its parents without talking about sweete.

now that I have shared my opinion about it, and having underlined some points I have to say that the whole work is well done.
I hope I did not make you angry about my observations.

This was a beautiful insight into both Pinkie’s and Rarity’s characters. While it may not be canon, exactly, it was certainly fun to read.

I love Pinkie, but if I ever met someone like her in real life it would take every fiber of my being not to strangle them, so I understand Rarity’s attitude towards Pinkie in this story.

I’ll be checking out the rest of your stories, and if they’re half as good as this one you’ve earned a Follow.

I will also be adding this to my Group as well as my Favorites.

Edit: Turns out I already had three of your stories in my Library!

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