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Tis now headcanon

God dammit:twilightangry2:

take these 5 stars sir. you have actually emotionally moved me. no small feet i assure you.

#2 · Nov 27th, 2011 · · ·

Tears. So much tears. I love it so much. I agree with "Insert Clever Name", this is now head canon. Great job.

#3 · Nov 28th, 2011 · · ·

i have to say, i just love this story meerly for the emotion in it, this makes me apprieciate pinkie a little more, mainly cause i can relate, i know how she felt in the story: unwanted, alone, depressed, wanting to be happy. i think this is one of my new fav fanfics:heart:

#4 · Dec 4th, 2011 · · ·

That was the sound of my manliness dying
of sadness.

#5 · Dec 4th, 2011 · · ·

Ill love you pinkie, Ill hold you...
Im so sad.
You are an awesome writer.
Please keep breaking my heart. Its... nice...:fluttershysad:

#6 · Dec 15th, 2011 · · 1 ·

Very Intense :fluttercry: :pinkiesad2:

Hmm....Mind if I borrow some ideas from this fic for my own? I've been having some trouble writing Chapter 16.

Actually, I'm going to be borrowing from multiple "Twinkie Pinkie" stories, and creating a new spin on Pinkie's childhood in general, but seeing as how you're the lead commenter nowadays, I feel a little awkward unoriginally whoring off of you....


I just realised that I had sorta forgotten about this fic. I must say, it's a perfect backstory in so many ways :yay:

Also depressing. Very depressing. Especially now. :pinkiesad2:

good god pinkie just needs to be loved forever. :pinkiesad2:

That cover makes me want to give her a bear hug and ride on a rainbow together.

(I'm a guy, believe it or not xD)

I am so close to crying right now!

More? Please? :fluttershysad: Pleeeeeeease? PLLLLLLLLLLLEASE??????

Great, now I'm convinced there's some ghostly entity that goes around changing unhappy ponies... And poor Luna didn't work out as well as Pinkie. Well, that's not true. She did seem pretty cheerful afterwords. It's everyone else that had the problem.

Goddamn this is sad.

I love the italicized text, how almost sing-songy it is, in the way that fairy tales are. It reads sarcastic to me, which I like, as of course this isn't a happy story. It's a fractured fairy tale, if indeed a fairy tale it is, one that's broken and bleeding. The pacing is excellent, along with the repetition ("Once upon a time there was a little pink pony ..."), and both allow for a wonderfully slow racheting up of dramatic tension. Some specific parts I liked:

There was no point in having a special talent that she couldn't make use of.

I first read this a while ago--but didn't review at the time, because I am the World's Suckiest Reviewer--but upon rereading this post-"Putting Your Hoof Down," this hit extra hard. Assuming this backstory--or, rather, assuming this Pinkie goes on to live the canon Pinkie's life--Fluttershy's nasty little dig that parties and fashion are "frivolous," something no one cares about, must have been extra horrible and triggered some serious repressed memories in Pinkie.

Maybe the nameless craving that haunted her was a simple need for belonging, and if she could find a way to make herself like everypony else, she would finally find it.

This is especially heart-breaking, as what makes Pinkie Pie wonderful is that she ISN'T like everyone else.

"Promise you won't kill yourself." Blinkamena ordered in a firm voice.

No answer.

"Promise! Blinkie Pie swear it! Cross your heart and hope to fly, stick a -"

I especially liked this bit, as it saves the Pie family from coming across as total heartless monsters. Blinkie clearly loves Pinkie here, though she--like the other Pies--may just not know how to show it. I also like that this part hints that the origin of the famed (and feared) Pinkie Pie Swear is actually Pinkie's sister. It's especially nice as it suggests that the walling-off that comes at the story's conclusion was ALWAYS incomplete, was ALWAYS unmaintainable. At least, that's what it suggests to me.

I've just spontaneously grown an extra pair of arms in an attempt to hold all the feels this story gave me, they aren't enough.:pinkiesad2:

Definitely best Pinkie Pie backstory I've read. :pinkiesad2: You have actually made me :raritycry:, something only one author has ever managed to do before.

Favin' this. I love your writing, so much! :pinkiesad2::pinkiehappy:

Great story...it definitely will be headcanon for me now too. It works as great backstory. I don't know why but I enjoy sad fics, this one didn't make me cry, but it had an emotional effect.

The thing that made this story 20% better is that the Pie sisters were shown as caring sisters, even if they didn't always show it. I've always wondered what happened after Pinkie Pie's party, and now I know.:pinkiesad2:

Tears, tears everywhere!
Damn sad fic is sad!

:pinkiesad2: Pinkamina just needs a hug! This fic really touched me. You are a genius.

Well, that was absolutely amazing and fantastic. Just about every time Sue appeared I got rocks in my ventricles and my heart got heavier.
Now, if you don't mind I'm just going to curl up in the dark and be very sad for a while. :pinkiesad2:

Woah! That was... surprisingly deep and moving. For a moment there I thought you will end it with a successful suicide. But that would make the story canon-unfit (and you would probably have to use the unforgiving Alternate Universe tag).

Anyway, I noticed that most of your stories feature Pinkie as the main character... Best pony? :pinkiecrazy:

Oh, and let's not forget the very common RainbowPie shipping. :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

Headcanon now. And awesome. And :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:.

I'm such a method actor. Every time I must be depressed, I read this. Oh, and it's my favorite fanfic, ever, by the way.

Very well done, thank you

.... This has been featured, hasn't it? :fluttercry:

:flutterrage: 'Cause if not, I'm going to bother the shhh out of knighty and force him/her/it to do so. This is legit featured material. I couldn't stop crying, it was just... This... I'll have you know one thing. This is my new headcanon for Pinkie's history. That's how good this was. Have some Nutella, pat yourself on the back, do the Happy Dance, whatever. You deserve to be totally excited that you wrote a story this amazingly awesome.

I'll even throw in a mustache. :moustache:

~Have a savvy day! :coolphoto:~

I wish you would talk about her sisters kinda missing her and her mother being glad there was one less mouth to feed and no more burdens and no more pink. And than her sister would think to stick up for her. but never did. wondered. but never wondered out loud... you should write about that. :pinkiehappy:

Oh god. Poor Pinkie. :fluttercry: If only I could give her a hug.

You depressed me with this story. It was good overall, though.:pinkiesmile:

Well, if your goal was to make me hate Pinkie's mom, then mission accomplished!
But seriously, great story.

Daes #34 · Mar 24th, 2013 · · 5 ·

This comment contains SPOILERS!!!!! I will concetrate on some pros and cons I have located in this fanfic.

This fanfic is obviously based on the episode "The Cutiemark Chronicles", but it surprisingly contradicts this very episode it was based on, on at least four points.

First of all, Pinkamena in the episode was not playing when the Sonic Rainboom occured, she was working, moving rocks. This contradiction is tiny and unimportant, but it still counts as one.

Secondly, during the party scene in the episode, all of the members of her family reacted positively and were enjoying themselves equally, including her mother. It would not make sense for her mother to make Pinkamena sink back into depression after the party incident. The episode suggests that Pinkie's life turned bright ever since that incident.

Thirdly, since Blinkamena was such a serious and grim filly, it would be surely impossible for her to come up with such a playful promising way, your so called "Blinkie Swear". Our best guess is that Pinkie as we know her came up with her "Pinkie Swear" herself.

And fourthly. Pinkie, as seen in the episode, had absolutely no qualms about recalling her past depression and narrating her story to the CMC, unlike what the fanfic suggests about Pinkie sealing all of those memories and pain inside a "wall".

The main reason I mentioned all these is to point out that it would be technically unwise to adopt this story as headcanon. Apparently, this is what most commenters here do without hesitation! :pinkiegasp:

With some tweaks you could make the story chronologically fit before the Sonic Rainboom incident, but of course the story would lose a lot of it's intensity and "grace" this way. I suppose we can simply consider the story to take place in an alternate universe, a fate for most fanfics anyway.

Other than that, it is superb! The story is beautifully written and emotions are conveyed quite masterfully. The whole concept of Pinkamena gradually breaking in a gray world she does not belong to, until she finally experiences a complete personality shift and makes her escape is really intriguing.

What I especially liked was the idea that Pinkie threw a tea party for inanimate objects for the first time in the past, which event simply repeated itself in "Party of One" thanks to her "Pinkamena" persona returning.

I really enjoy your stories, to be honest. I especially loved "The Games We Play", a story that deserves to be in the Vault. Your stories are, truth be told, among the best in this site and it is a pity you will not write more of them...


Poor Pinkamena. :raritydespair: I understand that Sue is trying her hardest to make life easiest as possible, but she doesn't understand about what poor Pinkie is going through. Everybody, or pony, needs love, tolerance and affection in order to be raised into what their parents had hoped for them to be. If they are uncared for, they will always try to do unnecessary things just to get attention from their family, to show them why they need their affection. If treated as a blessing, they will behave and hopefully always will have enough courage to do things that they need help with.

In this case, Pinkamena ran away because she wasn't cared for at all. Sometimes you have to face the consequences of your actions; Sue would go berserk! :rainbowderp:

Aww pinkie pie is my favourite character :pinkiesad2:

One. Of the most amazing stories. I've ever seen.
The style of it, the characterization, the pacing, the emotion especially, the way it ties into canon, Party of One, I don't know how I can describe this story other then outstanding.

Poor Pinkie Pie:fluttershysad:

I got to ask you though, are you going to write a sequel to this story?

This fic was so depressing

Pinkie and her family lived in a small house on a rock farm...


This was amazing. This was f****** amazing.

This was just fucking amazing. You really captured the emotion here so well. It's so depressing, but I love it so much.


Don't talk about that anymore, please.

Pinkie Promise you won't.

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