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Applejack wakes up with a hang-over and tries to remember the events of the Great Appleloosian Moonshine Run, and all the havoc that happened during.

Set in the Xenophilia Universe.

Chapters (1)
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Damn it. I was about to go to sleep.

And so, except my humble and heartfelt congratulations!
Should be accept

Good work dear, a couple of moments where a little bit thin, so too say~

And beside the obvious "[/]b]" error no biggies.
That Celly part was maybe simply to much, that don't really matched Cellys behavior scheme. But hell not bad ^^

and one thing is to complain about... it's far too short~~~
In my opinion the scene of the race is actually FAR to short ^^"

Thanks for the advice. I plan on adding a part that is from the boys' point of view. And I know Celestia is a bit out of character, all shall be explained though. :twilightsmile:


Is this a humanized story?

Yes, I will tell the story of what actually happened in the next chapter.

It was worth it!
Granted I passed out face down on the keyboard.


No, it's an HiE story.

Thank you for telling me that. The author gavr no indication that it was. Usually no indication along with an AU, and human tag means that it is a humanized story with no waring.

It's actually based on Xenophilia... Well, one of the side stories at least. Look it up, it's pretty good (even if you skip the cloppy bits. Almost none of the side stories have any anyways).

That bit of information really should be in the stories description.

I agree, actually. Hey Banchoking, wanna drop that in the description?


It's set in the Xenophilia universe, might want to check the other stories out, they'll make this one make much more sense.

I laughed.

Poor poor Applejack, ha ha ha ha.

The morning after is always the bearer of bad news. I can see Granny Smith now.

"Daawww! Jus' put on the dress con-sarnit!"

"Granny! I ain't gettin' married over a drunken mistake!"

"You took advantage of a drunken stallion. You ain't got a choice in this!"

"His whole herd was there Granny! Somepony coulda spoke up anytime!" lol

2757977 Ha ha ha ha!

Makes you wonder how the dynamic would change if Applejack wound up in Lero's herd.

It would be interesting to see for sure.:ajsmug:

2760809 I demand an AU with Applejack joining Lero's Herd! Post haste!


I'll do that soon. :twilightsmile:

Pretty funny and I'd love to read more from you.

As no one else has mentioned this:
>"You four are the winners of this, the first Moon Festival since my return! And so, except my humble and heartfelt congratulations!"
Should be "accept" not "except".

Thanks! And thanks for pointing that out. I'll fix it right now! I hope you'll become a recurring fan!

I finished the Applejack AU, in case you haven't seen it yet.

the image under a microscope for( hourse) on end. Since you asked [hours]
besides all the good stuffs been said.


another story for my Xenophilia Universe file :pinkiehappy:

Glad you liked it!

it needs a sequel

I've got another chapter in the works. :pinkiehappy:

The 1st paragraph "...the howdown last night..." . You probably mean ".... the hoedown last night..."

Reminds me of a plaque I saw mentioned in a Travis Mcgee story "The captain of a ship at sea can perform marriages. Said marriage is good until the ship reaches shore." or something to that effect.

Also, songs. Among the most famous moonshine songs would be "Thunder Road" (the Robert Mitchum one, not the other song w the same name by Bruce Springsteen). If you are adding chapters, it seems plausible that some cop w a stick up his ass might take offense at the race's continued existence. Insinuations that it is due to either incompetence or corruption of law enforcement officers would not go down well. (I could see Prince Blueblood sticking his muzzle in this)

Thanks, I'll fix that! :twilightsmile:

I may add chapters later if I get any inspiration for it. The cop angle is good.

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