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Hi, my name is Alexander Hayes. Or, at least it was before this whole mess got started. Now people call me Skuld Godspear, and there’s a very lengthy story behind that, trust me. So, my friends told me that I should write down what’s been going on so far, just so that I don’t go crazy when I go back. If I go back. Anyway I guess that the best way to start this story, as if there was a good way, is to begin just a bit after the beginning. Sounds confusing, I know, but trust me, you won’t be lost for long.

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Comment posted by EonCronus deleted Oct 9th, 2013

This is going well so far!

This story is keeping my interest so far! I hope it continues to do so!

Really good story so far. Continue and write for me servant.

If i could give your fic more likes than i all ready have i would .

Thanks so much :D That makes me freaking ecstatic!

Eh, compared to some of the ones I've read, you're off to a good start.

"if only because that is so insane that there is no author in the entire world who could possibly make up something so utterly ridiculous."

I c what u did thur.

Somewhere in the multiverse, I just know that there's a fanfiction writer rubbing his hands together in glee as he cackles madly.

I feel the need for a very heavy-handed facepalm.

I think this is the perfect song for this story.


No, I'm just kidding XD This piece was part of the inspiration for this story, so congrats for making the connection!

3386433 it was the name of the story that did it and i have it playing right now to be honest :pinkiehappy:

Hey-o. just started reading and I'm loving it! Keep up the good work!

I just noticed- There's a romance tag and he's a guy in a girl's body...

How the f**k is this gonna work??

My fine reader, love comes in many forms, and not all of them are straight. Consider this: He is still a guy, with a girl's anatomy. He's still attracted to girls. And he has a beautiful Valkyrie that has been his one constant since arriving to Equestria.
Do math, my son.


Excellent! I knew you would say something along those lines, and I just wanted to see how you would address it! If you had been like, "Oh my God you are such a homophobic idiot you are just mad that you're religious and not tolerant and you are a whinny bitch get over it!"

I would have laughed at how something like that would hurt less than a youtube comment, dislike the story, and move on.

But! You didn't. You did so in a sincere way, and as such, I will ignore that little detail that would normally steer me away from most stories. Continue this fine story, my friend! :scootangel:

3389651 Not a bad attitude yourself. For that display of.... What's the word? Integrity? Maybe. Anyway, I'mma follow you now. ^.^

The intro was very similar to that in The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog. Is it a thing for this group to use the same intro? Just an assumption, since it's just my second recurrence and neither one is that original.
Multiple gods and colorful language... I take it you know of Echo then?

I've never actually read echo. I guess there's only so many ways someone can get shoved into an alternate reality?

I take it this is non-canon?

3421514 Anything not in the Canon or Deutrocanon is considered non-canon until it is put into one of those folders. So, for now, it isn't canon.

Ok, let me rephrase that. Are you planning on making it non-canon?

Well, I hope that it might get to be canon, but I don't have any illusions. It will most likely be non-canon.

I was expecting the last words to be either "mercy" or "parle", but "horseapples" works too

Just making sure. There are some canon issues, and I figured it'd be easier to tell you now since you seem rather excitable about this story.

Was the bit with Skippy really necessary? -_- Even if you were trying to make a point in showing certain core personality traits that persisted throughout your extracorporeal transition, I still doubt that there is a living soul on Earth with the courage to say such a thing. There aren't even many assholes who would be able to stiffen their disdainful (to say the least) laughter when witnessing something like that, let alone be able to say it with a straight face EVEN during a ferocious brain fart.

Freya is right. This story is ridiculous. I give it a 5 outa 10 on the horse-shit-o-meter.

3343417 what in Tartarus is wrong with you?


3429410 That's a surprisingly mild reaction. I was expecting to get shot with a bazooka, or assaulted with pears or something. You madpony.

Skuld and Eir... Sounds like Skølldir...

I,(being a major TF2 fan, easily told by my username and avatar)love what Silas said...
Right at this point:

”Press pause, put the controller down, and Jarate all over the place! What the hell did you just say!? You miss tacos!? There’s only one thing that could mean!”


I have read many stories, a few with a gender-swapped main character. This story though, I think is my favorite out of the hundreds I have read. I don't think I have ever read a fanfiction that gave me the same reaction published novels do where I nearly want to cry when there isn't more to read.

I like it!
It's very nice to see someone make a fic like this again. I take it that it's set in the chess game of the gods-universe?
Anyways, it's a nice idea.

3429303 As an eccentric resident of South Carolina, and an avid user of the Information Superhighway, I must say that I am inclined to disagree with that entire statement.

Ooh, a Norse story, haven't read yet. what god sent you? I need to make sure It isn't the same as the god that is going to send my character when I finish my first chapter.

God damn I love this story, can't wait to see more. Also Eir scares me beyond sanity now x.x, also I could see Celestia being emotionally distraught from thousands upon thousand of years of being alone watching her family and friends die. At least until Luna came back and the new alicorns to keep her company who would live as long as she did. I don't think anyone could keep sane from being alone in a ageless life of eternity, eventually they would break if they had no one.

I like this story, but I'm wondering why all of the speech is in bold.


Your current format for dialogue is a bit off-putting and sometimes gets juxtaposed on top of the words afterward.

”Oh, and look out for the vase.”

Samurai Champloo?


Who in the flippin' Nine's rotting demons cervix (fun fact: This rant kept going for three sentences before I just deleted it back here.) would ever name something Elitestrength? Looking at it like that it just seems stupid :facehoof:

3343738 I did that one exact thing when I read it.

Stahlfeader: ”What do you mean, it’s irrelevant! If the Fenrir are capable of summoning a Garmr, then all of Flockholme--”
Blutkraale: ”The Fenrir are dumb beasts, incapable of more than wanton destruction. Strong, certainly, but they cannot reach us in Flockholme, nor could they possibly summon a Garmr. The Valkyrie must be lying, it is the only explanation.”
Eisenklaue: ”Ah, but what if she is not, Heerführer Blutige? If she isn't, wouldn't that mean that someone is guiding the beasts actions? if this is so, would it not be prudent to send just a small amount of ships to their aid?”
Blutkraale: ”Yes, and meanwhile, we can leave the city vulnerable to pirate raids! Excellent idea, Herr Donner.”
Stahlfeader: ”Bah! You’re the only pirate here, Blutige.”
Blutkraale: ”You insolent son of a Roc!”

This is against the rules of posting chapters / fics, you can't have "Stahlfeader: " or whatever, try with simply having Blutkraale in green.

And you lost me.
This seems to be a running theme in the CGotG universe when a character does something so utterly stupid he might as well have began poking Eir's boobs.
Just blergh, almost all CGotG stories have gone down this route, and they all equally lose my interest.

He he Silas you noon. Watch yo tongue

”Y’know, there’s a funny story about the last time I came here! There were these statues, y’see, that could only move when you weren’t looking at them, and I…”

Doctor who reference? OF COURSE It is now... if clockwork whooves Actually The Doctor? or is he a normal pony?

I am liking this story so far, but I do have a few things I felt I should bring up.

First, why is all of the dialogue in bold?

Second, you really shouldn't use the colour yellow in a story, especially when the background is white, it makes the sentence hard to read.

And third, I don't mind if authors use different languages in their stories but, you should keep in mind that many readers might not know that language. Some readers don't want to bother with using Google translate or something similar. Now, you don't need to take the German out of this story, but you could maybe give the translation after the original sentence. I, myself have used Google translate because I have really enjoyed this so far and believe that this story and you, yourself as a writer, have great potential.

Keep up the good work and I await the next chapter.

P.S. Sorry about the SUPER long comment!

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