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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Lazy Afternoon

Chapter 40

Starbloom gasped sharply sitting up in bed looking around. She grumbled a bit noticing it was only noon. She rolled over and off the bed onto her hooves before she started down stairs. She found Sweetie sitting at the counter looking over a book and nibbling on some apple slices.

"Afternoon Sweetie," She said smiling as she fixed herself some tea.

"Afternoon Starbloom, your up earlier then I expected." Sweetie said looking up from the book and smiles. "Bad dreams again?" She asked, it was still early for Starbloom to be awake.

Starbloom nodded faintly sipping her tea. "Something like that," Starbloom answered Sweetie going over and took a seat at the bar next to Sweetie. "What are you reading?" She asked, wanting to change the subject.

"Hmm, a book on musical theory and practice." Sweetie said smiling at Starbloom letting the subject of her dreams drop. "It's pretty quiet here with you sleeping and Twist at work."

Starbloom smiled at her a little. "I guess it is." She said smiling at her.

Starbloom was about to say more when a knock was heard at the door. "I'll get it," Sweetie said getting off the stool and heading into the living room to answer the door.

Starbloom smiled and waited for Sweetie as she sipped her tea, taking one of the apple slices and nibbles on it. A few moments later Sweetie came back into the kitchen with Apple Bloom.

"Hey Apple Bloom, good to see you." Starbloom said smiling at her.

"Hiya Starbloom. Nice to see you to." Apple Bloom said going over to join her at the bar.

"What brings you by? Shouldn't you be at work?" Starbloom asked Apple Bloom smiling at her. Sweetie fixed Apple Bloom some tea, and toast.

"Mmm I'm here on business as well, plus it's my lunch break" Apple Bloom said smiling, she took a bag of bits out of her saddle bag. "Your old home sold, this is your cut." She said passing it over to Starbloom. "Six thousand bits."

"Oh, thank you Apple Bloom." Starbloom said taking the bag with her magic and putting it away. "I didn't think we'd get that much for it."

"I used some of my ideas for the repairs, so it cost less to fix it back up." Apple Bloom said smiling at Sweetie when she brought her the toast and tea. "Thank you Sweetie."

Sweetie smiled at Apple Bloom moving to sit by Starbloom again. "Your welcome Apple Bloom."

Starbloom smiled sipping her own tea. "How has everything been with you Apple Bloom?"

"Pretty good, after talking it over with Featherweight. We decided to stay here in Ponyville, Applejack gave us a few acres of land on the East Field to build a house." Apple Bloom said smiling at them.

"Oh? That sounds pretty nice. Is Featherweight just going stick with the Ponyville Gazette?" Sweetie asked smiling at her.

Apple Bloom nodded at Sweetie taking a sip of her tea. "Yea, even though his talent and passion is photography, he's started working as a reporter as well."

Sweetie smiled and nodded. "I can see that, he's always had a sharp eye."

Starbloom nodded as well smiling. "Any word on how Scootaloo is doing?" She asked, with her on tour a lot they didn't get to see Scootaloo to much.

"She's doing good, the team is taking a break from preforming to do some races." Apple Bloom said smiling at her. "Her last letter said that she'll be back in Ponyville in a few weeks."

Sweetie and Starbloom smiled nodding at her. Sweetie spoke up, "That's good will be nice to see her again." Sweetie paused and thought for a few moments. "How long is she going be staying in Ponyville?'

"For six months, the team is gonna be in off for the season." Apple Bloom said smiling.

"Perfect, she'll be here for the wedding then." Sweetie said, and Apple Bloom blinked at her.

"What weddin`?" Apple Bloom asked looking confused.

Starbloom tilted her head at Sweetie, who smiled. "Mine and Starbloom's of course." Sweetie answered grinning.

Apple Bloom blinked again before smiling at Sweetie and Starbloom. "Oh well congratulations then. I always suspected ya two would end up together." Apple Bloom said smiling at both.

"Thank you Apple Bloom," Starbloom said smiling back at her.

"Yes, thank you Apple Bloom." Sweetie said, "Of course your invited, so is Featherweight."

Apple Bloom smiled at Sweetie and nodded before checking the time. "I should start back to the office before I'm missed." She said getting to her hooves. "Was great catching up."

Sweetie moved to her hooves to show Apple Bloom out. "Was nice catching up with you as well." Sweetie said, Starbloom waving as they left the kitchen.

Starbloom moved to her hooves as Sweetie showed Apple Bloom out. She put away her empty cup before moving to the living room. "I'm gonna head out for abit Sweetie," She said smiling at Sweetie kissing her cheek.

"Alright Starbloom, stay safe." Sweetie said kissing her cheek back.

Starbloom smiled before leaving the house. She started down the road heading to a more upscale part of town. She had been thinking it over and decided to go visit Diamond Tiara. She hadn't spoken with her since she and Sweetie had left Ponyville, though Sweetie kept in contact by mail, and visited her from time to time while on tour.

It wasn't a long walk, Diamond Tiara had stayed in her father's house. Her father had passed away shortly after she and Sweetie had moved. Sweetie went to the funeral but Starbloom was in the academy at the time and couldn't make it.

She reached the house and slipped in passed the gate heading to the front door, reaching up she rung the buzzer and waited.

After a few moments Diamond Tiara answered the door. She smiled seeing Starbloom, "Well, hello Starbloom. I haven't seen you in ages, come in." She said moving to let Starbloom into the house.

"Yea, it's been a while." Starbloom said smiling back as she went into the large estate house. "How have you been?" She asked following after Diamond Tiara to the living room, both taking a seat.

"I've been well, my business has really grown the last few years." Diamond Tiara said settling herself onto a cushion.

Starbloom smiled, Diamond Tiara had taken work as a jewelry maker. It was delicate work that most thought was better suited for a unicorn, but Diamond Tiara proved them wrong. She made some of the best fine jewelry in Equestria.

"That's good to hear, and part of why I'm here." Starbloom started smiling, "I need a set of wedding rings. One for a unicorn and one for an earth pony."

"Really? That shouldn't be to hard...." Diamond Tiara said trailing off as something came to her, "For you and Sweetie right?"

Starbloom smiled at her and nodded. "Yea, we decided a few days ago."

Diamond Tiara smiled at her nodding, "What took you two so long? I could tell before you two moved to Manehattan it would happen." She said moving to her hooves and going to a nearby safe opening it. She took out a box and brought it over setting it before Starbloom.

Starbloom just blushed and watched her bring out the box. Diamond Tiara opened it show two finely crafted bands. The larger hoof ring was gold and silver braid, encrusted with sapphire and amethyst. The smaller more delicate unicorn ring was the same gold and silver braid but was encrusted with amethyst and pink diamond.

"Oh wow, these are really nice Diamond Tiara." She said using her magic to levitate them up and look them over.

Diamond Tiara smiled as she watched her look the rings over. "I made them for you and Sweetie last year. Just had this urge to craft them."

"They are very nice, how much for them?" She asked looking over at Diamond Tiara.

Diamond Tiara smiled at Starbloom and shook her head. "Take them as a wedding gift."

Starbloom smiled at her, nodding. "Thank you very much Diamond Tiara." She put the rings back in the box closing it. "I will of course see you at the wedding wont I?" She asked looking up at her.

"I wouldn't miss it." Diamond Tiara said smiling.

The two talked for a bit longer before Starbloom made her way back home. She was eager to show the rings to Sweetie Belle once she got back to the house.

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