• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Scootaloo Visits

Chapter 6

About two hours after Starbloom had fallen sleep, Sweetie Belle went into the living room and saw her sleeping on the couch still wearing her costume. She blinked lightly tilting her head before she sighed softly smiling. "Must of been a tiring night," she said softly trying not to wake her friend up.

Sweetie used her magic to carefully levitate Starbloom into her bedroom and place her on the bed. Then she used her magic to remove the uniform off her friend. While removing the outfit she noticed some soot and ash from the fire and sighed softly moving the suit out into the living room before covering Starbloom with a blanket, "Sleep well Starbloom," she said softly before closing the door.

"Not sure I want know what you been up to," She said to the suit's mask looking at the all the smoke damage from the fire as she took it to the bathroom turning on the water and adding some laundry soap. She pulled out the wash board and started to carefully wash off the Mare Do Well suit, to get it clean and get the smell of smoke from it.

It didn't take her to long to get the suit clean and hung up over the bathtub to dry out. She opened the window to let a nice breeze in before leaving the bathroom and heading into the kitchen to start some breakfast for herself. After finishing her breakfast she went to the hallway and got the morning paper taking it to the bar she sat down and looked at the front cover.

"Caped Vigilante Strikes again, self proclaimed as Mare Do Well foils Corporate Espionage Plot. Five ponies left injured after Mare Do Well stopped the plot, saving millions of bits in the plan to sell corporate secrets. The six ponies arrested in the break in are being held for questioning and an additional four arrest of business executives have been made based on there statements," Sweetie be said softly as she read the headline for the paper, she smiled softly to herself.

She read a little further in the paper tilting her head lightly. "Vigilante Mare Do Well saved Eight Ponies from a burning building, the masked hero is quoted as saying "I'm Mare Do Well, I'm here to help the city, end crime and corruption and help all ponies live safe and happy lives" before fleeing into the night. One witness managed to capture this picture of her." Sweetie looked at the image in the paper of Mare Do Well leaping into the air towards a wall, the edges of her hooves and her cape glowing faintly with magic as she got ready to wall jump.

Sweetie sighed softly folding up the paper, but smiled feeling proud of her friend. "Well Starbloom, your are starting to make a name for yourself and draw attention to Mare Do Well," She said taking a drink of her tea setting the paper on the counter.

Sweetie spent the rest of the morning taking care of the house and working on her album before going out at noon to have lunch and do her photo shoot for her album cover and promotional posters and billboards. She didn't like having her picture taken for the posters and billboards, but her agent told her it was the best way to get her image out there to sell records.

Starbloom was awaken to the sounds of someone in the apartment around six in the evening. She rolled out of bed quietly and carefully moved to the door of her room using her magic to open it silently and slowly looking outside peering into the living room. She could see the outline of a pony, tall, with wings and a short cut mane and tail. She didn't recognize the silhouette as anypony she knew.

She crouched low and opened the door to her room wide enough to slip out and makes her way slowly around the room, glancing to the bathroom she saw her costume hanging in the bathroom frowning. She didn't want to the pony to see it so she used her magic to carefully close the door and lock it. The sound of the lock drawing the pony's attention to the door. With his attention drawn away she turned quickly and bucked pony in the side knocking it over and jumped pining it to the ground.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my apartment!?" She demanded the gem stones in her headband glowing dangerously. Her magic turning on the lights so she can get a better look at the pony is before her eyes went wide. "Scootaloo!?" She jumped off her friend quickly and helped her up.

"Nice to see you to Starbloom." Scootaloo said softly with a groan rubbing her side flexing her wings abit. Sweetie Belle came into the apartment from the hallway using her magic to carry some grocery bags. Seeing the two she had a confused look on her face before facehoofing.

"Starbloom, did you tackle Scootaloo to the ground?" Sweetie asked putting the bags on the counter before closing the door to the apartment. "I meet her at the train station while on my way home. I invited her over to visit." She said sighing abit moving over to check on Scootaloo, but she didn't seem to be hurt to bad.

Starbloom just looked confused at what was going on for a few moments. "I thought she was a intruder," Was all she managed to say at first before shaking her head abit and blushed softly looking at Scootaloo smiling softly. "Sorry Scootaloo, it's great to see you again. I'm sorry for bucking you. I just woke up, all I saw was your silhouette."

"It's cool, that's quite a buck you got there. I've had falls off my scooter that's hurt less," she said smiling before taking a seat on a cushion, with her back to the bathroom. Starbloom smiled and moved behind her carefully and quietly using her magic to move the costume from the bathroom into her bedroom chest and sealing it away before Scootaloo can see it.

"So what brings you to Manehattan?" Starbloom asked moving around to sit next to Scootaloo. "I thought the Blazing Wheels was on tour for another three month across Equestria, but no stops near Manehattan." She continued as she relaxed her adrenaline rush wearing off.

"We are, but we're on break for a week before moving to Canterlot... thanks Sweetie Belle." Scootaloo said, smiling at Sweetie Belle as she brought them all drinks and sandwiches as she joined them in the living room. "So I thought I'd stop by and see how you two are doing. I haven't really had a chance to catch up with either of you since you moved out of Ponyville."

"We're doing good Scoots," Sweetie said taking a sip of her tea. "I'm still working on my singing career, Starbloom has a night job in security." She smiled, Starbloom looking up her mouth stuffed full of a lettuce and carrot sandwich so she couldn't speak. Sweetie just rolled her eyes smiling.

"Really? I half expected her to be the Mare Do Well figure that's appeared." Scootaloo said half joking, causing Starbloom to choke and start to cough. Sweetie moving over to pat her on the back abit and Scootaloo blinked at the two of them "What? I was joking of course, I know she's a good detective, but a super hero?"

"I know Scootaloo," Sweetie Belle said with a nervous smile and giggled at her. "Just caught Starbloom off guard I think. Isn't that right Starbloom?" Sweetie said looking down at Starbloom who was trying to catch her breath nodding at Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.

"Yea, I'm alright." She said smiling at both rubbing her chest a bit breathing in and out a few time. "I'm not a super hero, just a detective. How are things with Blazing Wheels going though? Rainbow Dash still coming to your performances?" She continued trying to change the subject and move it off herself.

"Yea, she comes to all of them, she and the Wonder Bolts participated in a few as well. Joint Ground and Air shows. The crowds love those, they are so awesome. Next time we do one you two really need to come." Scootaloo said, the whole Mare Do well thing forgotten with her attention drawn to her passion. Sweetie Belle and Starbloom relieved at the topic being changed.

"Sounds like it's pretty amazing stuff Scoots, let us know the next time you do one of those join shows like that and we'll do our best to come to one of them." Starbloom said and Sweetie Belle nodded in agreement. They had been to a few of Scootaloo's shows before, but not as many as they would of liked to and they hadn't had a chance to see one of the joint air and ground shows.

Sweetie, Starbloom and Scootaloo talked for another couple of hours before Scootaloo said it was time for her to leave. Sweetie and Starbloom walked Scootaloo out and said their goodbyes before Scootaloo made her way to her hotel.

After Scootaloo left, Sweetie Belle and Starbloom went back upstairs to their own apartment. Starbloom went to the bathroom and took a shower, after getting clean she came out and smiled at Sweetie. "It was nice to see Scootaloo again, I'm glad she's better. Despite what happen with her father, it was sad to hear about his passing last year."

Sweetie Belle nodded at Starbloom. "Yea it was, she took it pretty hard. She dedicated the last show of that season to him to raise awareness for his illness." Sweetie said as she cleaned up the living room while Starbloom went to change into her Mare Do Well suit.

Mare Do Well came out of the bedroom and went over to Sweetie Belle putting a hoof on her shoulder. "I'll see you in morning," she said giving her a hug. "Sleep well," With that she used her magic to turn out the lights and slipped out the window silently disappearing into the city for another night of fighting crime.

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