• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Silver Ghost - Mare Do Well

Chapter 7

Mare Do Well was quick to start up her patrol route once she left the apartment. Moving silently from roof top to roof top her eyes and ears open for any signs of trouble on the streets below, but so far the night had been quiet. She swooped down to stop a the occasional mugging but other then that little had happen for the first hour and a half of her patrol.

"Might be a quiet night..." She mused quietly to herself as she took a break from her patrol to relax on the edge of a roof top ledge watching the street below, keeping just out of sight. But tingle in the back of her mind told her something wasn't right. It shouldn't of been this quiet.

Her eyes narrowed and she focused her mind listening even more closely, and for a moment she though she could hear something in the building across the street. But as her focus was directed across the street something came up from behind and hit her hard sending her flying off the roof top. She just barely caught the glint of something shiny as she flew off the roof.

She only had a few moments to right herself and activate her magic on her cape to catch herself before hitting the ground with full force. The impact had been hard but she was able to slow herself enough to keep from breaking anything, though she felt a sharp pain in her left hind leg. She growled and peered up at the roof top seeing a figure of a slender pony on the roof staring back down at her. The pony was dressed all in black, with a black mask covering it's face but not it's long braided silver mane. It also had a metallic slash across it's chest a long muzzle blade strapped to it's right flank.

"That was just a warning Mare Do Well!" The pony called down at her and Mare Do Well's eyes widen, she recognized the voice of Silver Spoon, but she couldn't understand why she was in Manehattan, or what she was doing dressed like that. "End your foolish quest or I, Silver Ghost, will put an end to it for you, permanently, this city is mine!"

Silver Ghost turned to gallop quickly away and Mare Do Well launched herself up hard from the ground using her magic to give her a boost before wall jumping the rest of the way up. It was tricky with out a second wall but she managed to get up. By the time she made it to the top Silver Ghost was gone. "Horse Feathers," She swore to herself and kicked the roof grumbling as she looked around for clues.

After about an hour of searching she couldn't find any clues to where Silver Ghost had run off to she. Mare Do Well sighed again and shook her head abit. "Why? I don't understand why Silver Spoon would turn to crime like this." She said to herself softly as she started to patrol again, her eyes peeled for Silver Ghost more, while going over things in her mind.

After nearly missing a landing on a roof she decided to call it night, she couldn't focus and her left hind leg was starting to hurt pretty bad after the fall from the roof. She was extra careful on her route back to the apartment to make sure Silver Ghost didn't track her back to it.

Once she was sure it was safe she went to the roof of her building and inside closing the window and heavy curtains. She turned on the lights and let out a deep sigh peeling off the costume letting out a sharp cry of pain when she got it off her hind leg looking back at it. It had definitely swollen up pretty good. She settled herself on the couch and groaned abit.

The noise she had been making and the cry had woken Sweetie up and she came into the living room wielding a golf club in her magic. She dropping it when she saw Starbloom on the couch. "Starbloom! What are you doing home so early?" She said moving over quickly to check on her. "Your leg! What happen to you?" She asked worriedly before going to make an ice pack.

Starbloom wasn't sure how to answer at first, none of them had gotten along with Silver Spoon, but how would she react to the news of Silver Spoon being a criminal that nearly killed her. She sighed softly. "A criminal, calling herself Silver Ghost, ambushed me and knocked me off a roof. I landed pretty roughly and twisted my leg pretty bad..... Sweetie.... Silver Spoon is Silver Ghost." She said softly looking away winching softly looking at her leg.

Sweetie was on her way back with the ice pack and paused, "S.. Silver Spoon did this to you?" She said her worry turning to anger, "I'll kill her!" She said putting the ice pack on her leg with more force then she had wanted causing Starbloom to yelp. "How could you let that spoiled little brat sneak up on you?" Sweetie asked peering at Starbloom her ears folded back.

Starbloom shivered abit and used her magic to adjust the ice pack, "Trust me Sweetie, this isn't the same spoiled little filly from Ponyville, she's fast... maybe faster then me. I don't know how she learned it, but has the speed of a pegasus and moves as silent as a ghost. I never heard her coming until I was already falling." Starbloom said her eyes narrowing dangerously. "If it wasn't for the suit, she would of killed me.... she said it was a warning but I know she hit me with a muzzle blade. Caught a glimpse of it was I started to fall."

Sweetie's anger was replaced with worry again and she softly hugged Starbloom nuzzling her shoulder. "You... your gonna keep going out aren't you? Even with her out there trying to kill you?" Sweetie asked looking up at Starbloom, though she already knew the answer.

Starbloom looked down at Sweetie and smiled softly nuzzling her back softly nodding at her. "Yea, she's very dangerous and who knows what kind of trouble she's planning if she wants to get my out of the way so quickly. I just wish I knew why she was doing this. She's always been a bully, but I never expected her to turn to crime." She said leaning against Sweetie softly.

Sweetie just nodded snuggling against Starbloom softly, it was still late at night and her adrenalin rush from being woken up and seeing Starbloom hurt was starting to wear off. So Sweetie had started to get sleepy again. Starbloom looked down at her and smiled sighing softly shifting so both of them could be more comfortable on the couch she floated a large blanket out from the bedroom and covered both herself and Sweetie with it turning out the lights.

"Good night Sweetie," She said softly so not to wake her up again drifting off to sleep herself, the events of the night starting to catch up with her. She still found it hard to believe that Silver Spoon had turned to crime, and was able to get the drop on her so easily.

Just before she feel asleep her eyes snapped back open as something dawned on her. "What.. if she hadn't turned to crime..." She said to herself softly, "The lack of any real activity from the criminals... tonight" Her eyes narrowed, "She isn't planning a big crime, she's just trying to get rid of competition because she wants to be the only hero."

She closed her eyes and took a slow deep breath to relax and settled herself back down she wouldn't be able to do much until her leg healed. She'll just have to see how good this 'Silver Ghost' was at solving and fighting crimes while she healed. She just hoped there wasn't a big mess to clean up when she felt better.

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