• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Guard Silk

Chapter 3

After leaving the scene of the bank robbery Mare Do Well looked down at the front of her costume seeing the slash across front from the muzzle blade. It hadn't gone deep enough to nick her skin luckily but it was a close call. "Horse feathers, I can hear Sweetie with the I told you so already." She muttered to herself softly. She moved to the edge of the roof top and leap over the side gliding across to another roof. The night was still early so she went back to patrolling the city looking for more crimes to stop.

She had spent the rest of the night stopping muggers, saddle bag snatchings and stuff of that nature. It wasn't a bad nights work and she didn't get into any bad fights. Once the moon started to go down she made her way back to her apartment roof top. Once on the roof of her apartment she looked around making sure it was clear before slipping down the fire escape and inside closing the curtains. She turned on the lights in the living room and removed her hat and mask letting out a deep sigh of relief.

"Finally, I need to get some air holes in this thing or something." She said softly not wanting to wake up Sweetie. She also took a better look at the damage to her costume, the cut hadn't been to bad but the running around had caused it to spread. "Rarity would kill me if she could see this...."

"Yes she would, if I don't first. What happen?" Sweetie Belle said standing in the doorway of her room, she looked like she had just woken up. "It looks like somepony cut you. I told you this would happen." Sweetie continued as she came over to get a better look.

Starbloom squeaked a bit seeing Sweetie Belle, "It was nothing, just a little nick is all I didn't get hurt." She said pressing herself into the couch cushions behind her. "I'm perfectly safe and fine honest." Starbloom said trying to defend herself from Sweetie's glaring look. Starbloom might be good at taking on criminals, but an angry room mate was another matter.

"If your going to insist on going out more and more, I want you to wear better protection other then cloth." Sweetie demanded firmly looking Starbloom in the eyes. "I do not want to be the one to have to tell your mother something happen to you."

Starbloom gulped nodding at Sweetie Belle. "I will, there is this new type of cloth called Guard Silk that Rarity might be able to get ahold of and make into armor. It wont add to much more weight or make the suit bulky. But will keep me safe from being cut and stabbed." Starbloom said tugging the suit off and putting it away sighing looking over at Sweetie Belle. "I am sorry I worried you, Sweetie."

Sweetie sighs shaking her head before smiling, "It's fine, just be more careful." She said going to into the kitchen to make a light breakfast. "I worry about you as much as your mom does." She brought out some tea and toast sitting them on the coffee table, "Who else am I going to get to help with the rent?"

Starbloom rolled her eyes giggling softly as she took a seat at the coffee table floating over her tea and took a drink. "Like I pay rent..." She said softly sighing lightly, "This vigilante gig isn't very well paying." She gave Sweetie a smirk and sipped her tea. "To be honest I'm not sure why you put up with me."

Sweetie sat on the couch quietly sipping her tea. "Hmm good point, why do I put up with. You don't help with the rent, or pick up around the house." She mused quietly stroking her muzzle. Glancing over at Starbloom then grinned at her seeing her start to look nervous. "I wouldn't kick you out, your one of my best friends and like a sister to me. Next to Rarity your the only family I have left after my parents passed away."

Starbloom relaxed and smiled at Sweetie nodding at her. "I feel the same way Sweetie Belle, your as close to me as any sister. Your the only one I can confide in other then Twilight. I know Scootaloo and Apple Bloom would understand. But I don't feel as close to them as I do you, been like that ever since I opened up to you about who I really am."

Sweetie Belle nodded at her smiling, "I'm still surprised you never told either of them. Even after all these years they still don't know you use to be Twilight from another dimension." She lounged back on the couch and floated over a piece of toast nibbling at it. "You haven't even told them your Mare Do Well have you?"

Starbloom shook her head taking some toast and added some honey to it. "No, I haven't... I don't think I will either. It'll just make them worry as well, I trust them of course. But I think it's best if only you, Spike and the Elements of Harmony know. If I had a choice I would of only told Twilight, Spike and you, but I needed Rarity's help with the costume and the others found out." She said softly smiling at Sweetie before taking a bite of her toast.

"Speaking of costumes... are you sure this Guard Silk will protect you," Sweetie said looking over at Starbloom's suit with the cut across the front then back at Starbloom, "It sounds impressive but has it been tested?" Sweetie looked doubtful about trusting Starbloom's life to some new type of fabric.

"I'm sure it's safe, the royal guard is starting to use it now as added protection along with the normal armor they wear." Starbloom said as she sipped her drink. "I don't think Celestia or Luna would trust the guard's life to something that isn't proven." Starbloom continued trying to reassure Sweetie Belle.

"I suppose your right Starbloom," Sweetie said moving to her hooves and went into the kitchen to refill her tea, "I guess we should send Rarity a letter to let her know you need the improvement." She called to Starbloom from the kitchen, listening for a moment. When she didn't get a reply looked in seeing Starbloom had fallen a sleep. She sighed and rolled her eyes. "Honestly, can't you make it to bed first?" She said as she used her magic to carefully float Starbloom from the living room into the bedroom, covering her up and closing the door. "Sleep well Starbloom."

After getting Starbloom into her room and in bed. Sweetie Belle took out a scroll and started to write a letter to Rarity requesting a new Mare Do Well costume for Starbloom. She asked if it could be made out of the new Guard Silk for better protection. She also lets her know how the concerts on her tour went after leaving Ponyville.

Once she finishes the letter she seals it up and puts it in her saddle bag. It was late enough in the morning to mail it and take care of the shopping. She mailed the letter express to make sure it got to Ponyville as fast as possible then headed to the market place. Since she noticed Starbloom hadn't done that while she had been on tour. "I swear, that girl would starve with out me." She said softly to herself smiling.

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