• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Silver Ghost Returns

Chapter 18

Despite not having direct evidence Mare Do Well was positive that Silver Ghost was alive. She couldn't get back to the prison to find anymore proof though. So she decided her best bet was to pay a visit to prison warden and see what he had to say. She made her way across the roof tops until she reached the home of the warden.

"Rather upscale, for a warden's place, he must be doing well." She said to herself quietly looking at the larger estate she leapt over the fence gliding onto the grounds. She made her way across the yard sticking to the shadows. She glanced through the windows of the estate trying to find the room the warden was in.

"There you are," She said softly to herself seeing him, an earth pony stallion with a dark blue coat, green mane and tail and a cutie mark shaped like a lock. He was sitting in a study behind a desk looking over some papers. She used her magic to activate her eye covers and turned off the lights in the study and opening the window leaping inside. She caught him as he tried to run grabbing him in her magic and shoving him against the wall pinning him in place.

"Don't scream, I just have some questions." She said moving in close so he can see her in the faint light of the room. She narrowed her eyes as she folded her ears back. "Warden Pollesk, I want to know about the prison and Silver Spoon's murder." She demanded keeping herself close to him.

"M.. Mare Do Well?" He gasped shrinking back away from her against the wall. "It.. was a tragedy but that's all, you know that, you where there." He said struggling in her magical grip. "Everyone knows that, it was in the papers."

"Lies!" She said sharply pressing him against the wall more, hearing some noise in the hall she used her magic to quickly push his desk against the wall to kept any pony from coming inside. "I did not go to the prison, you know that. Your own sign in sheet in your office said it was a pony named Nightshade."

His dark blue coat paled to a shade of sky blue. "Y.. your the one who broke into the prison?" He said fear creeping into his voice. "I.. I don't know anything else, a pony dressed as Mare Do Well came in and asked to see Silver Spoon, signed in and asked for her be taken the laundry area. That's all I know."

Her eyes narrowed dangerously, "Do you think I'm a fool? Looking around this place, I know your on the take. A warden doesn't make that much in bits to pay for an estate like this." She said flinging him away from the wall to the middle of the room turning to face him. "Who is Nightshade? Why would he or she want to help Silver Spoon escape?"

He grunted hitting the ground and moved to get to his hooves facing her. "I don't know! All I know is what I told you, this Nightshade pony came and asked to see Silver Spoon alone in the prison laundry, she was dressed like you. S.. she paid me twenty thousand bits to keep it quiet. But that's all I know!"

She snorted looking around before looking back at him. "Very well, if I find out you helped her escape... I'll make sure you join her back in the prison." She said turning quickly and leaping out the window. She glanced to the sides seeing guards rushing towards her so she galloped across the yard and used her repulsery magic for a high jump over the wall sprinting quickly away from the warden's place.

She wasn't sure if she believed the warden's story or not, but it sounded true. The fear he showed was real enough as well, seemed he honestly though it was her. She got back into the city and took a seat on a ledge shaking her head sighing softly. "Who is Nightshade....?" She asked herself quietly the more she investigated the less sense it made to her.

"Nightshade, is going to be the savior of our world," Mare Do Well heard the familiar voice of Silver Spoon behind her say. She jumped to her hooves quickly and turned to face her narrowing her eyes. "Hello again Mare Do Well, I bet you never thought you would see me free again did you?" Silver Ghost said, wearing her black suit, it looked different though. She had a headband on with a long trailing tails, and she caught a glimpse of something shiny in her braid.

"Savior? What do you mean?" She asked keeping her eyes on Silver Ghost ready for her to try something. "If she went into the prison to fake your death, just to help you escape... I don't think she'll be much of a savior." She said shifting her stance to be more defensive.

"Oh, but she is more then just a savior, you'll see. If you live," Silver Ghost said grinning at her before narrowing her eyes twisting her head around quickly, the braid spinning around quickly the knife in her hair slice across her chest, cutting clean through the defensive padding and slicing her chest.

Mare Do Well let out a sharp cry feeling the blade cut across her chest and growled, surprised the blade managed to cut through her protective armor feeling blood trickle down. She folds her ears back and lunged forward twisting around to avoid getting hit with her muzzle blade. She fired a blast of kinetic energy into Silver's chest sending her sliding back.

She was about to go in for another attack when she felt the unmistakable blast of kinetic energy slamming into her side rolling across the roof top managing to stop herself from flying off the roof. She turns her head quickly to look at where the blast came from seeing, herself, staring back at her from on top of water tower.

"Silver Ghost, stop!" Nightshade said, Mare Do Well's eyes going wide hearing her own voice. "So, this is Mare Do Well? My, alter-ego... so to speak." Nightshade continued leaping down landing next to Silver Ghost smirking. "I thought she would be tougher then this."

Mare Do Well narrowed her eyes at Nightshade, watching her carefully taking in the detail, the costume was similar to her own, though closer to the original then her new one. Her stance, and the way she walked was a lot like her own stance as well as how she moved. "Who are you?" Mare Do Well asked after a moment.

"I suppose, I should formally introduce myself. My name is Nightmare," She said using her magic to remove her hat sitting it on Silver Ghost's head before pulling the mask back. Mare Do Well's eyes went wide again. It was like looking in a mirror, same coat color, mane, and eyes.

Though her horn was broken, instead of missing or whole. "I, like yourself, am from an alternate dimension. Unlike you though, I have real goals," she said pulling the mask back down and putting her hat back on. "Stay out of my way, and I wont hurt you or your friends... and I'll make sure Silver Ghost doesn't either."

Mare Do Well narrowed her eyes again, gritting her teeth, "How can I trust you and your friend? She already tried to kill my friends once, nearly killed one of them." She said growling softly glancing her eyes over at Silver before looking back to Nightmare.

"Yes.. Babs, I'll make sure to send her a nice fruit basket." Nightmare said looking over at Silver then back at Mare Do Well. "Something like that... wont, happen again. She wasn't under my orders at the time." She said almost sounding bored now. "But as I said, stay out of my way and no pony gets hurt. If you don't well..." Her horn flashed suddenly and a blast of magic sent Mare Do Well off the edge of the building before she had time to react. "You get the idea?"

"Oh sweet Celestia again?!" She squealed suddenly finding herself in mid-air scrambling to regain her balance and sending magic into her cape to keep from hitting the ground hard gliding roughly into a roof top tumbling before getting to her hooves looking up the roof she had been blown off of growling, bought Silver and Nightmare gone.

"Seriously getting tired of falling off buildings." She grunted putting her hoof on her chest feeling the cut across her chest stinging looking down at it. "How did that blade cut clean through layered guard silk so easy?" She sighed softly shaking her head. She started on her way home but halfway she started to feel sick.

After nearly missing a roof while jumping she changed course and headed to Dr Westluck's home office. She crashed through the window sliding across the floor shivering and coughing hard pulling her hat and mask off breathing heavy.

"M.. Mare Do Well?!" Dr Westluck said in surprise coming out of his bedroom hurrying over to her seeing her on the floor. "Hang on, I'll help you." He said as he used his magic to move her from the living room to his private exam room removing the suit seeing the cut. "Oh dear, this is looks really bad."

Starbloom was nearly out of it when he put her on the table her fore hooves twitching and her vision blurry. She was also finding it hard to breath and coughing up blood. "Looks like you've been poisoned dear." He said using his magic to take a sample of the blood around the cut before starting to clean it out to keep any more of the poison from getting into her system.

He quickly put the sample under a microscope to identify it, "Thank Celestia, this is pretty common, aggressive and deadly but common and the antidote is fast acting." He said going to a cabinet and unlocking it he took out an IV and hung it on a hook before putting the needle into her shoulder and started to fluid her system with the anti-poison.

"Just relax, you'll be fine. I'll go get Sweetie for you." He said covering her with a blanket before heading quickly from his home office to get Sweetie Belle. Starbloom groaning softly as she rested on the table, she could feel her breathing start to ease.

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