• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Chapter 11

Starbloom slowly woke up in her room groaning softly trying to use her magic to turn on the lights but nothing happen. She reached up feeling her headband was off. "S.. Sweetie Belle?" She called out softly finding it hard to talk. She moved to get to her hooves but it was hard to move as well.

"Shh I'm here Starbloom, just rest you lost a lot of blood." Sweetie said softly using her magic to turn on the lights for Starbloom. "The doctor said your lucky to be alive, another inch to the right and the blade would of hit a lung." Sweetie continued looking down at her worry across her face. "Was it, Silver Ghost?"

Starbloom flinched at the light coming on nodding up at Sweetie slowly. "It was... I managed move before she hit me." She said softly looking around her room quietly then at her shoulder where the blade hit her, it had been bandaged up good and immobilized her foreleg. "I have to stop her, she threaten to come after you, and Scootaloo and Apple Bloom." She said straining a bit to get up before giving in and sighing softly.

Sweetie reached over and ruffled Starbloom's hair softly, but she was worried as well. It was clear Silver Spoon's motives was more about revenge then anything else. She used her magic to float over a cup of water with a straw in it so Starbloom could take a drink, which she did since her throat felt very dry. "How long was I out for Sweetie?" Starbloom asked after finishing her drink.

"Almost ten hours, the doctors wanted to transfer you to a hospital but I managed to convince them to let you stay here. I had to lie and told them you got mugged and found your way up here." She said frowning a little. "I hate to lie like that, but I couldn't tell them the truth." Sweetie continued as she place the cup on the night stand.

Starbloom nodded lightly looking up at Sweetie Belle smiling sadly at her. "I hate that you have to lie as well. But thank you for doing so." She said trying to sit up grunting a little. Sweetie sighed and used her magic to help her sit up using some pillows to prop her up.

"Careful or you'll aggravate your injury. Just be thankful this one isn't as bad as the leg injury. The doctor said just a day of bed rest should do it. With plenty of fluids, you should be fine." Sweetie said rubbing Starbloom's head again before giving her the headband back letting her put it back on, "And limit the amount of magic you use. Simple levitation or I'll take it away from you."

Starbloom nodded at Sweetie fitting the headband back on adjusting it smiling at her. "I'll be careful, thank you Sweetie." She took the cup of water and took another drink. After a few moments she spoke again. "She blames me for this, I could see it in her eyes."

"But it's not your fault, you know that right?" Sweetie said looking at Starbloom, but she just looked into the cup of water quietly. "Starbloom! It's not your fault, Silver Spoon made her own choices in driving her friends away. She has no pony to blame but herself for what she did."

Starbloom sighed softly shaking her head looking up at Sweetie giving her a faint smiling. "Of course your right Sweetie, but I can't help but feel I could of done something back then to try and befriend her." She said softly before leaning back against the pillows putting the cup back on the side table.

Sweetie leaned over and hugged Starbloom carefully not to hurt her already sore arm. "You can't help everypony Starbloom, some ponies just don't want it." She whispered into her ear softly, Starbloom hugging her back with her good arm. "Don't try to carry that weight on your back, it'll crush you."

Starbloom smiled and nuzzled into her shoulder softly resting her head on her lightly. "When did you get to be so smart Sweetie?" She asked then squeaked getting bonked on the head with a hoof. "Ow! I was joking, besides I'm hurt." Starbloom whimpered looking at Sweetie.

Sweetie stuck her tongue out at Starbloom. "You'll be fine, now rest and relax like the doctor said, don't worry about Silver Ghost, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo are to far for her to get to anytime soon and I'm here so if anything happens you'll protect me." She said winking at Starbloom before leaving the room to let Starbloom rest.

Starbloom sighed softly and leaned back in the bed against the pillows. "Alright Sweetie, and your right, as always, I'm sure Scootaloo and Apple Bloom will be fine." She said smiling snuggling down relaxing quietly. She did get the feeling something bad was about to happen though. She was here to keep an eye on Sweetie of course, she let out a deep breath closing her eyes.

Starbloom had drifted to sleep and was awaken by a ear splitting scream coming from the living room. She rolled off the bed quickly to her hooves and scrambled as best she could to the living room on three legs. "Sweetie! What's wrong?!" She called looking around holding a fire poker in her magic. She saw Sweetie sitting on the couch looking at news paper. "Sweetie?" She asked putting the fire poker down and carefully trotted over to her.

She went white when she saw the paper, her eyes going wide. "Oh no... no Sweetie I'm sorry...." She said reaching over hugging her softly with her good leg resting herself on the back of the couch scanning the page Sweetie had been reading.

"Local pony Babs Seed found on the street left for dead after being brutally attacked by a muzzle blade. Police have no leads in the case as to who attacked the well known Apple Orchard owner. She is currently in Manehattan's General Hospital listed in Critical Condition. Her family is still holding out hope for her to make a full recovery." She read softly to herself narrowing her eyes.

"Why... why did she attack Babs?" Sweetie asked softly sniffling and rubbing her eyes with her hooves. "They barely knew each other. Poor Apple Bloom is gonna be devastated," she said softly then gasped. "Oh no, no no no! She'll come here! Apple Bloom is gonna come here to visit Babs, I know it and then Silver Spoon will attack her and the baby." Sweetie said franticly looking at Starbloom.

Starbloom gritted her teeth and used her magic to rip the bandages off wincing. "I wont let that happen Sweetie. I will NOT let Silver Spoon hurt Apple Bloom or her baby." She said turning to go to her room and pull out the Mare Do Well costume, it was cleaned up and magical repair system had fixed it enough for her to wear. She started to pull it on.

"Starbloom, your still hurt you need to rest." Sweetie said watching her suit up. "There is still a little time before Apple Bloom will get here. Please rest some more" She pleaded as she bit her bottom lip. But Starbloom was wasn't going to change her mind this time as she pulled the hood on and placed the hat on her head.

"I'm sorry Sweetie, but I wont let her hurt another pony. She's gone to far this time," Starbloom said going over and gave her a soft hug nuzzling her cheek softly. "I wont let hurt any more of our friends. I don't want to... but if I have to, I will kill her to stop her." She said softly lowering her head. The she hated the thought of killing another pony, but Silver Ghost was becoming to much of a problem.

"Starbloom..... I understand." Sweetie said nuzzling her cheek back softly as she stepped back. "Take this, Rarity made be bring it when we moved here." She said using her magic to float a box from her room and opened it, inside was a short unicorn blade. She floated it over and strapped it to Mare Do Well's back under the cape. "If you have no other choice... I'll understand."

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