• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Change of Plans

Chapter 35

Getting the house cleaned up and cleared out didn't take to long. They broke it into keeps, storage, and donation. They decided to keep most of the furniture since a lot of what they had got ruined in the attack. Starbloom hadn't really had a chance to check out the house since arriving last night.

As she helped Sweetie get the place cleaned up she noticed it was munch better then she though. Three stories tall, and basement. The floor space was bigger. The second floor had three bedrooms and the top floor was a decent size open room. The ground floor had a large living room, a proper kitchen and a dining area. The dining room was separated from the kitchen was a bar counter that she liked.

After getting Sweetie's parents stuff stored away in the basement and dropping off what Sweetie felt comfortable giving away at a charity donation office, Sweetie and Starbloom headed to their old place. Starbloom had already reported the attack and the police ponies had finished going over the house and the area around searching for clues.

Both stood in front of the house quietly for a few minutes looking it over. "This is going to take a lot of work to fix up." Starbloom said as she got closer and looked at the damage to the frame work the blades caused. "Most of this wood is going to have to be replaced."

Sweetie nodded at her before going inside using her magic to start clean up the broken glass. "I know, but we can't leave it damaged like this." Sweetie said smiling over at her. Starbloom coming inside and started to help clean up the house.

It took quiet a while to get it done but the house was soon clean and all their personal items had been moved to the new house. Sweetie headed to the construction company to have the place fixed up, and Starbloom went to Sugar Cube Corner to check on Twist and wait for Sweetie.

Sweetie walked into the construction company office looking around. She saw Apple Bloom sitting at the receptionist desk. "Hey Apple Bloom, got you on desk duty?" Sweetie asked walking over smiling at her.

Apple Bloom looked up at Sweetie, "Heya Sweetie. Yea, gettin` to big to do much building." She said smiling at her. "What bring ya down here? Not that I don't mind the company."

Sweetie took a seat across from Apple Bloom. "Well, not sure if ya heard bout the attack or not, but mine and Starbloom's place need to be fixed up." She said watching Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom nodded at her softly. "Yea I read about that in the late edition. We'll be happy to help get the house repaired for you though. Were ya'll staying right now though?" She asked looking at Sweetie smiling at her not wanting to dwell on the attack.

"My parents old place," Sweetie said and Apple Bloom tilted her head faintly. "Don't worry I'll be alright. I talked with Rarity this morning... me and Starbloom packed a lot of the stuff away. I'm ready to move on."

Apple Bloom smiled at her and nodded. "I'm glad to hear it." Apple Bloom said passing her some papers to fill out. "When you get the house fixed, are you gonna keep it or sell it?"

Sweetie considered for a few moments while filling out the papers. "I don't know yet Apple Bloom. The place is to small for me, Starbloom and Twist. I think it might be best just to sell it." Sweetie said as she finished the papers and passed them back.

Apple Bloom blinked at Sweetie. "Twist is staying with you?" She asked checking the papers over. "If you want, the construction company will fix it and relist it for you. We'll keep the cost of the repairs and ten percent of what it sales for."

Sweetie nodded at her and smiled. "Yea, Starbloom brought her home the other day. She'd fallen on some rough times." She said and tilted her head at the offer. "That sounds good, cheaper then what Town Hall would end up charging. Town Hall takes twenty-five percent."

Apple Bloom smiled at her and nodded. "Alright, here just fill out this paper." She said passing her another sheet of paper to fill out."

"Thanks Apple Bloom," Sweetie said smiling and filled out the new paper before passing it back then got to her hooves. "It was nice to talk with you again."

Apple Bloom smiled at her putting the paper away after checking it over. "Yer welcome Sweetie, was good talkin with you again to."

Sweetie left the construction office and headed to Sugar Cube Corner to meet up with Starbloom. She headed inside looking around before spotting her at a table and took a seat across from her. Twist was also at the table with Starbloom smiling at Sweetie.

"Hi Sweetie Belle." Twist said smiling at her.

"Hey Sweetie, how did everything go?" Starbloom asked smiling at her.

"Hi Twist, Starbloom," She greeted and smiled getting herself settled at the table. "Everything went good, they'll get the house fixed, then relist it for us. Wont cost us anything, we'll even earn a few bits."

Starbloom smiled at Sweetie leaning over and kisses her cheek. "That's good," She said smiling.

She was about to speak more when Pinkie came up to the table. "Hiya Sweetie Belle! What can I get for you today?" She asked bouncing lightly in place looking at her. "How about a super-duper mega milkshake surprise?"

Sweetie smiled at Pinkie. "Hello Pinkie, mmm no thank you, as good as that sounds. I'll take a normal strawberry milk shake, and a some cinnamon raisin bread." She smiled at Pinkie.

Pinkie smiled. "Okie dokie then. And you Starbloom? What would you like?" Pinkie asked looking over at Starbloom.

Starbloom considered for a moment. "Do you have any focaccia bread?" Pinkie nodded and smiled. "Alright I'll take some of that and tea."

Pinkie smiled at Starbloom nodding at her. "Okie dokie and you Twist?" She asked looking over at her smiling. "Also great first day today."

Twist smiled at Pinkie. "Thank you Pinkie. I'll have some banana bread and milk."

"Okie Dokie lokie, I'll be back with your orders." Pinkie said before heading to the kitchen to start getting everything ready.

They enjoyed a nice dinner at Sugar Cube Corner before heading back home. Though Starbloom couldn't get that tingle out of her mind of someone watching them and following them as they moved. But she didn't want to alarm Sweetie so she kept quiet about it as they headed home.

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