• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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A Visitor at Night

Chapter 30

Twist woke up in the middle of night her ears perking at a strange sound. She moved slowly up stairs carefully using her hooves to keep from bumping into anything. She found her way to the bed and to Starbloom's side softly shaking her. "Starbloom.... wake up, I think someone is trying to break in." She said trying to get her attention.

Starbloom shifted a bit and opened her eyes. "Huh...? Break in?" She perked her ears and looked at Twist before looking around the room nodding. "Stay with Sweetie, I'll check it out." She said getting out of bed, not bothering with her brace.

Sweetie was just starting to wake up, when Starbloom started down stairs. "What's going on?" She asked looking at Twist. She rubbed her eyes with a hoof moving to get out of bed. "Twist, what happen?"

"I heard a noise, down stairs like some-pony trying to break in, Starbloom went to check it out." Twist said looking worried. "Will she be okay?" She asked softly biting her bottom lip.

Sweetie nodded slowly. "Yea, she use to be a police officer, I think she can handle a burglar." Sweetie said, though her voice laced with uncertainty.

Twist looked over at Sweetie hearing the uncertainty in her voice then looked over at stairs quietly, taking a slow deep breath she slowly started to creep to the stairs doing her best to be quiet, wanting to help if she could. She could hear Sweetie following after her.

Starbloom got to the base of the stairs slowly her eyes scanning the room quietly, she didn't see anything out of the ordinary, Twist had been sleeping on the couch. She went to the couch and moved it to see if it made any sounds, but it didn't. She frowned before something caught her eye moving pasted a window.

She narrowed her eyes and raced to the back door quickly using her magic to opening hearing a solid ~thud~ of something impacting the door. She went outside and checked to see who, or what had run into it. She looked at the door and saw a what looked like a small unicorn blade buried into the door. She blinked and narrowed her eyes seeing the blade.

She peered around to trying to see where it came from, but felt the sudden impact of something hit her the side knocking her over, just as she caught the streak of magic as another blade hit the wall near where her head would have been. Looking over at where the buck came from she saw Twist standing in the door looking into in the direction of some nearby houses pointing with a hoof.

Starbloom looked over and saw a figure wearing black standing in an alleyway turn and gallop away quickly. Starbloom rolled to her hooves and went to chase after them but heard Sweetie call, "Wait! You'll never catch them like that."

Starbloom sighed, she was right. She wasn't in the same shape she use to be. She used her magic to pull the blades loose from the door and wall coming inside and closed the door. "Thanks... for pushing me out of the way Twist." She said putting the blades on the counter looking at them frowning.

"Your welcome, I heard it coming right at you," She said squinting her eyes trying to get a good look at the blades. "What... are those things? They don't look like normal knives or pony blades."

"Unicorn assassin blades, they are illegal to own... unless your part of the unicorn royal guard." She said lifting one up and turning it around in her magic. "These aren't official blades, good quality imitations though. Probably why you could hear them, imperfections make them whistle in the air."

"Unicorn assassin blades..? Why would anyone wanna try to kill any of us?" Twist asked looking from Starbloom to Sweetie Belle. Sweetie frowning softly looking away and Starbloom looking more closely at one of the blades.

"Because... I use to be Mare Do Well," Starbloom said after a few minutes. "I think my past is trying to make sure I don't come back." She sighed softly getting a dish towel and wrapping the blades in it.

"Starbloom...." Sweetie started looking over at her. "Are you going to.... start going out at night again?" Sweetie asked biting her bottom lip softly. She had a feeling she knew what the answer was though.

Starbloom looked at the towel then back at Sweetie, "I'm going to do what I have to, to keep you safe. Tomorrow, one of these blades is going to the police station to be analyzed. But as a private investigator, I'm keeping one to do my own investigation. I want to know who is trying to kill us."

Sweetie sighed softly nodding at her, giving her a faint smile. "Alright, you know I'll support your choice." She said before starting to go back upstairs to trying and get some more sleep.

Twist was quiet for a while letting everything sink in before looking at Starbloom. "I'll do what I can to help. I'm a simple candy maker, but I read a lot of true crime books your grandma wrote and studied self defense." She said smiling at her.

Starbloom smiled back at Twist. "Thanks Twist, if I need help I'll let you know. Try to get some more rest though you have a long day tomorrow."

Twist nodded and went back to the couch curling up on it under her blanket. Starbloom started up stairs but instead of going to bed she went to her small private office to study the unicorn blade in more detail trying to find some clues as to who attacked them.

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