• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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Hero Silver Ghost's Results - Suit Upgrade 2.0

Chapter 9

It had been nearly a week since Starbloom got knocked off the roof. The week had been rough on her and Sweetie, the reports in the papers had been more and more distressing each day. Filled with news stories of Silver Ghost brutally attacking criminals leaving them severely injured or dead.

After the fourth day Sweetie started to help Starbloom with her recovery to get her leg back into working order. But there hadn't been any word from Rarity on her suit modifications and Sweetie started to wonder if her sister could handle the job, she hoped either way the suit would get back before Starbloom was better. She knew her friend would go back out when she was able, even if it was in her original Mare Do Well suit with no armor or protection.

"It's been about a week now Sweetie, and my leg feels a lot better I think I'm ready to get back out on there and put an end this," Starbloom said looking at her friend that night. "Things are getting out of hand, she's attacking ponies for the simplest of crimes now."

"I know Starbloom but please wait until your new suit arrives. I told Rarity you need it ready as soon as possible." She said with a soft smile, "She'll have it here soon just need to be patient and wait is all." She added though she wasn't sure how long it would take Rarity to get the suit done.

Starbloom sighed softly and scuffed a hoof on the ground grumbling. "I guess one more night wont be to much of a difference," she said looking over at Sweetie smiling, "But only one more night, then I'll go back out in the old cloth suit if I have to, these ponies need help and not just from criminals anymore."

Sweetie frowned softly but nodded, "Alright Starbloom, I know your right." She said, it was the best she could hope for. She knew she couldn't keep Starbloom in the apartment longer once her leg was better. She just hope Rarity would hurry and get the new suit sent to them before tomorrow. "Come on, let's go to bed."

Starbloom nodded, and they headed to their rooms, "Good night Sweetie," Starbloom said going into her room closing the door after Sweetie said good night to her. But she couldn't sleep, she had been trying to keep her sleep pattern of staying up at night.

She got onto her bed, closed her eyes and focused her mind on meditating, channeling her magic through her body and into her crystals on her headband. With out a horn her magic had been limited pretty much to levitation magic and telekinetics. But she had found ways to adept her magic for many different uses.

Starbloom wasn't sure when she fell asleep but she felt Sweetie shaking her awake her up the next day. She shook her head looking around and got to her hooves looking at Sweetie and smiled. "Mmmm, morning?" She tried softly, but Sweetie just rolled her eyes a lightly.

"Late-evening actually. You got a package, it's just a guess, but considering it's from Rarity I'm guessing she finished your suit design." Sweetie said moving back into the living room.

Starbloom tilted her head and made her way out into the living room as she stretched herself out yawning softly using her magic to close the curtains in the living room. She opened the package and floated out the note glancing it over before sending it to Sweetie Belle to read while she looked over the suit itself.

Sweetie Belle took the note and read it out so Starbloom could hear as well. "My Darling Sweetie Belle, the requests you made were harder to preform so it took longer then I expected to get everything done. Some of which I couldn't preform. I did manage to brace the legs enough with out limiting movement, so if she gets knocked off a roof again she wont get hurt so bad. I just wouldn't put to much stress on them," Sweetie looked at Starbloom who nodded faintly and blushed.

Sweetie continued to read the letter, "The muzzle has a filter for smoke, which will need to be replaced at least once a week, they can be washed out and I added four extra so you can change them out. It's not the best system, but it's the best I can do with out redesigning the mask, same with the adjustments to the eyes. I had to get Twilight's help in enchanting the lens, they will adjust for darker areas and smoke filled areas. But they will need time to recharge after use so use them sparingly. You can activate them with a small magical pulse into the crystals and you'll get maybe twenty five minutes before your vision goes back to normal."

"As for what I had to leave out, I couldn't add any extra armor or protection against magical attacks with out making the suit more bulky, and Twilight can't add more magical enchantments to the suit with out adding enchantment crystals to it. With out completely redesigning everything from the hooves up this is the best we can do. Love Rarity." Sweetie said as she finished reading the letter.

Starbloomed nodded as she looked the suite over. It looked pretty much the same as before, the legs looked a bit thicker and stiffer then before, and the bottoms seemed to be raised just a little bit. She started to pull the suit on feeling the extra weight in the legs, it had been more then she expected it to be.

"Your going out now? It's still early isn't it?" Sweetie asked looking at the time. It was just passed seven in the evening. "You haven't even had anything to eat." She added frowning at Starbloom.

Starbloom looked back at her, sighing, "Sooner I get out there, the sooner I can put an end to all the trouble Silver Ghost has caused." She said but seeing the look in Sweetie's eyes she smiled. "I'll eat first though." She said moving to the counter and sitting down, she had all of the suit on but the mask and hat. Even with the extra weight, the she felt the hooves of the suit had a bit of spring to them which kept from slowing her down.

Sweetie smiled at her putting the note away, she went to the kitchen and prepared a salad and fresh bread for dinner. "I'll admit the suit looks good on you, it is nice to see you in it again." Sweetie said placing the salad and bread in front of Starbloom. "I'll just be glad when you don't have to wear it."

"Same here Sweetie," She said eating her salad smiling at her. "Getting Silver Ghost off the streets will help, after that just have to deal with the corruption in the police force." She said nibbling on some bread. She wasn't sure if she would be able to stop being Mare Do Well though. Crime seemed to be on the rise in the cities all over, not just in Manehattan.

Sweetie smiled at her and nodded, but she could see something in Starbloom eyes. She took a sip of her juice. "If you choose to stay Mare Do Well, I'll stick by you and help you. You know that." She said floating a piece of bread up and stuffs it in Starbloom's mouth as she started to speak. "You better get out there and stop Silver Ghost."

Starbloom smiled around the piece of bread and nodded getting up she finished chewing the piece of bread before swallowing it and pulling the mask on and the hat. Sweetie turned off the lights, and mare Do Well went to the window opening it, it was dark enough outside for her to slip out the window unseen and headed up the fire escape to the roof.

The new springiness of the hooves made it easier for her to leap from roof to roof with out needed to use to much magic to aid her jumps and falls. Though it did take some getting use to at first, she kept herself sharp, listening for signs of trouble and her eyes open for any signs of Silver Ghost.

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