• Published 18th Jun 2013
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The Return of Mare Do Well - L_Wolf

In the streets of Manehattan a silent heroes roams protecting the unsuspecting ponies.

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A Day Out

Chapter 31

When Sweetie woke up the next morning she didn't see Starbloom and sighed getting to her hooves. She glances over to the office. She knew Starbloom could be a workaholic so she went over to the door opening it peeking inside. She was right, Starbloom had fallen asleep at her desk.

"Oh Starbloom...." She used her magic to float a blanket it over and wrap it around Starbloom before closing the door and heading down stairs. It was early in the morning, but Celestia's sun was starting to come up. She saw Twist was still asleep on the couch as well.

She smiled and went into the kitchen to start working on breakfast for everyone. She kept it simple enough, oatmeal, with fresh slices of fruit and orange juice setting everything on counter once it was ready. Twist woke up while Sweetie was cooking and sat at the counter to watch.

"Good morning Twist, did you sleep well?" She asked smiling at her passing her a bowl of oatmeal and small plate of slice fruit.

"Yes, I did thank you Sweetie Belle." Twist said smiling at her squinting abit looking around. "Starbloom still asleep?" She asked eating some of the oatmeal after the question.

"Yea, she was up late last night. I'll wake her up before we leave to get you new glasses." Sweetie said sitting across from her as she started to eat as well.

"Really? I guess she works pretty hard." She said smiling licking her lips. "This is good oatmeal, you really are a good cook."

"Thank you Twist, I'm glad you like it." She said smiling at her, then sighed lightly. "Yea, she has a tendency to over do it though." She said shaking her head lightly.

Twist nodded at her eating a apple slice. "I can see how that would be bad if she over does it." She said then went back to eating her oatmeal.

Sweetie smiled and both finished off breakfast quietly, Twist got up to help clear away the dishes. "Thank you Twist," Sweetie said smiling at her. Once the counter was cleaned off Sweetie went up stairs to wake up Starbloom.

She opened the door to Starbloom's office, seeing her still asleep at the desk. Sweetie smiled at her going over and nuzzles her cheek. "Starbloom dear, wake up it's time for breakfast." She said smiling at her, Starbloom shifted a bit and mumbled softly.

"Mmm.... morning Sweetie." Starbloom said looking up at her sitting up looking at the blanket. "Thank you, for the blanket." She said using her magic to put it back on the bed.

She got to her hooves, Sweetie moved out way and Starbloom out to the bedroom getting her shoulder and foreleg brace putting it on. "What are your plans for today Sweetie?" She asked looking over at her getting her saddle bags on, floating the assassin blade in it.

"I'm going to take Twist to the hospital to get her some new glasses. After that maybe some lunch depending on how long it takes." She said watching Starbloom get ready before both headed down stairs to the living room. "Have some breakfast before you leave Starbloom." Sweetie said looking over at her.

Starbloom smiled at her heading over to the bar counter. Sweetie got Starbloom a bowl of oatmeal, and a plate of sliced fruit and her orange juice. "Here ya go Starbloom, we'll see you when we get back." Sweetie said smiling at her.

Starbloom nodded at her and smiles. "Alright, I'll see you later," she said smiling then looked over at Twist, "Have fun Twist." She told her smiling before starting to eat. The oatmeal had cooled off a little but it was still good.

Sweetie and Twist smiled at Starbloom, before heading out of the house making there way to the hospital. It wasn't to long of a walk from the house to the hospital, and Sweetie did her best to guide Twist so she couldn't run into anything.

Once they got to the hospital Sweetie headed to the counter and smiled. "Good morning Nurse Redheart, Twist here needs a new pair of glasses." She said nodding her head over to Twist. Twist smiled at Nurse Redheart.

"Morning Sweetie Belle, Twist." Nurse Redheart greeted before nodding as she listen to Sweetie, "Alright, I'll let the ophthalmologist know. Please have a seat and wait it shouldn't take to long." She told them before getting up and heading into the back.

Sweetie and Twist both went and took a seat to wait for Twist to be called back. Twist looked over at Sweetie, "I'm sorry you have to go through all of this for me," Twist said shifting a bit in the seat.

"It's alright Twist, I'm happy to do it, specially after last night." Sweetie said smiling at her patting her shoulder. Twist smiled back at her as both waited quietly in the waiting room.

Back at the house Starbloom finished her breakfast and put the dishes in the sink, running water in the bowl so the oatmeal wont stick to it. She took one of her pain pills then headed out of the house closing the door and locking it closing her eyes feeling the sun on her before she started to the police station.

It didn't take her to long to reach the building that housed Ponyville's police department. She went inside and looked around spotting one of the officers. She went up to the counter, "Pardon me Officer, I could use some help."

The officer turning and coming over, a earth pony stallion with a cutie mark of a police badge, he had a gray coat, short cute red mane and a tail. "Yes, what can I do for you ma'am?" He said looking her over for a moment. "Wait, Starbloom right?"

She tilts her head and nodded. "Yes sir, that right. Do you know me?" She asked, he did look familiar but at the moment she couldn't place where or who he was.

"We went to the academy together, I transferred back to Ponyville though. I'm Officer Wildrun" He said smiling at her, "I was impressed with your skills in deductive reasoning" He said before clearing his throat. "But you said you needed help. What can I do for you?"

She thinks for a moment then smiles nodding at him. "I remember Officer Wildrun, but someone attacked my home last night." She said opening her saddle bag and took out the unicorn assassin's blade putting it on the counter. "This is the only evidence I could find."

He tilts his head before using his hoof to open the towel his eyes going big seeing the blade. "Is... is this what I think it is?" He asked putting on a pair of hoof covers picking up the blade looking it over. "Starbloom, what have you gotten yourself into?"

She bit her bottom lip and nods. "Yes, I'm afraid it is." She said looking away closing her eyes before looking back over at him. "I'm the one that ended the corruption in Manehattan.... releasing the reports, images and audio recordings." She said softly.

"I see... someone really didn't like that. These blades are lethal if they hit you, though this one seems to be a fake." He said as he kept looking it over, "I can see imperfections in the design. Might be able to trace it back to the maker. I'll take it to the lab for analyst and see what I can find out." He said putting the blade into an evidence bag.

"Thank you officer Wildrun." she said moving to her hooves. "I know I'm not an officer anymore, but I would like to help if I can. I have my private investigators license." She said looking at him and he considered for a moment before nodding.

"I'll work it out with my commanding officer and see if I can't get you access to the lab to help. You've always been good with evidence and your deductive reasoning might help." He said passing her a paper. "Just fill this out and I'll come by with the commanding officer's choice."

She nods and fills out the paper checking it over to make sure everything was correct before passing the paper back to him, "Thank you again officer Wildrun. This means a lot to me." She said smiling before she left the station. Officer Wildrun smiling back before going back to his duties.

Starbloom made her way to the gym to start retraining her body, she was badly out of shape. She was still strong and fast for a unicorn, but for her she felt slow and weak. If someone was threating her and Sweetie, she wanted to be ready for them.

Back at the hospital the doctor called Twist back, Sweetie offered to go with her. "It's alright Sweetie, I can make it." Twist said smiling at her before following the doctor back to the examination room to get her eyes checked.

The tests didn't take long and it wasn't long before she had a new pair of glasses, the frames where smaller then her old pair, thin black wire frames. She once she got them on she went out to meet Sweetie. "Do these look good Sweetie?" She asked smiling at her.

"Those look very nice Twist," Sweetie said smiling at her before heading to the counter. The nurse gave her the price for the exam and the frames, close to eight hundred bits. So Sweetie set up a payment option with the hospital.

Twist blinked at the cost and looked at Sweetie, "I'm sorry, I'll pay you back as soon as I can." She said following Sweetie out of the hospital.

"It's alright Twist, it's something you really need." Sweetie said smiling at her, heading to Sugar Cube corner. "Come on let's get some lunch before heading home."

"Alright Sweetie," Twist said following after her, she was determined though to find a way to pay them back. Sweetie and Starbloom had been really nice to her. She just needed to find a way to make bits.

Twist followed Sweetie over to a table once they got inside the bakery looking around smiling. Mrs. Cake came over to the tablet. "Hello there, Sweetie and Twist, why I haven't seen you in ages. What can I do for you two?"

Sweetie smiled at Mrs. Cake, "I'ld like a chocolate milkshake, some banana nut bread please" Sweetie said before looking over at Twist.

Twist smiled at Mrs. Cake before speaking. "I'ld like, a glass of milk, a slice of cheesecake and a job." She said smiling at her. Sweetie's eyes went wide at the last part, unsure what to say.

Mrs. Cake was rather taken aback by the sudden request as well. "Well dearie, I guess we could use some help. Do you know anything about baking?" She asked looking at Twist.

"I ran my own candy shop for a while in Vanhoover, but didn't go so well. I'm can bake, but my special talent is making candies." Twist said smiling at Mrs. Cake nodding softly.

Mrs. Cake smiled at her, "Well we do need someone to help make the candies we use. You can start tomorrow, at seven in the morning." She said looking at her then at Sweetie Belle. "I'll be right back with your orders."

Sweetie smiled back to Mrs. Cake before looking over at Twist. "Well, things are looking up for you. Got some new glasses and now a new job. I'm proud of you." She said smiling at her.

"Yea, now I just need to find a place of my own so I'm not sleeping on your couch." She said looking at Sweetie smiling.

"Twist, you know your more then welcome to stay with me and Starbloom as long as you want. Instead of finding a place, we can have a room added to house pretty easy so you can have your own bedroom." Sweetie suggested.

Twist smiled at Sweetie, "Thank you Sweetie, that's a very nice offer... I'll keep it mind." She said looking over as Mrs. Cake brought the order over setting thing out in front of them. As well as some employment papers for Twist to fill out.

Twist filled out the papers smiling as he sipped her milk. Both she and Sweetie sat at the table talking over lunch and once they had finished they left, Sweetie paying for the lunch and Twist giving her papers before they headed back home.

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